Filipinos cannot progress because of an anti-elite mentality

Thanks to Senator Lito Lapid, Filipinos can continue wallowing in mediocrity and be proud of it. The Senator was lauded by many for his verdict speech, which a lot of melodramatic Filipinos found “touching”. In that speech he proudly justified his guilty verdict in the impeachment trial of Chief Justice Renato Corona which he claims […]

Ignorance: a fundamental force in Pinoy society

Fellow GRP writer Arche wrote a few days ago about Miriam Defensor Santiago (MDS), and he likened her to a modern day Pilosopo Tasyo. She is obsessed with the law, and probably knows it better than most other lawmakers currently in the Philippines. One can be forgiven for saying that her obsession with the law […]

More celebrities to add fun in Senate and House in 2013

There are news reports that simply do my head in. One such news is the announcement that more celebrities are entering Philippine politics in 2013. Judging from how most Filipino voters voted in the past, once the announcement is made, it’s pretty much a sure win for these celebrities. Come Election Day, the voting process […]

Coin Hoarding and Microfinance

Low-income families struggling to get by might be in big trouble as Senator Manuel Lapid filed a bill that might suck the good ol’ piggy banks dry. Senator Manuel Lapid has filed a bill to penalize the hoarding of coins to avoid coin shortage. Citing figures from the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP), Lapid said […]

Senator Lito Lapid now under ABS-CBN Network payroll

Senator and former “action star” Lito Lapid will be moonlighting again in showbiz despite his duties as senator-judge in the on-going impeachment trial versus Supreme Court Chief Justice Renato Corona. “Kailangan kong kumayod,” (my translation: “I need to scrape hard to make a living”) said the action man which leads us to wonder what sort […]