Yellow lives matter, but Duterte-styled Iron-Fisted Visionaries (IFVs) matter more

The Yellows are struggling to survive these days, and the fact they need to face is the enormous capital flight that’s taking place in the form of lost market share. Much of the attention, clout and following they used to enjoy and thought to be their birthright have steadily dwindled away like the vital signs of a half-conscious terminally-ill cancer patient on intensive-care life support.

Like Yellow matter in a stinky toilet – the Yellow submarine continues to sink

Yes, yellow lives matter (fecal-smelling or not). In fact, without them much of the exchanges in blog spheres and social media wouldn’t be as exciting and action-filled as they are now. They used to raise key phrases and slogans as their battle cries, such as the following, but the greater majority of Filipinos seem to have lost touch of them.

  1. EJK – People are no longer that interested in keeping count of all the killings; EJK will soon die of lack of attention and vanish away like just another emotion-devoid statistic.
  2. Never again – The entire black-propaganda bogeyman storyboard simply got shot down from the sky when Duterte declared ML in Mindanao with not a single major incident of rights abuse.
  3. Fake news – Yellow media and allied bishops have lost credibility when they cry foul over the “bots and trolls” swarming the web. When they claim that anyone against them is a purveyor of fake news, it became the surest sign that they’ve become their worst nightmare come true.
  4. Hukayin si “Not a hero” – All the demonizing of Marcos got busted in one fell swoop when Baste Duterte flashed an old clip that quoted Ninoy as saying “Makakain ba yang mga infrastructures na iyan?” in reference to the late dictator’s legacy accomplishments.

Whatever flagship issues and concerns the Yellows raise keep getting burnt out and run down (gasgas na), eventually losing their flavor. As the saying goes, food no matter how tasty loses its appeal when you keep eating the same thing every day.

The age of Iron-Fisted Visionaries has arrived

On the other side of the court is a totally different ballgame. It’s one that keeps changing and adapting, without fear of opposing views, dissent and attacks. In fact, it thrives on challenges, hurdles and difficulties – getting better at what it does best.

Birds of the same feather flock… and so it is with the Duterte camp: an assembly of like-minded people is taking on daunting challenges like traffic, joblessness, territorial issues, corruption and crime; and providing solutions never thought of during the Yellow years. We are hearing of subways, missiles, diplomacy with China/Russia and high-speed internet connections, things we couldn’t even dream to be possible one administration ago.

As this is supposed to be a democracy (crazy as it is), fellow Filipinos will allow you the right to exist as Yellows; you even have the right to assemble together and pat yourselves on the back for having Yellow pogi-points. You reserve the right to express yourselves without the threat of the barrel of a gun getting aimed at you. But do heed the warning that you are doing yourselves no favor by sheltering and insulating yourselves within your safe-haven echo chamber.

An integral part of survival is to know your enemy or those of the opposition. Our bodies need bacteria to keep our immune system strong. Think of how sickly people in immaculate living conditions become when they visit the real world – like the Philippines. So get real. Recognize reality and try to keep up with the changing times.

The next big catchphrase to displace EJK off its throne should be one that comes from the other side of the Yellow-laced fence, and let that be IFV – which stands for Iron-Fisted Visionary. It’s about time we stop waiting for the Yellows to fire their next missile – which always turns out to be a dud anyway. Why not bring out rockets from our own arsenal that will get the Yellow liberals on catch-up survival mode, running to keep up and struggling to catch their breath.

In the political sphere, Singaporeans have their Lee Kwan Yew, China has the capitalist-state-running CPC, and Thailand has its disciplined military taking the political helm. Iron-fisted visionaries (IFVs) exist even in the business world, with the likes of Steve Jobs and Elon Musk. They are relentless in bringing standards up to the next level. They work based on a road map of what they want to achieve and a clear idea of what they picture their country, organization or product to be in the near/distant future. Their moves are calculated despite the risks. Fundamentally, they are strategic game changers.

What we need now is for IFVs (rather than rights-advocacy-centric EJKs) to catch fire in our discussion circles. Why do we have to be reactive to whatever the Yellows throw at us, when we can take matters (esp. of the topic of discussion) in our own hands and set the standard which everyone else has to simply catch up on to remain in the game?

