Liza Soberano – Sobering Truth that Pinoy Inbreeding (Jover Laurio) is NOT the Answer

Fil-Am hybrid Liza Soberano just bagged the recent Most Beautiful Face of 2017 award, competing not just among Filipinas but across the international Who’s Who of the most admired women around the globe. Even surpassing Hollywood stars like Gal Gadot and Natalie Portman (Full List Here), Liza’s striking beauty is a result of the amazing cross between her Filipino father and American mother – hitting a genetic sweet spot like no other.

The growing trend of Pinoys and Pinays tying the knot with foreigners (especially those in the first world: Westerners and North Asians) perfectly fits into Plan B even if it means replacing perpetually and hopelessly corrupt native Filipinos both culturally and genetically.

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As the momentum of this trend gains steam especially through the diaspora of a tenth of the 100M population already spread all over the planet as OFWs and immigrants, Filipinos now recognize the glaringly clear advantage of making the superior decision of entering into a cross-cultural/interracial marriage. The entire idea is not difficult to market and sell when people see many Filipino winners all looking “hybridized”, be it in the basketball, political, or entertainment arena.

Liza Soberano vs. Jover Laurio Juxtaposition, and Marriage

Local-stock Jover Laurio and Maria Ressa have been grabbing the focal point of numerous articles and news feeds all over the net. With so much attention given to relatively difficult-to-look-at faces, it is indeed a welcome breath of fresh air to get something like this Most Beautiful Face news every now and then.

Pinoy inbreeding represented by Laurio and Ressa just keeps generating substandard solutions, pretty much like the Yellow fecal crap they peddle around. It’s time to move beyond the Philippine Jeepney” solution and try a new “Audi” or “Lexus”-class experiment.

Ask any random Pinoy on the street: “who (in your non-Tanduay-intoxicated mind) would you prefer to marry – 2017 Face of the Year or 2017 Filipino of the Year?” The answer will be 100% unanimous. It will just be a matter of time till purely native stock (along with their mindset) is weeded out and disappears by virtue of “natural selection” taking its course in the area of “choosing a lifetime partner”.

In the Philippines where divorce is not an option, your chance of marrying a second time around is practically nil. If you only have one shot at it, might as well go for the best, unless you really believe you don’t deserve premium quality.

There are three major decisions in life:
1. What vocation to pursue (career)
2. Who will be your lifetime partner
3. Where to spend eternity after death

Whereas 1 can be altered somewhere along the road of life, 2 is almost as permanent as a boulder (till death do us part). People don’t have much of a leeway to correct mistakes on item 2. Typically one just has to stick to a bad marriage and put up with the non-ideal partnership for the sake of the kids and mutual conjugal investments.

Filipinos getting used to being No.1

Karla Henry (2008 Miss Earth winner), Megan Young (2013 Miss World winner) and Pia Wurtzbach (2015 Miss Universe winner) have all brought honor to the Philippines in the Pageant world. We finally have the answer to that elusive question: Did anything good ever come out of the Philippines?

Rachel Peters even had a close shot at another Miss Universe title for the country just last year (being within the top 10), as if someone behind the scenes just had to hold back pumping in too much Pinoy-pride gas into our already swelling balloon for now.

Some sour-graping Pinoys would dismiss these accolades to be FAKE since their last names all sound foreign. But let’s reflect for a moment: Do you know anyone among your classmates/colleagues who still looks like a katutubong Aeta? Aren’t most Pinoy last names Spanish sounding? This means there are hardly any PURE PINOYS anyway; so what’s the big deal about racial purity in this day and age?

All there is to being “Pinoy” is that you carry a Philippine passport, you can say “How much po ito?” (some minimal Taglish), and you like adobo and Jollibee. That’s it!

Yes to WMAF

What I really can’t get is why there’s all this negativity and anti-bigotry bashing whenever I put forth this impeccable win-win solution to Pinoy cultural dysfunction on the table. When no amount of admonishing Pinoys not to lie, not to steal and not to cheat will work on their relentlessly stubborn thick skulls, I’m not sure what better counter-proposal is out there to fix the eternally common-sense-lacking and incompetent Pinoy culture and mindset.

