News media LIED about Duterte’s plan to call Obama a son-of-a-bitch

Did Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte really plan to call US President Barrack Obama a “son of a bitch” when he meets with him in Laos this week for a regional summit? According to many “news” reports, he did — and Filipinos believed them. Unfortunately, the truth no longer resides in the work of corporate media […]

How lessons learned from #Hagupit can help deliver justice to the #Maguindanao massacre victims

Super Typhoon Hagupit (locally code-named “Ruby”) has come and gone, and many lessons have been learned. But the most important insight following this experience is quite tragic: that the thousands upon thousands of lives lost in previous years to typhoons were all preventable. The death toll in the aftermath of Hagupit’s visit to the most […]

An open letter to Pope Francis on his visit to the Philippines in 2015

Dear Pope Francis, Information about your visit to the Philippines has been occupying the country’s local media for months. Members of the national and local government have been busy preparing for your arrival. The Manila City Mayor Joseph “Erap” Estrada recently declared a four-day holiday for Manila residence during your visit. The decision, he said […]

Hall of Bad Taste: Esquire Philippines puts Mar Roxas on its cover!

Apparently not a spoof! The image of the cover of the November 2014 edition of Esquire Philippines is actually posted on the Esquire Philippines Facebook Page. Interesting considering The Manila Times columnist Bobi Tiglao’s latest exposé on the role Department of Interior and Local Government Secretary Mar Roxas played in botching the Philippine government’s appallingly […]

Apparently Accusing The President Of Corrupting Congress Is Not Newsworthy

“Here is the news Coming to you every hour on the hour”   Electric Light Orchestra   Last I looked the Philippines is a Catholic country. Pinoys are flawed in many things and by my reckoning many of them go through the motions in terms of being Catholic. What I can not argue is that […]

Lead-up to SONA 2014: The sorry report card of Philippine President Noynoy Aquino

It’s been four years into his so-called “Daang Matuwid” (“straight-and-narrow”) administration with just two years to go to make good on his many unfulfilled promises before he bows out of the office he reluctantly took in 2010. Philippine President Benigno Simeon ‘BS’ Aquino III is under an even more powerful magnifying glass now. The country […]

Michael Sam Is Gay And Got Drafted By The Rams Now What Is Next?

Anybody who has followed my rants over the years knows I am irked by people jumping on the bandwagon. Because the bandwagon expects entitlement to the world they are intruding. They act like they own the place. I said as much when Pinoys who know little about soccer were shocked at unruly Hong Kong fans. […]

One More Term For Pnoy and Other Examples Of Blatant Ignorance

   Shrek: [observing a giant building] That must be Lord Farquaad’s castle… Do you think he’s maybe compensating for something?    If anything pushes my hot buttons enough to make me interrupt my days of meth consumption it is the spreading of ignorance by Pinoys online. The only reason you spread ignorance is because you […]