Why coal-minded Duterte is on the wrong side of history

In about 4 billion years from now, the Sun will leave the main sequence and will evolve into a Red Giant. While this stellar evolution is a spectacular cosmic phenomenon, it marks as well the complete annihilation of life on Earth. But long before that, in only about half a billion years, “the Sun gets […]

Is it right for President Noynoy Aquino to actively campaign for his favoured candidates?

Sure it is not illegal. But is it ethical? Perhaps Filipinos are such a confused lot that they no longer are able to tell right from wrong. According to a Businessweek report, the amount of time and effort spent by the President is not insignificant… Philippine President Benigno Aquino spent a third of his working […]

Loren Legarda and communist candidates: All a politician really wants is to win the election

Election Day approaches. Question is So what? It’s a big deal only as far as the Media and a handful of ‘social media practitioners’ say it is. Other than that what is really at stake for the ordinary Pinoy schmoe? In support of one manok or another, some “experts” will warn the average voter to […]

Some Senators who found Corona guilty committed worse crimes than what he was accused of

Filipinos won’t be able to move on from the impeachment trial of former Chief Justice Renato Corona for a while. First, some are still on high alert keeping tabs on the petitioning of President Benigno Simeon “BS” Aquino III along with the rest of the public servants who haven’t done so to finally sign a […]

Scarborough standoff: a test of genuine Filipino patriotism

How do Filipinos express their patriotism? The answer to that question varies from one Filipino to another. Some insist that speaking in pure Tagalog, the national language, gives them a sense of nationalism. Some rally behind an American Idol contestant because they say they feel a sense of pride when they see their own kind […]

The prosecution’s violations should compel the senators to call for a mistrial

The impeachment trial of Chief Justice Renato Corona goes on a break for five weeks for the Lenten season. You have to wonder why the Senate cannot even be flexible enough to delay the schedule of their regular hiatus considering the country is gripped with a matter that is of utmost importance that does not […]