Overseas Election Results Prove that Bongbong Marcos was Cheated Massively


Who you see scheduled to take the throne of the second most powerful office of the land is more likely than not a Robber.

My sensors tell me that Overseas Absentee Votes cast by our heroic OFWs were mostly untouched (least manipulated) by the LP-COMELEC-Smartmatic triumvirate of electoral sabotage. Common sense dictates that the Liberal Party controlled by the incumbent Pres. Noynoy Aquino no longer bothered with this segment of the electorate considering the weight of OFW votes would be negligible enough to be ignored and not make a dent.

In addition, ballot handling abroad is quite difficult to remotely fiddle with especially when our foreign diplomats and embassy workers consist of mostly world-class professionals who cannot be coerced into being accomplices to vote manipulation. Note that it is the sending end of the vote transmission that is easily manipulated by a simple change of SD cards in the Smartmatic vote counting machines.

OFW Votes – A Glorified Sample Survey of the Entire Philippines

Overseas voters constitute an ideal representation of the entire country as OFWs come from every possible region of the archipelago and give a balanced sampling of the demography ranging from highly skilled professionals to those of the lower class who take on menial jobs. In effect, OFW votes serve as a huge sample-size survey poll of the entire Philippine population. With this huge a sample size, the margin of error from the real overall results should be less than 1%.

Watch and see…

Bongbong Marcos – the True VP based on OAV results

2016 Election Results for Vice President – OAV

Ferdinand Marcos Jr 75,140 44.8%

Alan Peter Cayetano 53,403 31.8%

Maria Leonor Robredo 31,117 18.5%

Francis Joseph Escudero 6,025 3.6%

Antonio Trillanes IV 1,167 0.7%

Gregorio Honasan II 1,049 0.6%

Look at that – Leni’s vote count is not even half of Bongbong’s numbers. I believe something like the above results would have been the case if only a bullet-proof unbiased COMELEC ran the entire elections over the entire archipelago.

You can see how by the stark contrast from the overall (primarily local) results, it is just outright impossible for Leni to even come close to Bongbong’s mark. It would even be more credible if it was Alan Cayetano who was the one going neck and neck against Bongbong (just judging from the mammoth crowd that final day at Luneta).

Bongbong more than ever is clearly the rightful and duly elected Vice President of the country. It’s written in the sky.

Justice for Bongbong

Don’t let these LP cheats get away with this. You deserve nothing but the truth people; so anyone on the side of the truth (regardless of which party) should fully support and NOT question Bongbong’s cry for justice and investigation.

And if the people will not back Bongbong, we know someone who will. The two already met recently. It’s just a matter of time till the Punisher corrects this gruesome wrong. Will he or will he not? By his exclusion of Leni in the REAL Presidential inauguration rites and the cabinet – you can already see that actions speak louder than words.

This is a small but valuable nugget of data showing the true unadulterated voice of the Filipino people. OFWs, of all Filipinos, often feel the greatest love and longing for their country, wish the best for it, cry out the loudest for change so they can come back, and suffer even more than those left in the country due to all the corruption and incompetence the bozos in high places bring.  We should all take this snowball of truth and roll it down the hill for the unsuspecting LP camp down below.

Never Again to Electoral Fraud and Sabotage

When will all this cheating every election season stop? Ganito na lang ba lagi? We should cry “Never Again” to electoral sabotage.

Or are you guys just going to move on and accept this country is just a big joke? Well if that’s your choice, go ahead and rot in the land of dysfunctional zombies. Unless we change and fight for change, this country will continually suck. Are we content just watching Leni Robberedo smiling with her own version of the PNoy smirk of apathy and pride? Should we all just smile and laugh with her for the sake of national healing and unity? Hoy gising! Hindi lang si Bongbong ang dinaya – kayo din. Can’t you see, the joke’s on you?

Leni and COMELEC choose rather to blatantly ROB than REDO the count of votes for VP to dispel any doubts. Away with these cheats! COMELEC is a big fat stinking-fart joke. Fraud to be PNoy! There’s definitely more pun in the Philippines!


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Thing is, they will argue that Leni won the hearts of the provinces in Visayas and Mindanao that were canvassed later than the NCR / Luzon votes.

