Liza Soberano – Sobering Truth that Pinoy Inbreeding (Jover Laurio) is NOT the Answer

Fil-Am hybrid Liza Soberano just bagged the recent Most Beautiful Face of 2017 award, competing not just among Filipinas but across the international Who’s Who of the most admired women around the globe. Even surpassing Hollywood stars like Gal Gadot and Natalie Portman (Full List Here), Liza’s striking beauty is a result of the amazing cross between her Filipino father and American mother – hitting a genetic sweet spot like no other.

The growing trend of Pinoys and Pinays tying the knot with foreigners (especially those in the first world: Westerners and North Asians) perfectly fits into Plan B even if it means replacing perpetually and hopelessly corrupt native Filipinos both culturally and genetically.

As the momentum of this trend gains steam especially through the diaspora of a tenth of the 100M population already spread all over the planet as OFWs and immigrants, Filipinos now recognize the glaringly clear advantage of making the superior decision of entering into a cross-cultural/interracial marriage. The entire idea is not difficult to market and sell when people see many Filipino winners all looking “hybridized”, be it in the basketball, political, or entertainment arena.

Liza Soberano vs. Jover Laurio Juxtaposition, and Marriage

Local-stock Jover Laurio and Maria Ressa have been grabbing the focal point of numerous articles and news feeds all over the net. With so much attention given to relatively difficult-to-look-at faces, it is indeed a welcome breath of fresh air to get something like this Most Beautiful Face news every now and then.

Pinoy inbreeding represented by Laurio and Ressa just keeps generating substandard solutions, pretty much like the Yellow fecal crap they peddle around. It’s time to move beyond the Philippine Jeepney” solution and try a new “Audi” or “Lexus”-class experiment.

Ask any random Pinoy on the street: “who (in your non-Tanduay-intoxicated mind) would you prefer to marry – 2017 Face of the Year or 2017 Filipino of the Year?” The answer will be 100% unanimous. It will just be a matter of time till purely native stock (along with their mindset) is weeded out and disappears by virtue of “natural selection” taking its course in the area of “choosing a lifetime partner”.

In the Philippines where divorce is not an option, your chance of marrying a second time around is practically nil. If you only have one shot at it, might as well go for the best, unless you really believe you don’t deserve premium quality.

There are three major decisions in life:
1. What vocation to pursue (career)
2. Who will be your lifetime partner
3. Where to spend eternity after death

Whereas 1 can be altered somewhere along the road of life, 2 is almost as permanent as a boulder (till death do us part). People don’t have much of a leeway to correct mistakes on item 2. Typically one just has to stick to a bad marriage and put up with the non-ideal partnership for the sake of the kids and mutual conjugal investments.

Filipinos getting used to being No.1

Karla Henry (2008 Miss Earth winner), Megan Young (2013 Miss World winner) and Pia Wurtzbach (2015 Miss Universe winner) have all brought honor to the Philippines in the Pageant world. We finally have the answer to that elusive question: Did anything good ever come out of the Philippines?

Rachel Peters even had a close shot at another Miss Universe title for the country just last year (being within the top 10), as if someone behind the scenes just had to hold back pumping in too much Pinoy-pride gas into our already swelling balloon for now.

Some sour-graping Pinoys would dismiss these accolades to be FAKE since their last names all sound foreign. But let’s reflect for a moment: Do you know anyone among your classmates/colleagues who still looks like a katutubong Aeta? Aren’t most Pinoy last names Spanish sounding? This means there are hardly any PURE PINOYS anyway; so what’s the big deal about racial purity in this day and age?

All there is to being “Pinoy” is that you carry a Philippine passport, you can say “How much po ito?” (some minimal Taglish), and you like adobo and Jollibee. That’s it!

Yes to WMAF

What I really can’t get is why there’s all this negativity and anti-bigotry bashing whenever I put forth this impeccable win-win solution to Pinoy cultural dysfunction on the table. When no amount of admonishing Pinoys not to lie, not to steal and not to cheat will work on their relentlessly stubborn thick skulls, I’m not sure what better counter-proposal is out there to fix the eternally common-sense-lacking and incompetent Pinoy culture and mindset.

The solution represented by celebrated face of 2017 Liza Soberano is staring you in the face. The next move is up to you…

It’s easy, really. Click on the following sites to fix your inborn Pinoy dysfunction disease:



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Zealous revolutionary advocate of bringing back common sense for the common good in a land of dysfunctional and delusional zombies.

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Hmm… Well I’m a whitey foreigner and I married a pure Filipina.. She is from the Cordilleras and doesn’t have a Spanish name. In fact, even most Filipinos have looked down upon Igorots and refuse to believe they are Filipino. At any rate, I like the mountain people much more than the lowland ones for many reasons.

“The fact remains that the Igorot is not Filipino and we are not related, and it hurts our feelings to see him pictured in American newspapers under such captions as ‘Typical Filipino Tribesman.’” Carlos Romulo

Robert Haighton

did you yourself do what you are preaching here? Or in just plain Spanish: did you marry (or are you married or do you have a partner) from a foreign country? Before you say yes, pls show us some proof and evidence. Typing YES is very easy to do.


I agree with what you say here. However I don’t know if I have to write something about it(interbreeding).


If Zaxx cannot walk the talk, how can he expect to be taken seriouly! Does he have the guts to say these things or discuss with some experts perhaps on National TV? Proof is in the pudding…

Maybe he just won’t admit it but he really has been a ‘starstruck ignoramus’ over Liza and the article is just a wishful/nopeful dream for himself that won’t come true! It’s a no AMWF for the Chinese Zaxx! Unbeleivable SUCKIN’CREED!


