Philippine tourism touted as key to ‘inclusive’ growth while decay of key infrastructure continues

Climate change continues to loom as one of the biggest risks to the Philippines’ long-term future. Speaking before the United Nations World Tourism Organization’s ASEAN International Conference on Tourism and Climate Change in Legazpi City yesterday, Philippine President Benigno Simeon ‘BS’ Aquino III, asserted that the ‘new normal’ it will bring will compromise the long-aspired-for […]

Skyway Stage 3 construction: Filipinos to ‘sacrifice’ yet again as Metro Manila braces for years of standstill traffic

True to form, Filipinos are abuzz again with half-assed ideas on how best to cope with the heavier-than-heavy traffic that will snarl Metro Manila as construction on the long-overdue “Skyway Stage 3” project which will link the South Luzon Tollway (SLT) to the North Luzon Expressway (NLE) via an elevated six-lane 15-kilometre elevated highway through […]

The DAP is a product of PNoy’s flawed understanding of the government’s financial position in 2010

The thing with trying to pitch purported good intentions is that once the resources and the means to deliver those intentions have been tainted in the public eye, there is little hope for redemption. Malacañang, true to form always five steps behind when it comes to justifying its position on many matters of national consequence, […]

And then, the disaster drama rolls in…

I’d guess that for every hysterical and sensationalized news report on TV Patrol/24-Oras, there are probably hundreds or thousands of stories of people who planned and prepared well for what was obviously an imminent and widespread flooding disaster in Metro Manila. I wanted to forego the usual rant about TV stations gunning for ratings by […]

The pigsty that is the Philippines

The rains that came just this weekend intensified to the extent that come Monday, August 19, the resulting floods brought traffic in the Metro to a standstill. Several parts of Metro Manila had no choice but to call off class for all levels. Government offices were forced to declare “no work” due to the hazards […]

Pork is Cheap in Bahana Republic

I seem to be part of the lucky few in my city where 15 out of 18 barangays are submerged in water after a continuous downpour of ‘Maring’. The great revelation in all of this is that floodwaters always have a way of bringing all things to the surface. It is a trite simile of […]

The Philippines Should Change Its Name to “Bahana Republic”

About a year after the Aquino Administration hailed the “Habagat” floods as not being as bad as the Ondoy floods during the Arroyo Administration, the severe flooding that happened all over Metro Manila last night and today shows that the Do Nothing government has done what was expected of it. Nothing. Sure, Habagat was not […]

Manila as the gates of hell? It’s the river Styx too!

I bet the outrage over Dan Brown’s description of Manila as the “gates of hell” in his book Inferno is still fresh in the minds of many Filipinos. They really should learn to react properly to any less than desirable description that foreigners have of Filipinos, whether true or not. If it’s true, do something […]