Are you that out of touch with reality? OFW votes cannot be a sampling of the entire filipino population since historically OFWs are people who are pissed off with the government. look i can’t stand the LP and i find this Leni Robredo pretentious, but for some miraculous reason near the end of the campaign period she got the votes from all social classes. You don’t even need to go roaming around the entire country to be aware of this. Of course she would go neck and neck with bongbong marcos. As for marcos, IMO he would have won if… Read more »
I am an OFW, I know what my fellow OFWs are feeling. We all want change in our country. We are tired of the hypocrisy of the Aquinos. Sure, there was cheating in the recent election. Leni Rob redo is just the running dog of the Aquinos and the Cojuangcos; to save the Hacienda Luisita. SMARTMATIC; the COMELEC; the Aquinos; the Cojuangcos; the CHECKWAS; the Feudal Oligarchs; the Liberal Party; etc…all conspired to cheat in the 2016 election. A thorough investigation must be conducted. Let the chips fall, where it may. Prosecute and punish all those who are responsible for… Read more »
No matter the reason! Philippine politics shown its worst! How the evil and thief wants to cling on their mainstream of robbery! Im talking about the crocodiles and wolves in the govt. they are pulling the blinds on every citizens to just move on and unite!!just accept all of these cheating and massive plundering of every head of the dept. While they are still happily thnking they can get away with everything! Which they have been! Take for example your VP elect pcos machine? I thiught they shouldnt assume office until they have submitted their soce but yet again they… Read more »
Elizabeth Corpuz

In my opinion, reviewing all peoples commemts, in the Philippines and abroad, i can feel their frustrations, and anger, regarding the May 2016 results, esp. Vice Pres. Post..it is very clear, in all margin , that Bongbong Marcos had been cheated.




Leni Rob redo is not an idiot. She will block any investigation and recount. She knows, she won due to electoral fraud. She is in that position, as a running dog of : Aquino, the Cojuangcos, the Feudal Oligarchs, and other vermins of our society. She will fight with tooth and nails, to remain in her position. The only way to remove her is: to kick her out !


Leni Robredo’s style is a fraud. We always felt the Failippines Liberal Party were hiding behind their columns.

Janet Asuncion banquil

BBM is the real winner…not Leni aka lugaw ice cream…so obvious Thar BBM was cheated…he was robbed.. .


I am one of the absentee voters. Funny thing is here in Thailand they did the voting the very old way.Think about the 70’s to 80’s kind of voting where it can easily be manipulated. I even took a photos of it. We were not surprised that we lost BB to Leni from the way they handled the ballot voting.I even offended I guessed the embassy official by saying that I hope the mind of voting we had wouldn’t be manipulated nor cheated.

4DSake OfDCountry

ROBredo is now using HUDCC funds for travel/paying foreign media as tool to attack Pres. Duterte’s war against drugs….

Please remove her from this position if all she does is pretend to look cute infront of media and does nothing for the whole country, really is a waste of tax payers money!!!

What has happened to her electoral fraud case? Why is media silent about it or did the Tribunal give her leeway to not respond to the calls?

Damn this “Yellow Cults” even using foreign people interrupt war against drugs!!!!

yellowed out GRP reader
yellowed out GRP reader
While Leni Robredo is “waiting for something to happen to the president”, she spends her time in numerous PR activities. Nothing new there, but today I saw a couple of pictures that bothered me. Here is Photo 1, taken Aug 24, 2016 at the Jesse Robredo exhibit that was mounted in Gateway mall, a property owned by the family of Mar Roxas. https://twitter.com/AicaDioquino/status/768660749887557632 Here is Photo 2, taken Aug 29, 2016 at the launch of a Jesse Robredo book in Fully Booked BGC. https://twitter.com/AicaDioquino/status/770174497609572352 (GRP, you might want to take screen grabs and re-post the photos in case the source… Read more »

to all comment… all well said! he is great greater than abnoy that made the plan of cheating, master of lies.

Arnulfo "Cocoy" Laniba
Arnulfo "Cocoy" Laniba
Hmm, I also think that much of the votes that Robredo got came from Smartmatic stealing. From the point of view of us, as computer programming knowledgeable, the votes that transferred to the yellow camp was more or less 10 million. That is substantially dangerous if Duterte had smaller lead that he had over Mar Roxas. That automated votes transfer or rather automated votes theft affected the vice presidential candidates, affected Cayetano and Bongbong in particulars. Yes, it is greatly possible that our true vice president is Bongbong Marcos. And to verify this, the Duterte administration has to open the… Read more »

marcoTURDS should move on na….i support ilibing si marcos sa Libingan ng mga Bayani…basta kasabay si Imelda bwa ha ha