Filipino ‘journalists’ have no right to judge Rodrigo Duterte and misconstrue his statements

I think I need to diversify my Following and watch list on Twitter. All I see are a bunch of “journalists” shrieking about the statement of President Rodrigo Duterte regarding his views on “bad” journalists and the fate they supposedly deserve.

Did Duterte really justify the killing of bad journalists? Who are we to judge? A wish to kill someone who threatens your existence or way of life is human nature. This is the reason we have laws. Laws are pieces of paper that separate civilised society from our animal heritage. Thing is, of the almost one million years that Homo Sapiens (and the tens of millions of years our parent Hominid genus) existed on this planet, civilisation existed for just 10,000 years at the most. And out of those 10,000 years of recorded human civilisation, only the generations who lived in the last couple of hundred enjoyed the nebulous notion of “human rights”.

The timeframe within which our convoluted rules that govern whether or not it is right to kill another human being is a mere blip in human existence.

Then Mayor Rodrigo Duterte at the Davao Torotot Festival in 2015 (Source: Wikipedia)
Then Mayor Rodrigo Duterte at the Davao Torotot Festival in 2015
(Source: Wikipedia)
Duterte, therefore, tests the foundations of Filipino society. Perhaps it can be argued that he can easily say things like that knowing that the rules will keep him in check anyway. But the way journalists cry bloody murder in quaint girly fits all over social media proves that Filipinos have little faith in their “democracy”. Even more disturbing, they have little faith in their president.

Who can blame them? No less than goody-two-shoes President Benigno Simeon ‘BS’ Aquino III back in 2015 himself hinted that some journalists end up dead by their own fault. The National Union of Journalists of the Philippines (NUJP) quoted the following excerpt from a statement issued by President BS Aquino in Belgium after he was queried on the “questionable” human rights record of his administration.

For instance, in the media killings, some who used to work in media died. Did they die because they were investigative journalists? Were they exercising their profession in a responsible manner, living up to journalistic ethics? Or did they perish because of other reasons?

To be fair, Filipino “journalists” can be el primo pricks. For that matter, their entire industry is made up of a small community of inbred minds who high-five one another in little cliques and use their journalism diplomas and employment credentials as rest-back when they get into Twitter “debates”. Does that make them better people? Bases for us to judge Filipino journalists abound on record in living colour.

Back in 2012, Philippine Media acted in virtuoso concert as an entire industry. It threw its awesome collecitve influence onto the task of demonising the late Chief Justice Renato Corona and conspired with a Senate kangaroo court to illegally acquire and disseminate ill-gotten “evidence” against him and, eventually, wrongly “convict” him. To this day, for example, “reporters” Magtanggol de la Cruz and Carmela Fonbuena of Rappler remain at large and free to continue their trade in “journalism” despite their alleged offenses against the Philippines’ bank secrecy laws.

Most disturbing of all, is how the Inquirer made fun of key Corona trial witness Demetrio Vicente, on its front page during that circus. The Inquirer editor seemed to think it was a grand idea exhibiting photos of Vicente with face grimacing in a pained attempt to overcome the persistent effects of a past stroke to attest to the character of Corona before the Senate “court”. One can imagine the editorial staff chuckling over beers as they laid out the proofs for the presses for this front page the previous night.


Philippine corporate media is an industry that has long imposed its self-ascribed moral ascendancy over the entire Philippine archipelago from their corporate ivory towers in Imperial Manila. The industry has, until now, enjoyed a virtual monopoly on thought leadership as foreign players have long been barred from participating in the lucrative Philippine market for news and ideas. Key “thought leaders” in the Philippines’ traditional media industry are mainly Tagalog-heads who dish out gospel-drivel and have come to regard themselves as gods before their legions of social media followers.

What we are seeing today is an entire pseudo-religious industry unsettled by a hefty counterweight to their northern lordship forming in the Philippines’ deep south in Mindanao. Duterte is the Philippines’ first Mindanaoan president, after all. He has been in public service over several decades largely free of a court populated by the who’s-who of Manila’s parasitical classes.