The solution represented by celebrated face of 2017 Liza Soberano is staring you in the face. The next move is up to you…

It’s easy, really. Click on the following sites to fix your inborn Pinoy dysfunction disease:



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55 Replies to “Liza Soberano – Sobering Truth that Pinoy Inbreeding (Jover Laurio) is NOT the Answer”

  1. Hmm… Well I’m a whitey foreigner and I married a pure Filipina.. She is from the Cordilleras and doesn’t have a Spanish name. In fact, even most Filipinos have looked down upon Igorots and refuse to believe they are Filipino. At any rate, I like the mountain people much more than the lowland ones for many reasons.

    “The fact remains that the Igorot is not Filipino and we are not related, and it hurts our feelings to see him pictured in American newspapers under such captions as ‘Typical Filipino Tribesman.’” Carlos Romulo

    1. When I say “there are hardly any PURE PINOYS anyway”, there’s that qualifier “hardly” since there are indeed still some regions in the country are hardly penetrated by this hybridization phenomenon: in particular, the Cordillera and Bangsamoro regions.

      Both regions generally lag behind the rest of the country in many ways – proof that their relatively higher resistance to “blending in” with everyone else turns out to be detrimental to their development. If they really want to be a separate “country” in a way, so be it. The upcoming Federalism move should be welcome news for them.

      1. Zaxx,

        You’re so full of crap. Those mountain people are isolated because of their geographic location—which is a fortunate because it saves what’s left of our nation from the monopolizing influence of Chinese businesses and political dynasties, that you’re trying very hard to patronize. In essence, these tribal isolations preserve what’s left of our indigenous heritage for our people to reckon with someday and appreciate, which you’re also trying your best to erase, or at least water-down, and replace with a lineage of fair skin and angular features. You should be ashamed of yourself.


  2. Zaxx,
    did you yourself do what you are preaching here? Or in just plain Spanish: did you marry (or are you married or do you have a partner) from a foreign country? Before you say yes, pls show us some proof and evidence. Typing YES is very easy to do.

    1. This PROOF of genetic ancestry should more than suffice.

      Better click on one of those heart-tickling sites fast Bobby. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and that ticking clock is not on your side.

  3. If Zaxx cannot walk the talk, how can he expect to be taken seriouly! Does he have the guts to say these things or discuss with some experts perhaps on National TV? Proof is in the pudding…

    Maybe he just won’t admit it but he really has been a ‘starstruck ignoramus’ over Liza and the article is just a wishful/nopeful dream for himself that won’t come true! It’s a no AMWF for the Chinese Zaxx! Unbeleivable SUCKIN’CREED!

    1. Seriously Unbelievable Zuckin’ spelling mistakes provide sufficient proof you should have had White Native-speaking Lady teachers for grammar school pal. Ever heard of “i before e except after c?”

      Back to topic: If even your Chinoy national hero Dr. Jose Rizal chose Josephine Bracken to be his wife, what does that say about the sobering truth being expounded in this article? But if you’re a guy already married to a Jover-look-alike, I can understand your frustration upon reading an article like this. It’s not the end of the world though. You can always encourage your kids to apply these mate-selection principles to their lives.

      There is absolutely nothing wrong with appreciating beauty for what it’s worth. In fact, you will notice that beautiful people often populate beautiful (COD – clean, orderly, disciplined) countries. It’s probably how the mind works: If you’re accustomed to seeing ugliness on a daily basis (squatters, wet markets, open sewers, and “bawal umihi dito” signs) – your brain gets wired to think that UGLINESS is normal – to the point you can’t even tell the difference when choosing a mate.

      So don’t desensitize that “beauty sensor” guys. Your ability to make your country a more beautiful place to live in (as well as populated by more Lizas than Jovers) depends on it.

      1. “Your ability to make your country a more beautiful place to live in (as well as populated by more Lizas than Jovers) depends on it.”

