5 things that will happen when Mar Roxas becomes president of the Philippines

Will the Philippines become a better country with Mar Roxas as its leader from 2016 through 2022? It remains to be seen, of course and, for now, people can merely speculate. But if recent history can be allowed to afford us a bit of insight on what a Mar Roxas presidency will likely be like, […]

Mar Roxas motorbike spill mars #Hagupit PR while wife Korina strikes again!

“He does try,” commented one netizen of Department of Interior and Local Government Secretary Mar Roxas who is shown in a widely-circulated photo on a motorbike while on an inspection trip in Taft, Samar, one of the areas where Super Typhoon Hagupit first made landfall. It can be noted that Roxas was not wearing a […]

Why there is no need to feel sorry for Korina Sanchez

Normally giving stuff to poor people and taking the opportunity to adorn these “gifts” with logos or representations of your organisation is not necessarily bad. So, on one hand, I do agree with communications expert JP Fenix “tak[ing] exception to the negative comments on [ABS-CBN broadcast journalist Korina Sanchez’s] advocacy of giving away new rubber […]

Korina Sanchez and how to avoid PR disasters during natural disasters like typhoon Yolanda

When it comes to advertising and product placements, Filipino politicians are the best. Advertising executives can actually learn a thing or two about how to optimise exposure of any product from them. The results speak for themselves. Politicians whose names and faces are printed on almost anything – billboards, noodle packets or candy bars get […]

Typhoon Yolanda has exposed the nakedness of an image-conscious Philippines

And when we say the Philippines, we don’t mean just the government; we mean to include the Filipino people who voted those incompetent officials in, like for example, president Benigno Simeon “BS” Aquino III. From the start of his term, it has been painfully obvious that BS Aquino’s presidency was heavily anchored on popularity. Thus, […]

Korina Sanchez is Mar Roxas’s wife! (and other insights gleaned from the Yolanda disaster)

Did the Filipino people elect their leaders so that they could be given a “break” in times when their leadership is needed the most? It seems that’s exactly what they did. Many Filipinos are already quite aware of the embarrassingly cringe-worthy manner with which Philippine President Benigno Simeon “BS” Aquino III and Department of Interior […]

Sec. Mar Roxas character exposed in interview with CNN’s Andrew Stevens at Yolanda disaster site

They say people’s true character reveals itself under pressure. Super typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) has certainly put Philippine politicians under pressure. This is something they are not really used to. They are more used to grandstanding under their own terms during scheduled press conferences with members of the local media and during mock hearings, which appear […]

CNN’s Anderson Cooper versus Noynoy Aquino on the Typhoon Yolanda situation: like fact versus fiction

There is now an ongoing battle for the truth about the real situation in typhoon-ravaged areas amidst the tragedy that is still unfolding a week after super typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) left the Philippines. On one side, members of the international media are giving factual reports from the ground at the disaster zone. On the other […]