Binay’s estate, Purisima’s mansions, and Aquino’s hacienda – fodder for the same vacuous ‘debate’

Pots calling kettles black pretty much summarises the all-too-familiar mudslinging that characterises the political “debate” Filipinos keep their small minds occupied with nowadays. Between the Aquino-Cojuangco bloc, the mansions and SUVs of disgraced police chief Alan Purisima, and the overpriced buildings of 2016 “presidentiable” and current Vice President Jejomar ‘Jojo’ Binay there does not seem […]

PNoy’s desperate move to rule for a second term a sad bid to stay out of jail

Amending the Philippine Constitution is one thing. Amending it for the wrong reasons is another. If there had always been a compelling case to modify the provisions in the current charter that limit the term of the president to just a single six-year term, then the ‘debate’ around that will likely have resonated and endured […]

Death is what defines the political life of the Aquino-Cojuangco clan

The Chinese believe that the “ghost month” – the period that usually covers the last few days of July and most of August – is a period of bad luck, and thus people are advised not to make weighty and/or important personal decisions during this period. Coincidentally, every August, we are reminded of the death […]

Senator Miriam Santiago: ‘social media superstar’ or just another ampaw politician?

Of all people. Senator Miriam Santiago was the last person in the world I would’ve expected to request that Philippine President Benigno Simeon “BS” Aquino III be “given leeway in making his decisions.” “I will be very careful in criticizing a president because I have close, first hand observation of how difficult it is to […]

Jojo Binay or Kris Aquino may be president in 2016 – but it really does not matter

The next presidential elections is still more than two years away but Filipinos are already looking to 2016 for that anticipated cool change. It’s not that the current term under President Benigno Simeon “BS” Aquino III can be described as hot. Far from it. The Second Philippine Reich can be considered more of a protracted […]

Clutch situation! It’s time Noynoy Aquino brings his A-game

I find it amusing, to say the least, that president Benigno Simeon “BS” Aquino would use a basketball metaphor to describe what would be the remainder of his term… “Papasok na naman po tayo sa panibagong taon sa pagtahak sa tuwid na daan; at kumbaga po sa larong basketball, papasok na rin tayo sa last […]

Will the year 2014 be a good year for the Philippines?

Are we ready for the new year ahead? On the bases of the Facebook shout outs and Twitter tweets I have seen today it seems we are. We are ready with our New Year’s “resolutions”, our 12-month weight loss plans, our commitments to spend less and save more, spend more time with the kids, and […]

Everyone who followed President Noynoy Aquino are now either badly-burned or look like idiots

The Philippine government is in the midst of an unprecedented crisis of credibitlity and constitutional ascendancy. What the administration of President Benigno Simeon “BS” Aquino III touted as its greatest “achievement” in its efforts to make good on its “daang matuwid” (“straight path”) rhetoric and “kung walang kurap walang mahirap” sloganeering — the “impeachment” of […]