5 Reasons Why I Think We Should Boycott The Local Mainstream Media Altogether


Look, I know I’ve always been a staunch opponent of the local media and that I wail at it whenever the opportunity to do so presents itself. In fact, over the years, I think I’m becoming tiring and redundant when it comes to bashing the local media. However, I’m going to have to apologize to all of you in advance because that is exactly what I’m going to do again. Truth is, I’ve honestly had enough of all the garbage the local media has been trying to shove in my and everyone else’s face as of late and that losing them won’t just be harmless for the Philippines, as we have access to foreign news which is unsurprisingly more accurate than local sources, but it may prove to be a huge benefit to the Filipino people in the long run.

Here are my reasons for why:

It Promotes Selfishness

I remember mentioning that selfishness is probably one of the chief causes of great evil in this world. I actually just picked up the idea from Stephen King’s Revival but I’m not taking that back. Truth be told, it rings true in our society what with its almost innate dysfunctions which are almost downright impossible to get rid of altogether.

Of course, the local media tries to keep up the facade that it’s actually a wholesome enterprise and that it cares greatly for the welfare of its viewers and blah blah blah…

However, upon closer inspection of its contents, one will notice the following:

  • Love stories are less about people having a deep sense of trust for one another and are instead driven by an obsession with each another, which in real life is never healthy.
  • Action movies are more about revenge killing rather than any sense of justice and, while many foreign action films are similar in some ways, they nonetheless present other interesting and better themes as well.
  • Drama shows are more about getting what one wants like wealth, fame or power through easy and simply ways instead of showing that they are things one works hard for and that cooperation with others is essential.

It Promotes Immorality

Tying in with the above, the local media tends to promote immorality to viewers in a very subtle way. Again, it likes to hide behind a facade of wholesomeness but if one were to take close inspection of its shows, it slowly becomes obvious that something is amiss in their programming. Heck, they even have the so-called MTRCB who supposedly  keeps the media wholesome with shows that are readily consumable for general audiences even though they are anything but.

Here’s something I often find in garden-variety supposedly “wholesome” shows:

  • Children behaving like adults and forming romantic relationships often against the wishes of their parents.
  • Risque and suggestive imagery and heavy sexual implications can be found in many noontime shows.
  • Themes of revenge are very common and it seems to be the only thing a lot of characters live for.

It Promotes Narcissism

The problem with the local media is that they tend to put too much into the heads of public figures they like. Of course, if they don’t like you, they’ll probably vilify and demonize you, just like what they’re doing to President Duterte right now by the way. Anyway, if they like you, they’ll make you their untouchable king or queen. In fact, they will go out of their way to attack anyone who questions you and your actions no matter how questionable it may seem.

To make things short, if the media likes you, they will sell to you the idea that you are some kind of demigod even though you are most certainly aren’t.

It Promotes Idolatry

This is probably the main reason I bash the media in the first place and why I’m not going to stop anytime soon. Thing is, there’s really nothing wrong with admiring or liking someone who’s famous or popular, but to outright worship them as ideal figures is a different story entirely. What the media does is make its viewers believe that a given public figure is somehow a divinity who can never go wrong and is better than everyone else.

It’s why we have people like Manny Pacquiao, Bong Revilla Jr., Tito Sotto and Lito Lapid in the senate who very clearly do not belong in their positions. The media has led us to believe that these people are somehow “holy” and that we should somehow laud them as divine entities of some kind. While some of the individuals mentioned might be talented in their respected field but, if one inspects their track records closely, one can surmise that they are clearly not cut out for being politicians at all.

Unfortunately, that’s not what the local media is showing us.

If anything, the media continues to promote these people as if they are somehow the heroes who will rescue the Philippines from its problems. It’s quite rare for them to show that one should solve one’s own problems instead of relying too much on “superheroes” who will fix everything for them with them not needing to lift a finger.

