A lesson for Ica Policarpio’s family: When you appeal to the public for help, you owe them closure

A lot of people are annoyed. A social media storm was successfully raised after 17 year old Ica Policarpio “went missing” which kicked off a series of events — and the heavens being “stormed with prayers” — that led to her being “found” alive and unharmed today. It started with an appeal for help posted on Facebook by her sister Bea Policarpio soon went and, soon after, over Twitter.

The social media campaign was so successful that even celebrities were tweeting and retweeting appeals for assistance and prayers with no less than Kris Aquino, Pops Fernandez, Anthony Pangilinan, Gary Valenciano, Anne Curtis-Smith and Sharon Cuneta contributing their star power to the cause.

Now that Policarpio had been “found” the question Netizens are asking is a natural one: What really happened to Ica Policarpio?

According to National Capital Region Police Office (NCRPO) chief Director Oscar Albayalde, there was no indication Policarpio was kidnapped. Instead, “police are looking into the possibility that someone influenced Ica to run away from home given that she was a minor.”

Many Netizens, it seems, find the experience of being sucked into an emotional rollercoaster then left scratching their heads after the happy — but secret — ending akin to a love affair that ended without proper closure. Indeed, it raises the issue of future social media appeals no longer being taken seriously following what many are starting to describe as a boy-who-cried-wolf spectacle.

For that matter, an even more confronting question is now floating around: Why do certain individuals warrant this sort of massive attention and support while thousands of other similar cases languish in obscurity? In short, the question is: What is so special about Ica Policarpio?

It is interesting to note that “social news site” Rappler ran the story within a day of the first Facebook post fielded by sister Bea on the 21st of December. The speed with which the story was picked up by a certain clique of Netizens and by the social news site known for certain affiliations has raised eyebrows. This is in considering that Policarpio is a niece of Jose Jaime Policarpio Jr., who served as Presidential Legislative Liaison Office chief of former President Joseph Estrada. It needs no mention too that Ica Policarpio is a student at an exclusive school.

The Policarpios are, of course, entitled to their privacy. But the public who were brought into this gigantic emotional loop are also entitled to their curiosity. Turning to social media for “help” is like signing a deal with the devil. You get what you think is a free ride until it is time to get off at your destination. Then you get the bill.

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Jacques Phillip

Her sister Bea is (or was) an intern for Rappler. Which adds another fly in this already thickening ointment.

Robert Haighton

In my neck of the woods we do this differently using an entire different system.
When a child is gone missing, we use the AMBER Alert system. For more info regarding this system, pls read the wiki (only available in Dutch) and the official Amber website. There is also an Amber Alert Europe.

Do I personally care NOT getting (dis)closure about the found missing person? No, not at all.



Non sense. They owe us nothing. They asked for help. If you wamt to truly help, you do that without asking or needing anything in return. Not with an expectation.
Someone went missing. Now she is found. That is good enough.

-The end-

Raul Tolentino

Yes, the family owes the state an explanation.

Statistics on runaways tell us that a DYSFUNCTIONAL FAMILY ENVIRONMENT INCLUDING SEXUAL / PHYSICAL ABUSE constitute a big percentage of why adolescents run away.

The state should, at least, investigate the reason why she ran away.


True..”we” all wanted this ‘saga’ to end in a positive note. Whatever the reason it is true..the family has the right to their privacy. Like the artistas who shared their concerns of the situation. Am sure they know the meaning of.privacy. however, i hav no comment abt big sisBea being in rappler..she is just a concerned big siater… We all know wat rappler is.

LOL! This author is just another chismoso who has a sense of entitlement. They don’t owe you anything. The moment you felt that you are entitled to answers, made you and the others like you a bunch of fake, insincere and hypocrites. You made it about you, instead of about the family reunited. The family don’t owe any of us any explanations. There is an investigation going on, if the family or the police decide to reveal the results or what really happened, then good. If not, let them be. Just be glad that she is fine. Move on with… Read more »

Another KSP thing by some attention-hungry people, aye? Not to mention the timing with this news of a 48-hour “disappearance” game on Facebook. It would certainly be better if the family could confirm if Ica was fooled into following that. Also, Rappler should be attacking that game, if they’re so angry at social media as they are now.


