Noynoy Aquino lauded for merely showing up at Congress inquiry on Dengvaxia

So former President Benigno Simeon ‘BS’ Aquino III gets a medal for mere effort after having shown up at the Senate inquiry into the Dengvaxia debacle. Seeing BS Aquino’s face on TV again is quite the blast from the past. It reminds Filipinos of the culture of mediocrity that prevailed over the six years of […]

Is the Duterte presidency fated to be a wasted opportunity?

What happens if President Rodrigo Duterte is toppled? Easy. Things revert to the status quo. The Liberal Party (LP) – the no-results, hypocritically decent, group of politicians whom Filipinos have had to bear with for the past thirty years – will be back in power. The drug problem, which has been the cornerstone of Duterte’s […]

Four aspects of Filipino society that are unlikely to change, even in a Duterte presidency

A typical evaluation, or discussion of the Duterte administration, usually begins with this underlying premise: Rodrigo Duterte was elected because Filipinos wanted change. For sure, Rodrigo Duterte is different in more ways than one. He is the first president who hails from Mindanao; as such, people are expecting a sort of “outsider’s perspective” from him, […]

Rodrigo Duterte for president: Filipinos swing towards the other extreme of the “masculinity” spectrum!

In the last Philippine presidential elections 6 years ago, Filipinos had a chance to select the best from among the candidates available. They could have compared accomplishments, scrutinized platforms, and asked the candidates what their visions are for the Philippines in the future. The candidates could have sold themselves based on why they are the […]

How Filipinos can relate their own lives to the Superman universe

Reboots, it seems, are some of the in things these days when it comes to what Hollywood has on its plate. It has been done with Spiderman, Batman, and now Superman. The latest picture, Man of Steel, has just recently come out and is now showing in Philippine cinemas. A lot of us are familiar […]

Filipina Claims Her Grandmother was Anastasia Romanov, Inquirer’s Editor Shouts “Stop the Presses!”

As a rule I try not to pay too much attention to the general idiocy that characterizes the output of the Aquino Administration’s official newsletter, but every so often The Philippine Daily Inquirer will publish something that is just too stupid to ignore. Case in point, a two-part story published May 13 and 14, which […]