IFVs will be the driving force in the next decades to come. Political candidates and parties will rise and fall on the basis of whether they can match or outdo a Duterte. When we weigh a potential senatorial aspirant, ask yourselves – is he/she an IFV? Is your current mayor or governor an IFV? If not, vote him/her out the next time around.

IFVs are not necessarily dictators, but if they are – they are benevolent ones. They simply are not distracted by the opposition. They shoot the opposition’s argument with a better-stinging rebuttal and move on. This is why people listen to them, believe in them and eventually follow them. Their passion spreads like an uncontrollable wildfire – invading, pervading. For these visionaries, time is a precious commodity they can’t just be noynoying around with (man, this word needs to be added to the English dictionary – would you agree?)

The more we get IFVs in public office, the better it will be for the future of this land and for succeeding generations to come. An IFV is behind the New Clark City with the goal of decongesting MM, another is behind the relentless infrastructure/train projects making life more livable for the traveling public. IFVs have begun to emerge in government institutions across the land, simply because the leader who appointed them is an IFV himself. Who in his right mind would wish a return to the coup- and blackout-infested Cory days, or the wasted years of Noynoy’s shameless sham Daang Matuwid scam?

IFVs inspire us to perspire

Some people believe that the government will not change unless Filipino culture changes first. That’s like a catch 22, chicken-egg riddle. It hasn’t worked thus far; so why not consider the opposite strategy: The top leader must be an IFV first for the rest of the magic to trickle down to the lowliest Pinoy mopping floors and scrubbing toilets at some distant municipal hall in a far-flung province. Imagine an honest janitor who gets out of his way to return a wallet he finds left behind in the toilet, all because he is inspired by a president who works his ass off just to give his citizens a comfortable life.

Singapore’s success story did not start from the bottom – it started with its head, from the very top. The rest is history.

Duterte is not the be all and end all. He is only the start of a new breed of leaders this country will have. This will be my humble prediction: We will have a series of IFV presidents for the next 30 years. How about that for a change?

PS: To succeed in your vocation, find an IFV in your workplace who best models the type of worker/leader you aspire to be. Try to feed your mind with material that can transform you into an IFV. I personally recommend one small booklet I still keep around entitled “Passion for Perfection.” Just one short life to live – make it count.


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Sorry Zaxx, as long as the average Filipino is sabotaging everything in sight – as I posted elsewhere – it doesn’t matter how “visionary” the government is. Plans are useless if there’s no-one capable of executing them. In any case, I have heard of nothing visionary from the present administration. The education system still sucks. People are still lying, cheating, stealing from and killing each other like it’s completely normal. Business process is, if anything, more of a shambles than it ever was. The LTO still can’t even manage to issue license plates inside of a year, so I doubt… Read more »

Show me the heroes that the youth of your country look up to, and I will tell you the future of your country.

“Without Vision, the People will Perish “, this statement comes from the Old Testament of the Christian Bible. The Israelites had Visionary Leaders, called Judges, who guided and led them to the Promised Land, a land, whom they called : Land of Milk and Honey. I believe, there are “Iron Fisted Visionary” potential leaders in our country. Only, they are not given a chance. Because the Cory Aquino 1986 Constitution, is tailored and fitted to the Aquino Cojuangco political axis and family, and their Feudal Oligarchs cahoots. The government and the Philippine Constitution, need a thorough “overhaul”, to give chance… Read more »
Propaganda Boy

All we wanted was iron grip on power meant for Duterte like Marcos did (just like the strongmen – Hitler, Zedong, Mussolini, Stalin, Suharto, Kim Il-Sung, Kim Jong-Il, Saddam Hussein, Muhammad Gaddafi, Vladimir Putin, etc.)

Robert Haighton
Zaxx, please take a look at the city of Lagos, Nigeria. At the moment it has a population of roughly 21 million (a city with more people than my country has; 17 million vs 21 million). It is expected that in the year 2050, it (Lagos) will have a population of 40 million. Why is it becoming so popular? Because all other Nigerians move/migrate to Lagos thinking there will be jobs available there. The city government has no clue of what to do. Lagos even has a city planner (Francis Ayo Assaf) but he too is clueless what to do.… Read more »