TRAIN TRAIN TRAIN – Why the Yellows are Speechless (Nganga) about Duterte’s Nation-Building Strategy

It’s a masterpiece of a masterplan in nation building that one could never in one’s wildest dreams ever imagine coming out of a Yellow Cult leader’s pointed head.

Yet it only took the basic common sense of a lowly unrefined mayor from the country’s marginalized South to get the country back on its rail tracks again – well positioned to take on the challenge of hiking up its daunting socioeconomic Mt. Everest – the top of which the rest of the East Asia gang (Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korea, Singapore and mainland China) are already all partying on.

TRAIN Law – It’s a brilliant tax scheme that cuts deep into the heart of the Pinoy’s deeply ingrained tax-evading culture. Considering Filipinos’ propensity to under-declare or not declare their actual income, there’s simply no escaping getting taxed – now that even basic Coca Cola, Marlboro and petroleum are the government’s way of getting back at you. A massive BUILD BUILD BUILD program needs deep pockets to draw from. A fundamental in starting to build anything is that Jerry Maguire line… “Show me the money!”.

Train our Youth – Free college education is a privilege only those in an elite group of mostly Northern European nations could afford to provide. The administration’s priority in beefing up the country’s human intellectual capital takes center stage, realizing from the last Aquino term that we cannot afford stupid incompetent people manning our stations and ships anymore.

Train Systems – All you have to see is GRP’s classic juxtapositional article: Manila’s primitive public transport system: A national embarrassment! to convince yourself we have a lot of catching up to do in getting the blood arteries of the country flowing healthily again. It’s basic common sense for any decently functional country or emerging power aspirant: a smooth flow of goods, workers and tourists is fundamental to a buzzing economy- not something that should be fooled around with (like how incompetently managed the system was under Mar Roxas, Joseph Abaya, and PNoy, making them all worthy of getting run over a train for).

Why the opposition is making so much noise about “fake news”, “human rights”, and “press freedom” is simply because they are rendered speechless on the weightier topics that really matter in the debate – those on the subject of strategies and visions the Duterte administration is hell bent on pursuing.

The Silence of Yellowtard Lambs in more important topics is really due to the fact that affirming Duterte’s strategy means admitting 30 years of Yellow rule was an utter failure – nothing but a sinister power- and wealth-grabbing scam. Millions of brainwashed Filipinos simply all got duped for that long guys!

We all know it’s culture that’s got to change, but you have to admit this time: Changing the top politician in the land does work wonders once in a super blue blood moon. 10-year-valid passports, 5-year-valid driver’s licenses, a third Telco coming in, subway to Manila’s airport, no more tax evasion, IS rebellion crushed, Reds finally labelled as terrorists, no more laglag bala, Federal setup to usher in peace in the South, MM to be replaced by clean-and-green New Clark City (ZaZoZon expanding!), friends with China again, Cha-cha wheels finally rolling,… we simply can’t list them all.

Can things be moving any better? What have you guys in Yellow shirts gotta say?

All together stupefied now… NGANGA


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Zaxx, have you even READ the new law? I have. It is indeed a ‘masterplan’, but sadly it’s a plan to get this country’s economy out of the ICU and into a nice comfortable coffin. Here’s what it does: – Narrows the tax base to, essentially, business owners only, who will now be hit with one of the highest tax rates in Asia (possibly THE highest). For example, a business with a gross income of 1.2M will pay at least 96,000 a year in tax. At the sole discretion of the authorities (see below), it could well be more than… Read more »

Meanings with no purpose are useful for meaningless debates on what the “meaner” meant. And that’s what #politics is all about – misreading.


We have to see to believe. The Aquino Cojuangco era was full of :political propaganda, extolling their heroism and sainthood; full of corruption; corrupt people were everywhere, from top to bottom. We are looking, if Pres. Duterte, can deliver his promises.

To see is to believe.

Robert Haighton

Train our Youth
Free college education is a privilege only those in an elite group of mostly Northern European nations could afford to provide.

Next years (2018-2019) annual tuition fee is € 2060 ( = approx PHP 110250) in the Netherlands. So, school/education is NOT free