They Are A Source Of Misinformation And Misguidance

Combining with all four elements I’ve already mentioned, this is through and through the biggest reason we should stop supporting the local media altogether. They have so little to offer their viewers in terms of actual information and only serve to kill the brain cells of the people unfortunate enough to be watching their programs. If anything, they just serve to make the common people overly emotional and depend too much on all too often misplaced feelings rather than logical thinking and focusing on practical solutions for their problems.

There was a time when the local media could at least be trusted when they still had educational programs that could educate young viewers but I’m afraid that time is long gone now that just about everything has been inter-spliced with crappy teleserye elements…


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Perceived perception, misguided conception.

That’s how we see the Failippines local media which is reflective on the country’s state since time immemorial.

James Rocket

Welcome to Philippine media: where critical thinking and creativity are relatively extinct.


Also their horrible quality teleseryes promotes the black and white mentality in which either one is very good or very bad and no one is a combination of both. Which makes people think that if you do something bad (regardless how bad) you are automatically a bad person and the same can be said if you do something good (even if it’s extremely little).

Robert Haighton
I do get very confused by the use and by the term ‘local media’. In my neck of the woods we use the term(s): local media, regional media (sometimes also provincial media) and national media (or if you will: domestic media). Between and among those 3 there is a huge difference. Local media (certainly before the internet era started) was not available on the other side of the country; this also applies for regional media. National media can be received all over the country. Be it TV, radio and/or newspapers. Now with the internet everywhere available, a local newspaper can… Read more »
ABS-CBN needs to go. The Lopezes are die-hard supporters of the “Bamboo Network” of the Yellow Party, in spite of their open criticism of the Aquinos and pretentious support of the Duterte administration. The Lopezes–along with Ayala-Zobel (Ayala Corporation), Felipe Gozon, (GMA), Henry Sy (SM Malls), and John Gokongwei (Robinson Malls) were the people behind the EDSA revolution and subsequent removal of Marcos in 1986, because he kept them from monopolizing the media and the economy. From 1986 to the present, ABS-CBN and GMA have done nothing but brainwashed the Overseas Foreign Workers (OFWs) and Filipino expats all over the… Read more »

It promotes shallow thinking.
It promotes partisanship.
It promotes blind gossiping.
It promotes pinoy pride for the wrong reasons.


Media like the ABS-CBN is the propaganda machine of Aquino and his cahoots.

See how they had hidden the Shabu drug problem? They did not touch anything about the proliferation of the Shabu drugs; the Drug Lords; the Drug Traffickers; the Chinese Drug Mafia, etc…to protect the good image of Aquino and his cahoots , during his term…

The Shabu problem only came out, when Pres. Duterte, became the President !

Name Withheld

You forgot to mention the type of humor local media presents to the masses. Sobrang mababaw. Sobrang mapanlait, pero balat sibuyas naman kapag pinuna tayo ng mga dayuhan.

And those stupid phrases like “Edi Wow” and “Pak Ganern” entering the kids’ vocabularies…

But the bigger question is, how could we effectively influence others to boycott the stupid mainstream local media, if majority of the households only have access to those channels? In outer NCR puro 2,5,7 lang ang maayos ang signal. How about the millions of rural viewers?


Philippines has the most dumbed down corporate TV media of any country. Guess that matches the worst internet providers on earth. Both go hand in hand to keep the semi-literate population where the oligarchy wants them… sad thing is, the audience are so dumbed down, they are willing, ecstatic participants in this fraud.


In short, basura na ang mga palabas ngayon. Ni wala na ngang kagaya ng Macgyver o Doogie Houser MD ngayon.

Nasa magulang yan. Kung anong kinalakihan mong pinapanood ng magulang mo, mahahawa ka. Si tatay noon, news, puro news. Tapos magbabasa ng Readers Digest.

Parang sa music lang din. Nabiktima muna ako ng Engelbert Humperdinck ni tatay bago ako nakatagpo ng Roxette or AfterImage.


Media is there for profit and nothing else, if they can’t turn people into brainless zombies they would lose their patrons. We can’t rely on media to be truthful and responsible. Only thing society can do is to be more discerning on what is garbage and what is not.


