Misbehaving OFW’s: the Filipinos’ own worst enemy

Ok na sana daw for Pinoy Pride and the reputation of Filipino caregivers/nurses eh. What with Rose Fostanes, a long-time caregiver in Israel, winning their local version of the program X-factor. She became yet another “hero” that the validation starved Filipinos would be using in order to prop up to the world that they are […]

God’s plan for the Philippines: infesting the world with desperate Filipino nurses

The now infamous pronouncement coming from a certain Filipino Catholic bishop that overpopulation is good for Filipinos and the world comes at an interesting time when reports of how some Filipinos working overseas as nurses and caregivers have gone bad. Bishop Gilbert Garcera of the Diocese of Daet, the capital of Camarines Norte, believes overpopulation […]

Genuine change? Something just doesn’t add up.

We all want change and change has to start from within one’s self and from the basic unit of society. My parents  made me feel, that I can be somebody great without compromising discipline during the stage where practical reasoning is best developed. So remarkable are the developmental years of a child at the ages […]