Cheating The System In The Philippines

It’s pretty simple actually. You just open a menu or dialogue box and type in a set of words or a code like “power overwhelming”, “born to run”, “there is no spoon” or “set stage vampire 69” and voila, the game physics will change to suit your needs whether it’s making your army outright invincible, […]

Delusion and Ignorance are NOT Positive Things

In her latest article, Fallen Angel shows us how our own culture works against us in various ways. Unfortunately, there are still a good number of commenters who, due to a misguided way of thinking, see things differently and are quick to assume that the article is once again attacking the integrity of the Filipino […]

How a PISO defined a child…

The breezy morning at the inner gnarled streets of Baclaran yielded not only bags of fresh Caimito and Singkamas but the opportunity to commute with this boy. He is Allen Nuñez, a Grade 5 student of Baclaran Central Elementary School. He was seated on the lap of a teenage-looking boy in civilian clothes, when I […]

Why do many women go for cheating men?

Frankly, I don’t understand women who remain with cheating partners. I have a few female friends who remain in relationships with known palikeros (philanderers). They are quick to get their claws out at women who stray too close to their precious hubbies or boyfriends, or hang on more tightly to them when someone perceived to […]