        Your statement is not only a misnomer but a delusion! Even if all of your female kin (sisters, cousins, nieces, aunties…) will crossbreed with those white/black foreign guys from those dating sites that you you mentioned (filipinodatingsites, mingle2, best 5, germany dating, fdating…), it will still not be a guarantee ‘to make your country a more beautiful place to live in’. Excuse me, but, in effect, you’re just whoring everyone of them! Still, anyway, it remains to be seen if all your female kin really posses the right package that those loser scumbag guys are looking for. And how sure are you that your kin will not produce more of Jovers than Lizas? Really, it remains to be seen!

        1. >>Really, it remains to be seen!
          We see it all around us – No half-breeds I know are roaming the streets of Manila begging for food. Inbreeding fails!!! – MM’s shanty-land is all the empirical evidence you need.

  4. Social conditioning, accompanied by moral and mental constraints, serve to render the mediocre mind nearly incapable of unbiased assessment.

  5. I’m a white American and Filipinos need to learn top appreciate their natural dark, short beauty and stop mongrelizing themselves in a ridiculous attempt to shed that beauty.

    Also realize (I’m talking to YOU ladies) that we western guys come there for DARK women, not white ones. We have all the white women we need in America, England, Germany etc., so get darker if you want to attract that western guy. For most of us, the darker & shorter the better

    1. I didnt come to/go to/visit the Philippines because the Philippine women are dark or black or yellow or short. So pls speak for yourself.

    2. One of our own bloggers, Ben Kritz, said the same thing. Probably it applies to most, not necessarily all, if you have complaints about that.

    3. It’s subjective. I’m extremely pale and no brown eyes in my ancestry for hundreds of years. To me obviously the brown skinned Filipinas appear most beautiful, it’s a shame so much skin bleaching and stuff goes on, especially when beautiful women dye their hair light and become ghostly pale, it doesn’t look aesthetically good.
      Then again to the average looking brown BUT rich Filipino guy these girls might look attractive.

    4. Thank you for feeling the same way I do, Jerry Lynch. Filipinos have been “mongrelizing” (also my favourite word) their race for decades, to enhance their perceived social acceptance in the Philippines and throughout the world, without realising how this arrogant and selfish behaviour only widens the already existing social gaps among my people, and prevents them from uniting as a nation. Contrary to what most Filipinos believe, we are a very racist bunch. We would readily scorn and ridicule our Aetas, and other indigenous tribesmen, for their dark skin and broad features; and embrace a foreign lineage (preferably Caucasian) and culture that will mask our appearance and rewrite our cultural legacy, respectively. Filipinos are both “sellouts” and “racists,” and our arrogant and selfish culture dictates us to be this way.

  6. Zaxx,
    Pls check out the latest winner of the Ms Belgium contest. She is of Philippine descent (mixed race). Her name is Flor Pua (22). The fact that she won that title led to outrage bec she was/is not of 100% Belgian roots.

    1. Thanks for the news Robert. Well we can understand the seeming desperation…

      Belgium is practically a never-heard in the Pageant world (not even a single win). The Belgian judges must have peeped into PH’s score card (14 wins) as they handed down the verdict.

      1. Zaxx,
        let me try to clearify the outrage from the Belgian public. Although I dont have and know the full details and scope.

        If and when your sister (providing you have one) and I start a relationship AND she and I will reside (and settle down) in my country, your sister will be able to apply for a Dutch passport after 5 years. If your sister and I will make a baby, the baby will automatically get the Dutch nationality. The question is now, is that baby real Dutch or not?

        Fast forward back to Belgium. The Belgian public doesnt think it is 100% Belgian even tough it has a Belgian passport.
        I think that Benign0 wrote – at least – one article about this phenomenon where the Philippine public goes totally berserk when a US woman (with 50% (or less) PH genes) wins a beauty contest.

  7. I’m not a fan of genetics being behind personality, talents, competence and all that. But I’ll take Zaxx’s article as an interesting analogical snipe at the Filipino idea of wanting to favor the indigenous and reject foreign influence of any sort. Indeed, if we want to reject anything foreign, we have to reject human rights and the idea that people have the right to life, and go back to headhunting as an accepted practice (thus, no quibbling about EJKs and all that).

