Who’s afraid of the Philippine Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012?

Senate Bill 2796 or the Philippine Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012 is not a bad law. Most of the online nasties the law aims to curb are no-brainers. So I will go straight to what, to me, is its main feature that sends chills up the spine of the average schmoe… 4) Libel – The […]

How the new Chief Justice Lourdes Sereno might save Hacienda Luisita from the CARP

Back in April of this year, the Supreme Court (SC) voted 8 to 6 to value Hacienda Luisita on the basis of a 1989 assessment of Php40,000 per hectare or a total Php200 mllion compensation to the owners of the entire property when it is subject to the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program (CARP). Newly-appointed Chief […]

Crowdsourcing Raissa Robles’s shoplifting allegations

Recently we exhibited the most current case study of the banal bias that top-dog Filipino media network ABS-CBN consistently applies in its “news reporting” when it featured as its top headline a blog post by “investigative journalist” Raissa Robles on the alleged vast United States property portfolio held by Chief Justice Renato Corona. According to […]

ABS-CBN News positions hearsay ‘report’ from Raissa Robles as top headline

Journalistic standards are in a spiral in the Philippines as hearsay “news” gets greater mileage in the biggest media network in the land. Recently, ABS-CBN News plumbed new lows as it positioned as its top headline a highly-speculative blog article by “investigative journalist” Raissa Robles on properties allegedly owned by Chief Justice Renato Corona in […]

Crowdsourcing is a double-edged sword

It is a massive case of groupthink — when entire governments and even societies delegate en masse their thinking faculties for the sake of unanimity. According to a Scientific American feature, “[s]cholars have ascribed bad decision making to groupthink, for example, in U.S. policy during the Vietnam War.” Indeed, groupthink seems to be behind some […]