Today is International Human Rights Day, but is “human rights” really an international thing?

Western liberal democracies are celebrating “International Human Rights Day” today. And Filipino liberals and its Leftist elements are, of course, celebrating as well — which is ironic in the case of the latter because commies aren’t exactly big fans of “human rights”.

Indeed, re-emergent China is fast taking steps to regain its role as the Far East’s top hegemon. It is achieving this feat using a hybrid system. Still an avowed communist country, China is seemingly showing the West what real capitalism is all about. Money talks just as eyeballs made Silicon Valley rich (sadly turning it into a bastion of bleeding-heart pretenders). China is going for where the money begins — building empires. Unfortunately the gentrification of the West seems to be pointing the mightiest civilisations on the other side of the world towards a self-destructive direction.

Pope Francis, in fact, leads the West in preaching about people’s entitlement to a fair share on the basis of the notion that everyone has “something to contribute”, big or small. Ultimately, however, money is the final score-keeper when it comes to who or what contributes the most value and who is entitled to be handsomely rewarded for that contribution.

Without such a system that rewards humanity’s cleverest problem solvers, there wouldn’t be all this social media goodness we enjoy in the 21st Century and upon which all the blaring contradictions of new age liberals are broadcast.

Indeed, it is easy to see how China has served as an example of an apporach to economic expansion that is alternative to Western notions of how the world ought to behave. But, really, there are ample examples of how the same approach has already yielded the same celebrated results closer to home.

Singapore is southeast Asia’s most famous example of a society that thumbed its nose at an empire that abandoned a former colony to its independent devices. But unlike some countries that spent the rest of its subsequent history whining about it, Singapore just got on with the job of becoming a global success story. And they did it their way. Indeed, Singapore under Lee Kuan Yew is proof that the Philippines did it all wrong.

Filipinos like to think that freedom is a pre-requisite for prosperity. LKY’s Singapore disproved that long before it was even turned into a brand by Filipino activists. LKY ran Singapore with an iron fist. There was no “revolution” to break that tight grip. The only revolutionary thing that happened in Singapore was economic. Whereas Filipinos celebrate a political “revolution”, Singapore quietly achieved an economic one.

Indeed, the best revenge is success. Singapore now dominates the region. The economic output of one Singaporean dwarfs that of a Filipino and his family of eight by a factor of ten. To the Philippines’ ability to “secure” an outlying territory by beaching a World War II era ship, Singapore, a country of just several million, can project hundreds of times the firepower many miles beyond its territory. It also keeps a significant chunk of the Philippines’ work force employed.

Would Singapore be prosperous today if it wallowed in a habit of blaming all its troubles on a former imperial master, a lack of “freedom”, a failure to appreciate its people’s “human rights”, and a restricted ability to practice “free speech”?

This is perhaps the better question to reflect upon whenever “human rights” and all the sugar and spice and everything nice that Filipino “activists” use to broadcast their virtue signals become “trending” topics on social media. Rather than merely follow Filipinos should learn to be innovators and visionaries possessing of the cultural chops needed to prosper in today’s competitive world.


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only the weak needs human rights!

>> LKY ran Singapore with an iron fist. No, he actually didn’t. Bear in mind firstly that LKY was probably 50x times smarter than Duterte and had seen a lot of the world, both good and bad. He had studied and pondered the outcome of various forms of government. At that point in history, he’d had the chance to observe all sorts of political experiments: he knew, for example, how Fascism and Communism were likely to work out. The first thing he did at independence from Malaysia was to go away and THINK. Then he started constructing a functioning economy… Read more »
It’s been politicized as a weapon by those in power to distract the people or attack their enemies, it’s pretty meaningless because things are too damn complex, an example would be South Africa, Apartheid is bad but the rape and murder rates were low, plus economy and infrastructure weren’t down. What you don’t hear from South Africa is the ruling ANC is more corrupt than the Boers, they got vigilantes killing white farmers, supports Black Oligarchs owning monopolies, and are now in a political crisis where you got a radical party members supporting for the full exclusion of whites and… Read more »

You want “human rights”? Well if you want it, just ask this Pasaway Queen Maria Isabel Lopez & she’ll give you a “good” answer.

Human Rights is an idealistic belief, promoted by liberals in the West, and here in America. It cannot be followed in the Real World. The Islamic countries, like most of the Arab countries, cannot follow Human Rights, because, it is against their traditions, religion, and forms of government, which is monarchy and mostly military dictatorship.. The communist countries cannot follow Human Rights, because.there is no opposition in a communist country. There is no Freedom of the Press. There is no Freedom of Speech. Sometimes, Human rights is used by the opposition party, like the Aquino Cojuangco political axis, to gain… Read more »
Of course, human rights can even go WRONG, but I didn’t say that it is “always wrong”. What I mean is if we didn’t use the human rights in a logical or ethical way, then you’ll abused it! You turned “human rights” into a HUMAN NATURE, you’re showing the world how human rights are so evil & dirty like you want to beat the red lights of a traffic signal as a “human rights”, you can smoke anywhere even in a non-smoking area because it’s part of a “human rights”, you want to rape a 6-10 year old kid because… Read more »

Read this blog that I found, and probably this should celebrate our own International Human Rights Day — let’s throw CHR Chairman Chito Gascon to a trash bin.


There’s no real distinction in the Liberal notion of human rights. In fact, what the liberal mindset does is weaken your own judgment, making you open or susceptible to THEIR idea of what is “right”.


The superior man understands what is right; the inferior man understands what will sell.