    1. Is it a really case of “Filipino idea of wanting to favor the indigenous and reject foreign influence” or is it a clearer case of an arrogant and dubious display of some extremely jealous filipino poseurs favoring/wanting everything foreign and outrightly not wanting, pretentiously dismissing anything of its own?

      Mr. Bobby Tiglao has written articles about his observation, that some Filipinos of today, lack Nationalism because they see and project themselves first as citizens of the world more than citizens of this country.

      The Philippines, indeed, has too many distasteful poseurs!

      1. Both. Some Filipinos copy the wrong things from abroad and reject the right things, while others promote the bad things and dismiss the good parts of our own culture and practices.

        1. Let me add though, things like human rights and disabled benefits are among the important good foreign influences. I doubt our own culture could think of those things.

        2. Very true. Take America for example. I see people worshiping superficial basketball players, rap music, hyper-commercialism etc. but no-one is trying to imitate the scientific achievements of the US.

  8. For everybody who wants to know a little more about the Ms. Belgium contest and its winner.

    Name: Angeline Flor Pua (22)
    Both her parents are from the Philippines. So no mixed race.
    Angeline was born and raised in the city of Borgerhout (Belgium).

  9. I don’t give an air if this article is passed off as personal taste or a personal fashion statement. I hope you do not insinuate that a person’s (or a nation’s) worth depends on skin color. We do not want a neo-Nazi around here. Or do you want to gas all brown Filipinos?

      1. Still, two sides of the same coin. You want to eliminate all native-looking Filipinos because of the way they look. I get what you want to put across and I also like for our countrymen your perceived “western values, laws and culture”, but the way you said it is just incredibly stupid that I had to laugh.

        It doesn’t mean that if we all would marry/breed with foreigners, all of our hybrid children would be magically more intelligent and logical. Could you even confirm yourself that Liza Soberano’s mentality isn’t the same as your average young adult Philippine woman? You said somewhere that you haven’t seen a “hybrid” child begging on the streets. However, are you even aware of the hundreds of “hybrid” children living in poverty in Angeles? I for one saw a typically beautiful “hybrid” child abandoned in an orphanage near where I live.

        I have enough of thousands of insecure Filipino teens, ashamed of their Filipino looks. You just added, though quite insignificantly, to the problem by writing this shitty article which I almost prayed was satire. Filipinos need an attitude change, not a face change.

        If you think that every other country functions perfectly to the tee and that our country is a plain hot mess, you’re seriously naive. All countries are hot messes to a varying degree. The most despicable, cringe-inducing people here always have their equivalents elsewhere.

        Your “hybrid” children = more intelligent/logical Filipinos is nothing but a delusion.

        1. Rather than repeat myself here, please just read my reply to “anodaw”below. The entire article is a “Sinister Trick” to get Filipinos into partnering through marriage with those who possess the first-world mindset. It only works for a normal family setting where BOTH parents rear up the child.

          Hybrid children to prostitutes in Angeles who are abandoned by Australian sex tourists are in no way what the article has in mind. They will end up like any other dysfunctional Pinoy, except with their higher chances of getting chosen as a flight steward(ess) in our ever growing LCC (budget airline) industry.

          >>I have enough of thousands of insecure Filipino teens, ashamed of their Filipino looks.
          It’s hard to face the problem when the problem is your face.

          So do something about it!!! At least this article gives a practical solution; what’s yours??? Try giving a sermon to Jover on attitude change and see if she’ll have enough confidence to join the Mocha girls.

        2. “Hybrid children to prostitutes in Angeles who are abandoned by Australian sex tourists are in no way what the article has in mind.”

          When your obviously nitpicking with your cross breeding advocacy, you’re just making a “palusot”!

          Also consider this below, in spite of them coming from First World, apparently with superior mindset, why can’t these foreign nationals lift themselves up and get themselves back on track?! (The Belgian in the story provided a real world answer which shutters GRP’s notion behind the poor people being poor because they are simply lazy.)

