Should expensive private schools like the Ateneo de Manila and De La Salle be banned?

A report on the work needed to reform Malaysian state services now that a peaceful change of leadership had transpired provides some insight on the growing private school industry in southeast Asia. For the average outsider, the reliance of a society’s elite on private schools to educate their youth is regarded to be not normal… There is also […]

Ph employers hire college grads for work that requires only hi-school grads just because they can

That was the promise back when end-to-end primary and secondary education became a 12-year course for Filipinos. Under that set-up, it was expected that graduates of Year 12 would be ready for the workforce. Indeed, there are many types of work out there, many of them high-paying white collar-work, that the average high school graduate […]

Lost in Subject-Verb Agreement: Should Filipinos go back to Grammar School?

One of the most rudimentary rules of grammar is matching the right verb with its subject. But it seems to be so convoluted and complex due to the sheer number of choices one has to consider: TWO… either singular or plural. Filipinos simply find having to weigh between those two choices as too confusing that […]

The Philippines’ Roman Catholic Church should be taxed and its books opened to public scrutiny

Consider the vastness of the money-making machine that the Philippine Roman Catholic Church is. None of its activities including those that are financially profitable are currently taxed by the Philippine government. Catholic education alone, for example, is an expensive premium service that even the wealthiest of Filipinos clamber over one another to partake of. Yet […]

In defense of Pia Ranada: before she can expect fairness, she needs to be fair to HERSELF

It’s not as if Pia Ranada is irreplaceable as a reporter covering Malacanang. For that matter, neither is Rappler itself, Ranada’s employer. Rappler had only been in existence since 2012 and before this “social news network” bubbled up from the Philippines’ primordial soup of pedestrian punditry, the Philippine press had already been long recognised as […]

Filipino taxpayers disapprove of UP students walking out of classes to join communist rallies

Students of the University of the Philippines (UP) have been walking out of their classes to protest against the government. They’ve been doing that since time immemorial. Indeed, one tweet by a certain @StandUpDiliman documented one such recent walkout, and it exhibited both a familiar sight and a familiar slogan… WALKOUT NA! Join the hundreds […]

You can’t destroy Mocha Uson by dragging her through the mud — because she’s already been there

The amount of time and space being given to the “issue” that is the awarding of distinction to Assistant Secretary Mocha Uson by the University of Santo Tomas (UST) Alumni Association is amazing. I may not be a big fan of the current Philippine Opposition and, specifically, the bloc of bozos who currently lead them, […]