True Pinoy Pride: Nurse to stay at job despite singing star chance

Now here is Pinoy Pride worth mentioning. Dubai-based nurse Mariella “Yelle” Gutierrez Castro has a chance to take the path to fame. Ms. Castro has recorded two songs in her repertoire under GMA Records, “Bubble” and “Escape.” She proves that she has talent. She can write songs, as well as sing and play instruments. She […]

How many more scapegoats do we need, PNoy?

As soon as I finish my dinner, I make it a habit to allow my thoughts to float around to kill some time and stimulate my noggin. This time, my musings led me to a specific passage from one of my old, old articles. Projection has been a Filipino’s primary weapon when it comes to facing problems, […]

From Corona to GMA: The Philippine Hate-Bandwagon

We have witnessed in the past months how ex-Chief Justice Renato Corona received the lion’s share of jeers and insults from the Filipino populace in the duration of his impeachment trial. He was accused of a whole bunch of crimes, the most memorable of which is betrayal of public trust, judging by inaccuracies in his […]

The Filipino Rage to Punish: A Convenient Escape

While watching Immigration officials stopping former president Gloria Macapagal Arroyo from leaving the country on TV, I marveled at the people who would scream at the top of their lungs at the TV screens, saying something like, “catch that thief! jail her! Hahaha!” I thought, that was such immature or trivial behavior. As if they […]