        3. Your video is a perfect example of Cherry_picking

          If you found 3 Chinese living in poverty in PH, it doesn’t make a dent on the general statement/perception that “Chinoys are better businessmen than native Pinoys”.

          If you need a lesson on how to make better “Palusots”, try googling “logical fallacies”.

    1. You don’t understand nazism and their philosophy. They were against intermixing, they didn’t suggest the world has to become Caucasian – in fact they wanted Asians to stay Asian. Not approving their views but people don’t know much about nazism due to so much misinformation.

  10. Hey, I am a Filipino; and I look like a “katutubong Aeta”. Does that bother you ? Filipinas, who look like mestizas, are tagged as pretty. While those who look like natives Filipinas, are tagged as ugly.” Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder”, a poet wrote.

    The Spanish colonizers, gave us the “standard of beauty”. Beauty must look like them: white skin, sharp nose, blue eyes, brunette or brown hair, etc…while being ugly look like us. We are destined to be their servants, since we don’t look like them.

    I have never seen a colored person like me, who is a judge of any international beauty contest. So, contestants, who almost look like the judges, will surely win !

    1. Who defines what’s beautiful? I’d say it’s mostly judged by instinct (rather than something defined for us by others) – the same way your taste buds can tell what’s yummy or not. You can easily decipher by instinct that PH squatter shanties are eye sores and that Swiss hill-side villages are not. It will take a lot of mind conditioning (or Tanduay bottles) to convince oneself that Jover is prettier than Liza.

      Nevertheless, it is not beauty per se that we’re after here, but the opportunity to import superior foreign cultures and get them into our system. Liza’s American mother should have had a positive input in her upbringing, considering America is generally more functional than PH. Beautiful genes are just “click bait” to gain the real prize – that superior first-world mindset.

    2. People don’t always favor those who look like them. It’s as if you have lived in isolation. Most white Europeans consider East Asian and South American looks typically beautiful (except the women who are often just jealous).
      Aeta looks just aren’t IMHO – from very curly hair to unattractive facial types to relatively flat bodies. Subjective but it’s the opinion of the majority from what I know.
      My comment might sound cruel but it’s the harsh truth.

  11. “Pinoy inbreeding represented by Laurio and Ressa just keeps generating substandard solutions, pretty much like the Yellow fecal crap they peddle around. ”

    This is blatantly racist, implying that the Filipino gene is inferior to that of other races. It shows that you hold no regard for your own ethnic heritage (assuming you are of Filipino ethnic origin). There are sociological factors that affect competency or success characteristics and traits of cultures. Take a pure-bred Filipino and raise that person in a first world culture and give them the proper environment, e.g. Ivy League university, etc., and you end up with someone who is likely to succeed.

    You imply that a cross-breed is superior to a pure-bred Filipino (assuming such purity exists) resulting in more attractive physical features. What is your basis for beauty? Is it beauty defined by Western culture? Would a society of prostitutes cross-breeding with Caucasian men yield superior citizens because of the appearance of their “mestizo/mestiza” offsprings?

    I find the gist of this post to be rather shallow. It reeks of colonial mentality, which is surprising, because were are now in the second millennium.

    1. But Filipinos created what today is the Philippines. So to take them out and raise them somewhere else is not quite fair, even more unfair is to assume they need to attend an ivy league university to succeed.
      Countries are a function of its people, countries don’t become the way they are accidentally.
      Filipino genes can be superior and inferior, depending what you’re judging. Intelligence for example is found to be mostly genetic, so moving to a first world country will improve the IQ due to better medical care and nutrition but it won’t turn a low IQ person into a high IQ person. Average IQ in the Philippines is one of the lowest in southeast Asia, 86. This is partially due to pollution and nutrition as I said but not all can be blamed on that.

  12. It is obvious from your post that you hold no regard for your own ethnic heritage (assuming you are of Filipino ethnic origin). There are sociological factors that affect competency or success characteristics and traits of cultures. Take a pure-bred Filipino and raise that person in a first world culture and give them the proper environment, e.g. Ivy League university, etc., and you end up with someone who is likely to succeed.