She is entitled to her privacy! Thr devil always wants a pay back, the glory, but the bible says when you help do not expect anything in return. Why can’t we think that way and be happy for the family that we were all able to help! And that the family has her back for Christmas!

Anne Joler
I agree the family does not owe the public an explanation. It’s privacy. The thing is, ginusto nila ipublicize itong #FindIca tragedy. The public will follow the story, whether you like it or not. But get this. The issue here is not a matter of privacy. In actuality, it’s a web of problems. Una, there are two endings presented by the media: the (1) ABS-CBN version, and the (2) Rappler version. Sa article ng ABS-CBN, it states Ica was found weeping in a carinderia somewhere in the city of San Pablo, thanks to a woman from a barangay council who… Read more »

I agree with Anne Joler. Hindi closure yung dapat problemahin dito e. It’s how much power and privilege have led to the finding of Ica. Bakit yung mga nawawalang mga lolo at lola na may Alzeihmers hindi naman nabibigyan ng pansin? May nagviral nga na nanay, nag post siya. Yung anak niyang PWD, hindi pa rin niya nahahanap. E kasi dahil may pera naman tong pamilya Policarpio, nagawang umapila sa media. Yung aso namin nung bato ako nawala, hanggang ngayon hindi bumabalik. Kung may pera pamilya ko edi sinabihan na namin yung media para mahanap din naman pala agad.


It is just a case of Fake News. Rappler and other YellowTard Media, that wanted your attention. It is one way of hoodwinking the public.

Who is this Policarpio girl anyway ? Many other Filipinos are missing. Yet, they don’t warrant attention. Some were massacred during the Aquino Cojuangco reign. Nobody raise any alarm for them !


I’m surprised how much attention this missing case attracted, considering that there are a lot of other missing cases that need help given that the missing persons are not of sound mental state or the missing persons are too young to find their way back home.

MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL ! We thank the GRP, the WebMaster: Benigno, for giving us the opportunity to blog on his Web site. Sometimes, we may not satisfy our readers. However, we are trying our best, to blog to give good information, pertinent to the present situation and condition of our country. We thank, even our “adversaries” in this GRP Blog Site, in making the discussions of the subject matters, very interesting. Different point of views are given. Some cannot agree. Some agree. We hope that these opinions and discussions will open the eyes and ears of our countrymen. For… Read more »
Ani Torres

Next time the public will know better. Thanks to this… Whatever you may call it. People do learn fast. Social media might just wear out for the real and more serious cases. People just might not believe anymore. God will deal with those who lie anyway. So if some think that those who need closure are simply chismoso, remember, these are the people who rallied to help but now are labeled. Woe to the next child who might really be victimized. People will learn to stiffen their necks.



You agree that, “The Policarpios are…entitled to their privacy” but then you believe that “the public who were brought into this gigantic emotional loop are also entitled to their curiosity”.

Entitled to what exactly?! The public’s curiosity?! I beg to differ! I smell entitlement!


I have read this article about a challenge wherein kids would runaway for 48 hours. I can’t help but think that it is the reason for this girl’s disappearance


They owe nothing. Dafuq? Tutulong nalang kelangan may halong chika dapat? And sa mga sinayang DAW ang oras nila… ORAS FOR WHAT? 😂😂😂


1. The Policarpio Family did promise the public an explanation, BUT IN DUE TIME.

2. How dare you say that “the public who were brought into this gigantic emotional loop are also entitled to their curiosity”. The public is owed NOTHING.

3. This “curiosity” is your fancy way of saying “chismis”. Your article is just going to add fuel to a fire that’s already burnt out.

Ica went missing, the family appealed for help, social media delivered, and she was found safe and sound. End of story.

Tim Decano
What an ass. If you helped in any way and she was found, and the family chooses to close it the way they want to, then leave it be. No social contract was established that if you share and help, you’d get an explanation as to how it ends. If we will follow that line of logic – if you can call it that – then we must also demand every couple who posted hundreds of their #couplegoals photos in social media and suddenly ended their relationship to explain in full detail what happened to the once happy relationship. Get… Read more »