Your reasons are reasonable but it’s easier to be said than to be done to boycott the media. Therefore, the masses will justify “freedom of speech” and “free press”, it may be true.

There are alternatives to boycott garbages on the tv:
1. Turn off the tv.
2. Watch sports.
3. Read books(it is where real education is).

Here’s a tip for President Duterte. If you want to control the minds of Filipinos, then hijack their media. Use the Jewish model: Six Jewish Companies Control 96% of the World’s Media! https://socioecohistory.wordpress.com/2013/04/15/six-jewish-companies-control-96-of-the-worlds-media/ You know very well, and the stupid Americans know equally well, that we control their government, irrespective of who sits in the White House. You see, I know it and you know it that no American president can be in a position to challenge us even if we do the unthinkable. What can they (Americans) do to us? We control congress, we control the media, we control… Read more »
I wonder why the writer deeply think that majority of the filipinos have poor critical thinking thus their choices and decisions in life were somewhat results of those “local media/s” propaganda, political dynasty, oligarchs,government corruption etc.. As if, they are not capable of knowing, rebuking or to refuse influence, to chart their own future or decide what they want to be or simply chose to stay where they are. Most of the writers in this site have the same pattern of thinking and belief about Filipino culture, trying to measure and label Filipinos mentality and conclude as if these are… Read more »
As a commenter under my “TV in the Phils promotes Dysfunction” article said, the decision on what they air is really made by the executives and advertisers. Any new idea thought to not make money or that will challenge the status quo will be shot down. So the writers and producers are forced to repeat the same old whiney, false glamorizing, moocher-encouraging stuff that draws Filipinos who love sad stories (a columnist said this, Anna Marie Pamintuan I think). Because it should lead to the watchers buying the products advertised during the show, or else show might be killed. So… Read more »
Orlando Ruben Bacero

It all boils down to “profit” and greed.That’s why I rarely watch local television channel. For local news I watch CNN PH and PTV.

“FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano” remains undefeated on weekdays. “The Voice Kids” rules Weekends. http://www.starmometer.com/2016/08/09/national-tv-ratings-aug-5-7-2016-ang-probinsyano-and-the-voice-kids-are-most-watched-programs/ — I say we challenge all this non-sense by introducing… “Common Sense for Pinoys” (Debate between students on GRP-featured topics) This Week’s Hot Topic is “For the Philippines to become a Singapore-class State, Should Pinoys Boycott Local Mainstream Media?” Featuring Mapua vs. UST. Let’s all welcome our host… (please suggest) Don’t worry, there will still be a special dance or song No. as a breather. — C’mon guys, this is such a LOW-COST minimal investment TV program. The biz model is like that of Facebook – the… Read more »

ABS-CBN and those propaganda media of Aquino and his cahoots, are given “incentives” in prostituting their networks, for Aquino and his cahoots. They get tax breaks…preferential treatments; etc…

For the last 30 years, they have enriched themselves, beyond their wildest dreams, at the expense of the truth. They twisted the truth; hide the wrong doings; provided a diversionary venues for the political agendas of the Aquinos…

Jim DiGriz

I’m boycotting those asshole since I can remember. No local station will ever spread their excretory product across my TV screen.

Furthermore, I’m boycotting any company who uses some of those retarded showbiz half-wits to promote their product. I don’t care what you sell, if you have Kris Aquino smiling from your ads you can shove your crap up your ass!

They are now evenn twisting it up in History Channel, talk about “ninoy traitor aquino” as a cough cough hero sacrifing himself for their hacienda oops i meant Yellow Oligarch People oops i meant again Fillipino’s pun intended… It doesn’t even state he was a communist leader and rebel terrorist supporter who leaked alot of government plans… Even pinpointing though no proof or evidence it was Pres. F Marcos who enact his assasination and that 2 stupid aquino presidents weren’t able to solve it… This “Yellow Cult” really have lots of stolen Filipino Wealth to even now put their Yellow… Read more »