    You imply that a cross-breed is superior to a pure-bred Filipino (assuming such homogeneity exists) resulting in more attractive physical features. What is your basis for beauty? Is it beauty defined by Western culture? Would a society of prostitutes cross-breeding with Caucasian men yield superior citizens because of the appearance of their “mestizo/mestiza” offsprings?

    I find the gist of this post to be rather shallow. It reeks of colonial mentality, which is surprising, because we are now in the second millennium.

  13. As a pure-bred Filipino woman, THIS IS SO OFFENSIVE. Don’t get me wrong; I like reading this blog, probably except for this post. I also hate Filipinos not wanting to be critiqued for their inappropriate behavior and instead claiming it as “culture” and acting all emo about it.
    But your article is flawed for the following reasons:
    1. Filipino women (and all other women for that purpose) ARE WORTH MORE THAN MARRIAGE (AND SEX) MATERIAL. We have hopes, aspirations, etc., that make us COMPLETE human beings that are CAPABLE of contributing to this country’s economy (by working), education system (by teaching), gov’t positions (by voting) and much, much more. And since we are humans, we ought to have a place in society aside from your short-sighted sexual purposes. NOW IF YOU THINK THAT FILIPINAS ARE TRADE GOODS IN EXCHANGE OF … I DON’T KNOW, A BETTER GENE POOL, then you are worse than all those “yellowtards” you hate, because in effect, you are condemning 50% of the population.

    2. FOREIGN GENES ARE NOT ALWAYS THE SOLUTION. Get those foreign genes in the next generation, but raise them in the same ugly society, nothing changes. Both genetics and environmental factors play a role in a person’s development (numerous resources available online, ranging from blogs to peer-reviewed research papers). Encouraging the youth to use online dating sites for the sole purpose of marrying a foreigner to develop “better-looking ” new generations doesn’t make sense at all, since the strong sense of family in this country will inevitably pass old behaviors to the next one, causing the same stupid problems we have today. However, adopting positive foreign traits and behavior, along with maintaining positive Filipino traits and throwing all negative ones out the window would be a much better solution.

    3. LOOKS ARE NOT EVERYTHING. “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, as a cliche statement goes. Beauty is very subjective, and not everyone is attracted to the western physique. And when it comes to true progress of a nation and its culture, physical appearance is actually very trivial and shallow. We need more Filipinos that are insightful and open-minded and less hateful and backwards… and developing those traits requires a functioning BRAIN and HEART, not an empty beautiful face, honey.

    1. Well stated, but still at the end of the day… Sound logic rules!

      1. Nope, no misogynist bigot here. Where in the article does it say that women are not humans and are just sex material? Dating sites are for BOTH men and women with an intent of getting into a serious lifetime relationship (not just a one-night stand). Many people have the internet to thank for helping them find the right mate. It’s about time to break the stigma that dating sites are for lowlifes.

      2. Foreign genes are a form of “click bait” solution to Pinoy cultural dysfunction. How? Imagine a Panda in the wild with a broken leg. You bait the panda by giving it the food it likes; then you bring him in to get fixed. Given that Pinoys are naturally beholden to mestizo/mestiza looks, you use this as bait to get them into forming a family with one that has a first-world mindset. That way the next generation gets closer to being fixed.

      The genes themselves don’t hold any magic (except in the NBA where blacks rule). It’s the cultural/values transfer that occurs when one of the parents who rears up the child has a first-world mindset – it is this that works miracles for the next generation of Pinoys (far more effective than even the RC church or any DepEd course in changing perpetually lying, thieving and cheating Pinoys).

      3. Beauty matters. Where would you prefer to live in – a shitty dumpsite community, or a clean and green subdivision? People who don’t care about beauty are why this country looks like shit! Beauty is not really that subjective – ask anyone in the world “who is prettier?” and they’ll choose Liza over Jover.

      Beauty also affects a person’s psychological well-being. Notice that insecure people have more difficulty in for example taking on leadership roles. Not being chosen by any of the guys in a High School’s JS prom can impact one’s self worth. If you suffered this way, why would you have it repeated for your children by choosing an ugly husband? Be practical.

