Agot Isidro showed her ignorance and lack of breeding when she called Duterte a psychopath

Former Filipino celebrity Agot Isidro found new fame as Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte‚Äôs critic. In a recent Facebook post, she played psychiatrist and diagnosed Duterte as a psychopath: Unang-una, walang umaaway sa iyo. As a matter of fact, ikaw ang nang-aaway. Pangalawa, yung bansa Kung saan ka inuluklok ng 16 million out of 100+ million […]

According to Agot Isidro, Filipinos may as well DIE if deprived of foreign aid

Renowned Filipino thought leader Agot Isidro is on the warpath, and the object of her ire is no less than Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte. In a treatise against his government posted on Facebook, the showbiz artist issued a pointed diagnosis to Duterte. According to Isidro, he is a “psychopath”… Unang-una, walang umaaway sa iyo. As […]