As such, one would be well-advised to excuse Duterte if he does not speak in a tone that fits well with Manila’s parasitical chatter. Southern dialects are structurally different from northern ones in that they are full of nuance and lack many of the terms of deference northern tribes are comfy with. As a result, southern Filipinos are perceived to be blunt and even bastos (rude) by the Philippines’ Imperial Tagalogs and Jesuit-educated Spanish elites.

But as to the task of being real, for a change, well, Duterte for now oozes with reality. The desire to kill an enemy hasn’t really disappeared from the human psyche. It is part of our very being. Nations such as the Philippines’ were forged upon blood spilt in countless battlefields. To rise above barbarism one has to recognise the reality of human nature and its propensity to violence that still resides in our brainstems. You need to build upon reality. A house built upon pretensions and political correctness will not stand for long.


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These whining journalists fail to see that their “backlash” is a classic case of “Bato bato sa langit…” How fucking hilarious!

Duterte talked about corrupt journalists who willingly receive payment to skew the information they disseminate towards a certain (often biased and ill-informed) direction. And suddenly, so many journalists are offended and are annoyingly preaching about freedom of speech. Why would they be offended if they themselves aren’t the type of corrupt journalists that Duterte described?


I remember this Lee Kuan Yew quote about Philippine journalism: “Individual press reporters could be bought…”


It is all the same shame, the way that president and lawyer and supporters judge himself over the law and give judgment of death or life…
Only laws and court or God can decide if someone is guilty or not and deserve to be killed or not.
Any other judgment made is call extra judicial killing and murder…
That’s what make a society…

Vagoneto Rieles

Going by the drift of the article, President-elect Duterte must have, unmistakably made death threats.. once again. This impression notwithstanding; and given media’s bent, it is a good guess that; a) Mr. Duterte is, (as is his won’t), flirting and teasing print and broadcast media to test their reaction to his brand of governance, or, b) media have either misunderstood a typical ‘Duterte inelegance’, or, have totally twisted an otherwise well-meant statement(s).
In any case, this incident will, as in past cases, be just like water over a duck’s back.
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Jim DiGriz
I have yet to encounter a real “journalist” in the Philippines. Most are paid hacks who will write anything for a buck. They are shallow and an in-depth investigation of something is an unknown as everyone moves on the next day with something else. I have NEVER seen a journalist here asking TOUGH questions. Never. It’s always throwing cotton ball questions followed by fluffy or stupid answers…. and that’s it. It makes me scream in anger at the TV. This is an interview???? WTF? Journalists in the country are assholes and Marcos knew why he locked some of them up.… Read more »
Media nowadays are becoming more dumb & money making machines rather than becoming more transparent & informative. How we could trust them if these kind of situation on media are just like those corrupt officials in our country? No wonder, this is the real reason why on our country is ranked #3 on the most dangerous place for the journalists are due to the corruption on both our gov’t & the media companies. Hopefully incoming Pres. Duterte should solve this problems/issues on his administration just like what Singapore do, in spite that there are limited media freedom there but there… Read more »
The media in the Philippines are good at passing judgements instead of just reporting. That’s evidenced by often assassinating high profile personalities through the media and being so obvious that they’re being bribed/hired by some padrinos with big grease money. Nobody in international media personality would go so far as to destroy anyones character through the media. Its never heard of overseas. But in the Philippines its rampant. For decades our media personalities are getting away with these type of dirty assassinations by the media with impunity. Its about time for these journalists/writers to be put on microscopic scrutiny for… Read more »

I’m sure these turds (raissa, solita and jimmy) are having a toast now. and oh I missed dave 🙂


To put it “Your freedom of speech ends when you break the fucking law”


I invite people to research envelope journalism and hao shao in the Philippines. Offline preferrably.



Also called “Yellow Journalism” in America “that is a type of journalism that presents little or no legitimate well-researched news and instead uses eye-catching headlines to sell more newspapers.