Social conditioning, accompanied by moral and mental constraints, serve to render the mediocre mind nearly incapable of unbiased assessment.

Jerry Lynch

I’m a white American and Filipinos need to learn top appreciate their natural dark, short beauty and stop mongrelizing themselves in a ridiculous attempt to shed that beauty.

Also realize (I’m talking to YOU ladies) that we western guys come there for DARK women, not white ones. We have all the white women we need in America, England, Germany etc., so get darker if you want to attract that western guy. For most of us, the darker & shorter the better

Robert Haighton

Pls check out the latest winner of the Ms Belgium contest. She is of Philippine descent (mixed race). Her name is Flor Pua (22). The fact that she won that title led to outrage bec she was/is not of 100% Belgian roots.


I’m not a fan of genetics being behind personality, talents, competence and all that. But I’ll take Zaxx’s article as an interesting analogical snipe at the Filipino idea of wanting to favor the indigenous and reject foreign influence of any sort. Indeed, if we want to reject anything foreign, we have to reject human rights and the idea that people have the right to life, and go back to headhunting as an accepted practice (thus, no quibbling about EJKs and all that).

Robert Haighton

For everybody who wants to know a little more about the Ms. Belgium contest and its winner.

Name: Angeline Flor Pua (22)
Both her parents are from the Philippines. So no mixed race.
Angeline was born and raised in the city of Borgerhout (Belgium).


I don’t give an air if this article is passed off as personal taste or a personal fashion statement. I hope you do not insinuate that a person’s (or a nation’s) worth depends on skin color. We do not want a neo-Nazi around here. Or do you want to gas all brown Filipinos?

Hey, I am a Filipino; and I look like a “katutubong Aeta”. Does that bother you ? Filipinas, who look like mestizas, are tagged as pretty. While those who look like natives Filipinas, are tagged as ugly.” Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder”, a poet wrote. The Spanish colonizers, gave us the “standard of beauty”. Beauty must look like them: white skin, sharp nose, blue eyes, brunette or brown hair, etc…while being ugly look like us. We are destined to be their servants, since we don’t look like them. I have never seen a colored person like me,… Read more »
“Pinoy inbreeding represented by Laurio and Ressa just keeps generating substandard solutions, pretty much like the Yellow fecal crap they peddle around. ” This is blatantly racist, implying that the Filipino gene is inferior to that of other races. It shows that you hold no regard for your own ethnic heritage (assuming you are of Filipino ethnic origin). There are sociological factors that affect competency or success characteristics and traits of cultures. Take a pure-bred Filipino and raise that person in a first world culture and give them the proper environment, e.g. Ivy League university, etc., and you end up… Read more »
It is obvious from your post that you hold no regard for your own ethnic heritage (assuming you are of Filipino ethnic origin). There are sociological factors that affect competency or success characteristics and traits of cultures. Take a pure-bred Filipino and raise that person in a first world culture and give them the proper environment, e.g. Ivy League university, etc., and you end up with someone who is likely to succeed. You imply that a cross-breed is superior to a pure-bred Filipino (assuming such homogeneity exists) resulting in more attractive physical features. What is your basis for beauty? Is… Read more »
As a pure-bred Filipino woman, THIS IS SO OFFENSIVE. Don’t get me wrong; I like reading this blog, probably except for this post. I also hate Filipinos not wanting to be critiqued for their inappropriate behavior and instead claiming it as “culture” and acting all emo about it. But your article is flawed for the following reasons: 1. Filipino women (and all other women for that purpose) ARE WORTH MORE THAN MARRIAGE (AND SEX) MATERIAL. We have hopes, aspirations, etc., that make us COMPLETE human beings that are CAPABLE of contributing to this country’s economy (by working), education system (by… Read more »
The “first-world mindset” is cultural. Introduction of Western genes is not gonna solve the problem. Yes, there are hardly any mixed people on the streets of the Philippines but you have to consider that a lot of them were already born in well-off families to begin with. You can also see that most Filipinos born to already wealthy families almost never find their way into poverty either. You can have a white man impregnate a Filipina and leave her in the Philippines and the child she bears will still adopt the Pinoy dysfunction since it’d be raised in the Philippine… Read more »
Zaxx, you’re a prime example of a Filipino “sellout ” and “racist” that I talk about all the time in my blog, You will do everything in your power to convince our people that they should be ashamed of their “Kayumanggi” (indigenous) features and heritage, and replace it with a foreign lineage (preferably Caucasian), to make them, at least in your mind, a much more elegant and sophisticated race. You’re one of those Filipinos that is sold on the idea that everything that is White (or any color close to it) is good or good enough; and anything Black… Read more »

My good sir, you just love being wrong. And I thought you were the smartest one here? Pitiful.


Miscegenation does our country no good when the spawn end up having dual loyalties, mental health issues, and personal identity problems that could lead to more catastrophic decision making down the road.

In your attempt to appear intelligent, you simply wish to doom our country and by extension the whole worldm

That said, you are correct about one thing. The kind of breeding done by these miscegenators, if looked upon the racial hierarchy, is a clear cut case of eugenic breeding. The solution is not more miscegenation and mental health issues. The solution is eugenic breeding. Which can be done without advocating for miscegenation, which simply reduces the number of high quality people in the world by putting them in unions with those of lower stock, resulting in Children who will never reach the potential of their higher breed parents. That, coupled with a cut in dysgenic breeding is the solution.… Read more »

No sobering truths here. Just lies used to combat lies.