Liberation from the Liberal Party: Should Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg be named a Philippine hero?

Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook platform gave Filipinos what Noynoy’s Liberal Party administration failed to deliver: Freedom of Information.

Facebook broke the chains that held Filipinos captive for decades – bound to the deception and mass propaganda of the Liberal Party and their Yellowtard media machinery, which relentlessly spewed out toxic praises to the fake hero and sham saint who continue to beam through our yellow P500 bills with those “haha, nakauto na naman tayo” smirking faces.

If not for Facebook, Filipinos would still be wallowing in incompetent governance filled with the likes of Jun Abaya (MRT debacle), Mar Roxas (Yolanda mess) and Noynoy Aquino (SAF44 massacre and DAP/PDAF graft).

Mark my words, life and business are going to ZUCK big time like a Titanic-piercing iceberg for these Yellow media con artists. Filipino dependence on big media’s addictive dope will continue to wear out. Even as the battle over fake news rages, Filipinos are now increasingly adept at discerning and filtering out truth from the fake. They can now easily see through the hypocrisy of epal politicians who use public funds or photo-ops to shore up their popularity by filling our eyes and thoughts on every turn with their names and faces.

Gone are the days when Filipinos simply had no recourse but to watch and follow Kris Aquino’s (LP showbiz tentacle) every move and drama on the news simply because she was of Yellow royalty. Gone are the merry times of oligarchy- and Yellow-paid news editors filtering what people should be thinking and talking about. They can no longer set the trending topic or agenda, when the lowliest of Pinoys now have a platform to be as influential as them.

Filipinos should celebrate Zuckerberg’s wonderful gift to mankind, which opened the eyes of the country from the fake mind-conditioning machinery of Ressa’s Rappler which purports to be “God’s gift to Journalism”. Inquirer and ABS-CBN must be scrambling to pull out a rabbit from their obsolete hats, but unfortunately (yet fortunately!) their Yellow-partying days are numbered.

Nokia didn’t survive Steve Jobs, as much as brick-and-mortar DVD rental shops didn’t survive Hulu and Netflix. These days, platform makers rule! Uber, Amazon, AirBnB, and Twitter will continue to eat up market share from traditional players with no regard for salary cuts and layoffs on the other side of their fence.

Facebook opened the way for Filipinos to get the LP-anti-thesis Iron-Fisted Visionary (IFV) leader they truly wanted. The nation could at least express gratitude to Mark Zuckerberg by granting him the honor of being a Philippine hero.

If the Liberals complain about granting such an honor to a non-citizen, then let’s offer him Filipino dual citizenship status as well. What a great way of opening the door for him to invest more in the country without that 60/40 ownership rule restricting the FDI he could potentially pour in.

Okay, it’s about time to get back to swiping and running through your Facebook feeds again – the Philippine national pastime. As the year winds down to an end, let’s keep in mind what we learned from the LPs – to NEVER FORGET

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Jun Dalonos
Social Media is very effective to counter TV Networks & Newspaper releases. This is of big help to us ordinary people to have a say to the public whatever subjects highlighted in the news. This is better than the famous People Power revolt that bring down Philippine President Marcos in the 1980s. It was the social media that exposes the black hole of the Aquino regime that’s why the Marcoses are gaining strength in their come back to politics. President Duterte won in the presidential election with massive support from social media. Facebook, twitter, instagram, skype and etc thanks for… Read more »

He & his company should be recognize as our country’s hero & in fact his company, Facebook is trying to improve the internet speed in our country very soon with the help of our current Duterte administration in which the previous administration failed to do that.

Those Yellowtards should go to China & try to use the government enforced social media website called Weibo, at least that one have no “bots” & “trollers” exists on that social media unlike FB & Twitter because it is controlled by the Chinese government & enforces a strict censorship on Weibo. 😀

Philippines are long time suffering since the aquino took over the government, from the top asian country at marcos time Philippines getting worst since aquino gave all the authorities favoring oligarchs and took advantage over the pilipino. Most of pilipino woking /stay at their work place 9hours 5-6x per week, has a fix salary of 12000 a month minus tax. Thats the average income of almost every employees. Oligarchs gaining so much for long time using the hardworking filipino to work for them. Corruption is everywhere looking for a good profit. Drug lords and gangs paying some government officials to… Read more »
Let us honor Mark Zukerberg, with the highest Filipino honor given to a foreigner. He is instrumental in giving Freedom of Information and Freedom of Opinion to People. The Aquino Cojuangco political axis, placed a Propaganda machine; just like the German Nazis, made their propaganda machine, worked overtime on German people during World War II, resulting to the Jewish Holocaust; and the sacrifice of most German youth in battlefields. The Aquino Cojuangco propaganda machine, like the ABS-CBN and other paid media, inculcated in the minds of Filipinos; the martyrdom of that fake martyr: Ninoy Aquino, Jr. They also enforced into… Read more »

At least your post breaks the dominance of Maria Ressa’s mug on the featured articles banner. hehe

There shouldn’t be hero worship for a man who secretly sold his consumers datamined internet habits to advertising companies without their consent, considering Facebook is biased when it comes to politics in the West, Zuckerberg there considers Philippine politics as small time, and seriously, worshiping a company that has political biases, shady reputation, powerful lobbyist group on-par with Google, and an almost monopolize control on social media? Don’t be blind to their wrongdoings just because he didn’t oppose or oppress you, if the Liberal Party here was with the same standing with their Democrat counterpart in the US, Facebook would… Read more »
Sergio Gonzalez
Maybe a Filipino Zero would be a more befitting title for Zuckerberg. Facebook has become the most insidious drug plaguing our nation. Facebook addicts far surpass those addicted to Shabu. These addicts impede our economic growth. Our work ethic has always been somewhat lackadaisical, but Facebook junkies have made responsibility in the workplace completely nonexistent. In every mall you walk past a kiosk and it appears to be devoid of an employee, but as you near the counter you find a person hunkered down with cell phone in hand and chatting on Facebook. In the supermarket the aisles are blocked… Read more »
I’m not sure the credit belongs to Mr. Zuckerberg. If there’s a proposal to name him a Philippine hero, why not include the founders of Twitter, Instagram and other social media. I believe it’s the *genre* (as opposed to brand) of information medium that appeals to Filipinos (in this case social media, FB more specifically, ) that happened to be the vehicle for disseminating alternative views to local media’s biased twist. Before FB, Filipinos flocked to Multiply, then MySpace. Had these survived, they would be the medium for discussing alternative views. Keep in mind, however, that there’s much misinformation on… Read more »

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