Iza Calzado laments how Anti-Marcos fundamentalists divide the nation

Actress Izadora Calzado is under fire from the usual social media suspects following her flattering impersonation of former First Lady Imelda Marcos at a party.

GMA News Online reports Calzado’s explanation of her interesting choice of costume she wore to Tim Yap’s birthday celebration to impersonate Mrs. Marcos…

“Decided to channel my inner Imelda Marcos for the party since I love shoes and I love wearing the terno just like Madame Imelda!” one of her captions read. Another declared, “Imelda Marcos.. I hope I get to play her for a film one day. What an interesting character study she would be!”

What these “Netizens” seem to fail to understand about Calzado’s verbal and fashion statement in this instance is that she was speaking as an artist. Regardless of who Mrs. Marcos was or what she did, the fact is, she is an interesting character — one who captures the imagination of the public and, as such, one who would attract artistic discovery and exploration.

Of course in a society known for its artistic and intellectual bankruptcy in popular entertainment, such artistic statements fly over most peoples’ heads. To these “Netizens”, any reference to Mrs. Marcos necessarily should acknowledge historical context. Mrs. Marcos is, of course, the widow of former President Ferdinand Marcos who is regarded by certain cliques in Philippine society as a man that one ought to detest for supposed atrocities he allegedly oversaw during his administration in the 10970s and early 1980s.

According to Twitter denizen @MillenialOfMNL, for example;

You can never, ever, divorce Imelda Marcos’ “iconic fashion” from the fact that she was the other half of a dictatorship.

Never, ever?

The big assumption here was that Calzado actually intended to downplay Mrs. Marcos’s alleged role in the so-called “dictatorship” of her husband. This rather extremist manner with which social media characters like these pounce upon any reference to the Marcoses to ensure the proper dogma on the matter is highlighted is Taliban-like in its fundamentalism.

As Calzado rightly points out in an earlier tweet

Opinionated and sensitive about EVERYTHING.. even a PARTY COSTUME! Is this the kind of society we want? A greatly divided nation?

Indeed. A greatly divided nation. A situation anti-Marcos die-hards would prefer to persist.

Interestingly enough, whilst these “millennial” Martial Law Crybabies are quick to judge Calzado and others who dare mention Her-Whose-Name-Must-Not-Be-Mentioned-Outside-of-the-Martial-Law-Context, we should recall how their ilk at the Ateneo had, in the past, themselves let their guard down and allowed themselves to succumb to the charm of the former First Lady.


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