Duterte tops approval and trust ratings again, Ph Opposition an even bigger laughingstock!

According to the report on Awareness and Trust Ratings of Top National Officials as of December 2017 released by Pulse Asia Research Inc., Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte still enjoys the approval and trust of Filipinos a year and a half into his term.

80 and 82 percent of Filipinos surveyed in the study said they approved of and trusted Duterte respectively. Of the major government officials, Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno was the least approved of and least-trusted with a dismal 31 and 27 percent of Filipinos giving her the thumbs-up respectively.

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Duterte’s approval and trust ratings are highest in the Visayas and Mindanao and amongst the lower (D and E) socio-economic classes. This contradicts assertions being propagated by the Philippine Opposition that the poor suffer the most from Duterte’s policies and that Filipinos in the south are opposed to the implementation and subsequent extension of Martial Law in the southern Philippine island of Mindanao.

Nonetheless Duterte’s approval and trust numbers are generally evenly-distributed geographically and across social class. In the National Capital Region (NCR) where most “activist” Opposition rallies against his government are organised, Duterte enjoys the trust and approval of 79 percent of Filipinos bringing to question how effective this “activism” is and, for that matter, whether the “issues” raised in these activities are even relevant to ordinary Filipinos. It is also interesting to note that amongst the higher (A, B, and C) classes, Duterte’s approval and trust numbers remain just as impressive (at 77 and 78 percent respectively). This dispels claims that private Catholic “disente” schools and universitites are hotbeds of outrage over Duterte’s methods of governance and leadership.

These results prove that Filipinos are squarely behind their government and should serve as a wake up call for them to step up and push back against efforts being mounted by Western corporate media organisations and even governments to meddle in their country’s internal affairs. They should also take to task elements in the Opposition as well as business leaders such as Rappler CEO Maria Ressa for inviting this foreign meddling. Whilst these foreign elements presume to know better than Filipino voters and constituents of politicians allied with the current government, these results show that the perception being created by these foreign elements are all wrong.

One wonders then what the basis was for the Philippine Daily Inquirer to dub Opposition blogger Jover Laurio “Filipino of the Year”. It is evident now that its editor are either astoundingly out-of-touch with public sentiment or are mounting a last-ditch effort to fly the Yellowtard flag for the last time before the new management takes over the publication. If both or even one of these theories are true, these editors should be severely reprimanded for deliberately undermining the brand equity of the Inquirer.

This also puts the current leaders of the Philippine Opposition on notice. Their “activism” has been revealed to be ineffective at influencing and, more importantly, converting partisans. They are evidently still suffering the same crisis of relevance that cost them an entire country back in the 2016 elections. With the 2019 Congressional elections coming up, time is definitely not on their side. They will have to craft a compelling strategic narrative to compete with the Duterte political juggernaut, purge its collateral of any further trace of obsolete Yellowtard and communist ideology, and give the boot to all of its highest-profile personalities whose only real achievement was cause the Opposition not just to drop the ball but altogether lose sight of it.

Finally, Rappler CEO Maria Ressa should rethink the laughable mythology she had embraced — that of an “evil” Facebook empire and the insidious army of “bots” and “trolls” who have used it to “weaponise” the Internet. With every day that goes by she is making herself and her “social news network” Rappler an ever bigger laughingstock. Her shareholders, benefactors, and sponsors are definitely not happy, which means she had failed in her role as CEO.

To dismiss these results is to suggest that foreigners and the snake oil salesmen in the Opposition are right and ordinary Filipino voters (and survey respondents) are wrong. Doing so then goes on to suggest that democracy is, in essence, all wrong too. But, see, this has always been the modus operandi of the current Opposition led by their carpetbagger Yellowtard leadership — to downplay the voice of the people and consecrate the ululations of the oligarchs and foreign sponsors they suck up to. Ironic, considering “freedom”, “democracy” and “rights” are the tiresome bukambibigs of the Opposition. It turns out they are an absolute dishonest lot who have done nothing but insult the intelligence of the Filipino people.

14 Replies to “Duterte tops approval and trust ratings again, Ph Opposition an even bigger laughingstock!”

  1. Now it is obvious that you accept this survey as legitimate one. You are using this as an intrument to defend your president. Hahaha! Pathetic!1000+ filipinos interviewed out of 100million and yet it is like you were handed a gold bullion by this survey whose founders are Cojuangcos – blood relatives of Noynoy Aquino whom you dislike so much. And whose survey you vehemently disagreed in the past as biased towards the Aquino and now you are praising them for your demi-god duterte. You should feel shame to yourself. You don’t really have that credibility! And you have the gall to lecture the filipino people?! Fuck you benigno!!!!

    Since you accept this survey as real for your convenience and for your semi-god duterte, then you confirmed also that you approved your most-hated-enemy Noynoy Aquino’s highest trust rating of the filipino people from this survey several years and ago and for your goddess gloria arroyo’s highest disapproval rating of the filipinos when she was president. Oh, don’t tell me those surveys were manipulated by the media and the aquino axis again?! Oh, oh you suck!!! Son of a bitch! Yeah, as your god duterte loves to repeat it every day.

    1. That stupid rant of yours makes me believe that you’re totally insane or either you’re missing the point or you’re just trolling or all of them.

      If anything, this is the first time that a survey firm did something right for once: being fair. And if anything about Arroyo’s disapproval rating then yes, it IS also manipulated by the media and the Aquino axis. And you fail to realize that the reason why Aquino had high approval ratings back then because they manipulated it to make him look good. Now people knew how incompetent Noynoy was, SWS and Pulse Asia had no choice but to play fair this time.

      My advice: read the article again and stop acting like a triggered snowflake. I likened you to SJWs since that’s how they act.

