Is there such a thing as a part-time Roman Catholic?

In the coming Easter season (“holy week” to Filipinos), there is, again, a call to reflect on our spirituality and what it means to be Catholic. To most Filipinos, being a “good” Catholic is to go through the motions of what Catholic dogma dictates. And in this season of prayers and visita iglesias and avoiding […]

Appreciating the Silence: A Lost Art in the Philippines

I was never a big fan of Holy Week and its festivities. Being raised Christian, I was always told by my mother to learn to appreciate the silence during Good Friday and Black Saturday. When I grew up, I called bullshit on the idea and decided that it was probably just my mom finding a […]

A Final Lash Of The Whip As Holy Week Ends

Okay, it’s Easter and it seems the end for Holy Week 2015 for the Philippines. Before this Holy Week ends and we go on with our day to day lives, I’d like to add this short article as final words for our people (specifically the Christians) who will readjust to their regular schedules. After all, […]

To Be Truly “Penitent”…

Well, it’s Saturday and I’ve been quite busy for the past two days with my friends so I haven’t been able to post anything during those previous days. However, I’m back and, sorry to annoy my detractors out there, but I’ve returned to bust a few more dumb traditions and stupid beliefs that have been […]

‘Christianity’ In The Philippines…

With the up and coming events of Holy Week, I find myself writing this article as a kind of review of the Philippines’ own brand of “Christianity” and how it has been corrupted by our culture of failure and misused by those in power to control the masses. Now look, I was raised Catholic as […]

Holy Week reflection: Are Filipinos still capable of suffering with grace?

The much-awaited Easter holidays are coming up. In the Philippines they call it “Holy Week” presumably because over the several days that make up that “week”, people are supposed to reflect upon the suffering, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ and the events leading up to it as documented in the New Testament. One of […]

Outrage over image of girl ‘crucified’ in shorts

According to a report, a photo of a woman in “skimpy shorts” posted on (PEx) went “viral”. Presumably this is because of what can be construed to be the offensive nature of said woman’s pose. I noted, however, that the cited shorts did not really come up to scratch as far as my […]

Filipino penitents crucified for real in observance of the Easter ‘Holy Week’ in the Philippines

Wasn’t Saint Peter crucified head down because (as tradition tells us) he did not feel worthy to die like his Lord Jesus Christ? Apparently some don’t subscribe to that belief. Keeping to a renowned tradition of subjecting themselves to extreme self-flagellation, Filipino penitents have themselves crucified — for real — in Mining, Pampanga, Philippines. The […]