      GRP is not a place you come to – to feel good about yourself. This is where you realize your problem – enough for you to do something about it. Otherwise, you should just join some “Proud to be Pinoy” blog where you can pat each other’s backs all you want, and delude yourselves about how the Jeepney is far more aesthetically superior to a Maserati, BMW or Benz.

    2. Intelligence is mostly hereditary, so if a girl mates with a higher IQ person (say Korean or Japanese), the kid has a higher chance of making it out of the slum compared to other kids around him. He’d still be disenfranchised but statistically likelier to achieve a better life quality. I specifically mentioned Koreans and Japanese as their IQs are above the average Caucasian IQs. Looks are a completely different story and highly dependent on genetic lottery.

  14. The “first-world mindset” is cultural. Introduction of Western genes is not gonna solve the problem. Yes, there are hardly any mixed people on the streets of the Philippines but you have to consider that a lot of them were already born in well-off families to begin with. You can also see that most Filipinos born to already wealthy families almost never find their way into poverty either. You can have a white man impregnate a Filipina and leave her in the Philippines and the child she bears will still adopt the Pinoy dysfunction since it’d be raised in the Philippine setting with no exposure to first-world mindset. A Malay-race person raised in the West with no contact/exposure with Philippine culture whatsoever who marries a Malay in the Philippines will likely be just as effective as a white person.

    Yes, genes do influence (not determine) a person’s traits, but the claim that one group’s genes are more built for success lacks evidence. Some countries of similar ancestries could have similar qualities of life, which is why it’s pretty tempting to make conclusions based on these observations, but there are exceptions that challenge this claim such as the contrasts between North Korea vs. South Korea, Dominican Republic vs. Haiti. We would have to control for environmental factors (SES that the person is born into, topography, political situation, cultural factors, etc.) if we would want to make conclusions.

    That being said, I support your notion that international marriage would be beneficial. However, it’s not because of genetic assimilation, but cultural assimilation.

    1. I can agree with a number of things you said. It really is institutions over genes. I have to wonder though if Zaxx has an innate hatred for a particular race or is just against racial purists in general. Maybe he just wants more interbreeding (not bad per se, it offers some advantages but I don’t think it’s absolutely vital to a nation’s success)? It bothers me, however, when sharing what I see as a matter of personal taste such as appearance or race assumes a didactic tone strongly critical of human beings for what they were born with.

  15. Zaxx, you’re a prime example of a Filipino “sellout ” and “racist” that I talk about all the time in my blog, You will do everything in your power to convince our people that they should be ashamed of their “Kayumanggi” (indigenous) features and heritage, and replace it with a foreign lineage (preferably Caucasian), to make them, at least in your mind, a much more elegant and sophisticated race. You’re one of those Filipinos that is sold on the idea that everything that is White (or any color close to it) is good or good enough; and anything Black (or any color close to it) is the complete opposite. This is why you used a half-Filipino/half-White (and not a half-Black) celebrity for an example on this article; the “half-American” was just your “half-assed” attempt to not sound like a racist. I bet you can’t wait to die and come back as a White person . By the way, your articles are getting more and more ridiculous each time I read them. It’s about time to change your line of work.

  16. Miscegenation does our country no good when the spawn end up having dual loyalties, mental health issues, and personal identity problems that could lead to more catastrophic decision making down the road.

    In your attempt to appear intelligent, you simply wish to doom our country and by extension the whole worldm

  17. That said, you are correct about one thing. The kind of breeding done by these miscegenators, if looked upon the racial hierarchy, is a clear cut case of eugenic breeding.

    The solution is not more miscegenation and mental health issues. The solution is eugenic breeding. Which can be done without advocating for miscegenation, which simply reduces the number of high quality people in the world by putting them in unions with those of lower stock, resulting in Children who will never reach the potential of their higher breed parents.

    That, coupled with a cut in dysgenic breeding is the solution. And we have enough good stock Filipinos for the job. To conflate that with inbreeding shows me how much of teenage edgelords you “intelligent thinkers” show yourselves to really be and reminds me why intelligence is really overrated.

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