Filipino viral videos: mere modern symptoms of a very old cultural dysfunction

As my colleague Ilda pointed out, Filipinos seem to be averse to speaking out. This may seem to be a counterintuitive assertion to make, given how Filipinos pride themselves with a tradition of flamboyant political activism, tacky spectacle in the way they practice freedom of speech in their mass media, and voluminous undifferentiated chatter in […]

Hi-tech libel: Sec Leila De Lima guilty of spreading unverified info in 2011 persecution of Gloria Arroyo

After, a two-year track record of disrespecting governance institutions, undermining due process, and overall violating the public trust through its underhanded actions and bullying tactics, the Philippine Department of Justice (DOJ) now expects Filipinos to believe it when it says that it will not go after bloggers and Internet users who “like,” share, re-tweet, or […]

First test of Ph anti-cybercrime law may involve Tito Sotto kin

It may be an ironic first test of the Philippines’ newly-minted Republic Act 10175 or the Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012. News broke this morning of what could be the first high-profile incidence of cyber-bullying over social networking giant Facebook since RA 10175 came into effect. The incident involved a nephew of embattled Philippine Senator […]

Lawmakers who rushed to pass Cybercrime Law are now rushing to amend it

There is enough evidence to suggest that the passing of the Cybercrime Law was railroaded or rushed to avoid further scrutiny by the members of Congress. First, Senator Chiz Escudero quickly admitted “it was a personal oversight that the clause including libel among the crimes punishable under the new law was inserted in the committee […]

The cybercrime of libel and why Maria Ressa may have compromised the mission of Rappler dot com

As the debate over the prospect of the continued efficacy, eventual repeal, or possible amendment of the recently-enacted Republic Act 10175 (a.k.a. the Philippine Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012) lights up the Philippine social media “activism” scene, there remains the elephant in the room highlighted by blogger Jaime Oscar Salazar who goes by the handle […]

Angst over Ph anti-Cybercrime law traces roots to Filipino love-hate relationship with ‘freedom of speech’

At the core of the brouhaha surrounding the recently-enacted Republic Act 10175, a.k.a. the Philippine Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012, is the Filipino’s love-hate relationship with “freedom of expression” of which “free speech” is a subset. On one hand, Filipinos love their “freedom of speech” and venerate the notion practically alongside their Santo Niños. On […]

Republic Act 10175: Has ‘cyber martial law’ been declared yet?

Whereas, there are calls to “educate” the public on the alleged evils of Republic Act 10175 or the Philippine Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012, it seems those who are making the loudest of such calls are themselves spreading information that may instead mis-educate the public. One Twitter user who goes by the name @BishopLuc posted […]

Did Philippine lawmakers pass the Philippine Cybercrime Prevention law without reading it?

There is a rumor going around that “sharing content, or even just clicking the ‘Like’ button on Facebook, may be grounds for libel under the recently enacted Cybercrime Prevention Act”. That is the most ridiculous interpretation of the law I have ever heard. What’s even more disturbing is the fact that it was a Senator, […]