“Techniques may include exaggerations of news events, scandal-mongering, or sensationalism. By extension, the term yellow journalism is used today as a pejorative to decry any journalism that treats news in an unprofessional or unethical fashion.”

Incidentally “Yellow Journalism” has the same namesake as the Yellow (Chekwa) Party of the Failippines that brainwashes the masses with their unfounded propaganda.


Mystique Girl

As a Visayan native, I observe we speak a bit of spunk. While Tagalog people spoke with gentle. This is just my generalization though. The media raged about Duterte statement because it could misunderstood by the manner of delivery rather than analyzing the context first. Regarding about journalism, media is corrupt just like anything can be. Relying to journalist aint good, they are people that still have biasis. It’s better to do the research in your own to take both sides of an issue before you conclude.


Du30 statement regarding media killings is wrong on many levels. If politicians feel they have been maligned by the media, they can do two things which are legal: use the media to defend themselves and use the courts to clear their name and punish the maligner. As politicians they have the means and the power to do this. This is what politicians in civilized countries do. Death can never be the punishment/retribution for some wrong words. Especially if you believe in an eye for an eye.

I have no respect on Filipino Journalism; much more on Filipino Journalists. Most of the Filipino Journalists are paid by corrupt politicians and their cahoots; to write good and favorable articles/stories, for them… The trial of the late CJ Corona, was the best example of this Biased Journalism. I do not believe, they are doing it for free. The issue of whether, the Filipinos Journalist were killed, because of their profession is debatable. The Mamapasano massacre of Filipino Journalists is one to be reckoned with. I see more Truth in the Web Blog articles, and the comments of the Bloggers… Read more »
An Excerpt from 3rd World to 1st: Managing the Media To our amazement, a U.S State Department spokesman, as reported in the AWSJ (asian wallstreet journal), expressed regret at the restrictions on both the AWSJ and Time magazine. Our ministry on foreign affairs asked the State Department to confirm the reported remarks which, if true, represented “an unprecedented interference in Singapore’s internal affairs.” It’s spokesman did so, but maintained the U.S department did not take sides in either of these two cases. We asked the state department whether, on the same grounds of impartiality, it would express regret over the… Read more »
No One
Too bad that some journalists’ pretend to be journalist and yet too lazy to even complete the sentence President elect Duterte stated. It won’t cost him/her an ink to type the whole sentnce and yet he decided to cut it off or he was just so poor in comprehension? Then he must be forgiven. But if it was done intentionally, then the shoe fits. There goes the question of how much is the worth of ommiting the last sentence? Watched the interview and it wasn’t even in Visayan dialect, so easy to comprehend and yet this was the outcome? No… Read more »
Ignoranteng Pilipino
To those dumb journalist… you should already know the facts and statistic right? the guy you are talking to was the guy who won the presidency despite being slammed with so many bad publications of your bias reporting. He was the one who won despite the biggest and controversial black propaganda TV advertisement that broadcast on the last few days of campaign period. Kahit anung paninira nyo hindi po tatalab kay duterte yan. hindi po yan trapo na very very carefull sa image niya… harap harapan nag mumura na yan, bakit pilit nyo pa rin sinisiraan? Insanity: doing the same… Read more »
Max Alvarado

Big media are obviously given marching orders to malign Duterte in every turn. That’s why Duterte’s giving them the finger. That statement he gave about media killings wasn’t “misconstrued”. It was a fish biting the bait of a master fisherman. They have been identified. As always, the usual suspects are: PDI, Rappler and ABS CBN. Those are the obvious ones. The rest are occasional pokers.


The Failippines is a tragedy to those who feel, but a comedy to those who think.


Duterte’s gambit! Media pretends to be clean and honest, the group seems to be “untouchable” and when the newly elected President draws first move unto them, they were shaken like a ship! Majority reacted in such an unusual way and they don’t know, Duterte was just only taking a pulse to them in preparation for his Presidency.