    2. @PinoyCitizen: Ha ha! Look at the little spoilt brat going off on a tililing rampage. ????

      Everything you say about who owns these firms and how these surveys are administered is true just as every interpretative insight I draw from the numbers they yield is valid. So we’re really both on the same page, just different sides of it.

      The bigger point of this exercise, however, flies way above your pointed head as usual. There’s insight to be drawn on what drives Philippine politics and the discourse that greases it if you are smart enough to read between the lines. It is quite evident you simply don’t have the brains for that level of analysis. But that’s not my problem. That’s your problem.

      1. Benigno,

        If there’s anything that bigger point you are trying to sell, i would dismiss it as childish.

        Here’s the illustration: the survey firm is like your big daddy. You and the opposition are brothers. When your big daddy gave toy ( high approval rating) to your brother (opposition) back then, you became mad and sour graping. Blaming your daddy and envied your brother. You cannot accept that your daddy chose to give your brother a favor instead of you. That’s why you were shitting all over the place and made unpleasant remarks through the years. But now that your daddy got that toy back and gave it to you, all of the sudden, you become all praise to your daddy and you teases your brother saying that ” the toy daddy gave you is now with me” with a big smile on your fucking face! That reflects in your arcticle now. And for the Filipino people? they are the audience. While eating their popcorn, they were watching and quite amused and entertained by your tantrums all throughout the years. I tell you, You become the real laughingstock here, not the opposition.

        1. That big daddy analogy doesn’t help either because it associates more to your flawed logic in order to make yourself look good.

          As if the opposition did something worthwhile right now. And if you think an SJW-esque Yellow propagandist like Jover Laurio being Inquirer’s Filipino of the Year is an ‘accomplishment’ for the opposition, then it tells me that you’re not actually reading the whole article but you’re just here to troll on this site. Hate to break it to ya, but you’re proving benign0’s point even further.

          So who’s the real laughingstock here? Of course for you, it’s still benign0….. in your safe space.

        2. @PinoyCitizen: See, this is where your argument with me falls flat — because you build said argument on an unsound foundation of assumptions that there is an emotional component on my part that I apply to what I write (i.e. envy, being “mad”, sour graping, etc.) Unfortunately for you, those emotions are not what motivate me to write what I write.

          Beyond that layer of assumptions to do with emotion, there does not seem to be much else in what you say above that come close to even crystallising a point.

        3. Benigno,

          LOL! As if you have moral ascendancy to do so. Point of the matter is, most of your articles, if not all, are founded by emotions, conspiracy theories and twisted logic. Deny it you want, but that is the truth. And when some commentators applied logic to their argument to counter yours, you won’t bother to reply or worse, delete their comments when you cannot take the heat. That’s why i noticed how INCONSISTENT you are in the principles you are spouting here. Inconsistent not in terms of the number of articles you wrote, though most of them are garbage, but simply the idea of what is RIGHT and WRONG. Right when it fits your agenda today, wrong when it is not later. The level of HYPOCRICY is beyond comprehension. And with that inconsistency and hypocricy, should lose your license to criticize how Filipino people conduct their own affairs since as i said, you have no ascendancy to do so. I hope you get that straight to your thick fucking face!

          May be you are compelled by money or hooked by some politicians you are passionately die hard defending like duterte and arroyo. So it is right to say that your blog is under the label of fake news so to speak.

        4. Actually, @PinoyCitizen, none of my articles are “founded by emotions, conspiracy theories and twisted logic” as you claim. In fact, beyond all the ad hominems you’ve spouted in your comments here, you still have not provided a single sound counterargument to any of the positions we’ve taken on the key issues we’ve raised here. All you do is speculate on motivation and make assumptions on who’s paying who. These are all the hallmarks of the lazy thinking you consistently exhibit.

        5. Seems you fail to realize that your “founded by emotions, conspiracy theories and twisted logic” claim can backfire at you since you’ve proven nothing. Wanna refer this anyway:

          May be you are compelled by money or hooked by some politicians you are passionately die hard defending like duterte and arroyo. So it is right to say that your blog is under the label of fake news so to speak.

          Typical troll post right there. And unfortunately, it is also wrong to say this blog is under the label of fake news because

          1.) this is a blog, not a journalistic piece
          2.) just because the CBCP said so doesn’t mean they’re right
          3.) “Anything that doesn’t fit to your taste or something you don’t like is fake news”

          You’re just grasping on straws, so to speak. And when someone doesn’t agree with you here, you’re just going to hurl labels and insults instead. That’s not how it works. Worse that you have is that you try to hail any Cocoy Dayao site or Jover Laurio’s Pinoy Ako Blog is more credible yet they are ‘fake news’ themselves and so does the biased mainstream media as well. Especially the latter.

    3. They’ve already lost some credibility with their past (dubious) surveys. If they blatantly distort Duterte’s actual ratings now, what idiot will trust their surveys? Of course, there’s Leni and her “improving” rating. Who says they’ll quit trying?

  2. If the SWS Pulse Asia Survey is accurate. Then, we find good results in governance can give good satisfaction of the governed.

    The YellowTard opposition, with their Propaganda Machines of: Inquirer, Maria Reesa, Jover Laurio , PinoyAkoBlog, are just delusional, that they can again deceive the Filipino people.

    Thank you for all public officials, who are working hard to improve our country.

  3. The entire country is a laughingstock, OK? SO, what is Dueterte doing to reduce the highest electricity rates in the ENTIRE WORLD ? NOT A FUCKIN THING !!!! What is Dueterte doing to curb the BOC and corruption at NAIA ? NOT A FRIKKIN THING, what is Dueterte doing about getting a manufacturing base in the country, NOT A FRIKKIN THING !!!”


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