3 Uncomfortable Similarities Between President Noynoy Aquino And Adolf Hitler


Okay, before I begin, I’d like to note that I’m writing this as a reaction to the way President Aquino and many of his allies in the LP seem to brand people they don’t like as “Nazis”. Indeed, when the president (and soon to be former president) went to Japan, he called the occupying Chinese forces in the West Philippine Sea “Nazis” and allegedly even compared leading presidential candidate Mayor Rodrigo Duterte to Adolf Hitler himself, saying that Filipinos should best remember how Nazi Germany’s Fuhrer rose to power all those years ago. Then you have Mar Roxas claiming that the supporters of the LP are threatening and harassing him like “Nazis”.

Well ladies and gentlemen, the big problem here is that President Aquino and his allies seem to throw words like “Nazi” and “Hitler” around too liberally without truly understanding what they mean. The word “Hitler” seems to have become a go-to word for President Aquino to describe an individual he doesn’t like and the word “Nazi” has become a go-to word for people he reviles. Truth be told, if one looks at Hitler and the Nazis in history books, they’re more complicated than the LP seems to think they are and are actually the ones that resemble them more.

And lastly, to be honest, if Hitler and the Nazis of World War II are comparable to anyone in this day and age, look no further than President Aquino himself and his LP allies. Indeed, what’s sad is that the current president seems to miss out on the actual mentality of Hitler and his many followers in Nazi Germany and the sheer hypocrisy of him not knowing that he is a better analogue of Nazism than anyone else. Of course, considering how President Aquino seems to grasp history, the idea of him being the “Hitler” of the Philippines flies way over his balding head.


Of course, we all know that Hitler and the Nazis were anti-Semitic. However, inspecting Hitler’s years growing up will reveal that his hate for Jews goes a lot deeper than one might assume. As a matter of fact, Hitler’s mindset is not at all that different from President Aquino.

Hitler’s mother was but a poor woman at the time who struggled in an economically devastated country. Forced to work menial and often difficult jobs for rich Jews, the young Adolf saw how her mother’s employers often looked down on her. Later on in life, he would be denied entry to a school in Austria as it seems that the school authorities were more interested in accepting other students. Unfortunately, all Adolf Hitler saw was that some of the more popular students and school admins were in fact Jews and thus his hatred of them deepened. His anti-Semitic mindset would go on to be the main theme for his allies later on in life.

President Aquino, while not anti-Semitic, is certainly vindictive. Observe how he goes out of his way to punish those he deems are enemies of his family. Note how he seems insistent on former presidents Arroyo and Marcos being the “villains” of history and has them arrested on charges that are not even clearly defined. Remember also how he went out of his way to impeach poor Judge Corona whom he saw as an enemy. His views and treatment of his opponents look less like the actions and decisions of a statesman and looks more like the annoying tantrums of a spoiled child. Much like Hitler, many of his actions as leader of our country were done more out of an existing grudge rather than something that is done for national improvement.

Blaming Others

Truth was, while the Jews did do their share of suspicious activities, Hitler simply took advantage of the historic mistrust the German people had for the Jews. Since he hated them anyway, he made propaganda that painted Jews as the people who were responsible for all the hardships Germany suffered at the time. He made it appear as if the Jews were people who were looking to conquer Europe and rationalized that Nazi Germany’s harsh treatment of them was simply a response to the threat they presented to the people of Germany.

Do I even need to talk about President Aquino given how much he just loves to blame other people for his own failings? What’s worse is that President Aquino was very quick to steal the achievements of his predecessors (such as former President Arroyo’s whom he hates so much) and claim that they were his own despite the fact he doesn’t even seem competent enough to handle even the most simple of political tasks such as apologizing or placating disgruntled people. At the end of the day, President Aquino just vilifies his enemies so that people may see him and the LP as the “heroes” of the country despite the fact that they are anything but.

Irresponsibility And Neglect

Many claim that Hitler was indeed evil and, with that, I have to agree. However, I don’t subscribe to the idea that Hitler was actively evil. In fact, from my own point of view, he was evil in the sense that he was neglectful towards the morality of his actions. For instance, while the man himself never visited the concentration camps where the “undesirables” of conquered territories, he was more than willing to allow the more brutal and inhumane personnel in his regime do all the depraved butchery that they could.

President Aquino is pretty much the same with his brand of selective justice and apparent disdain for people he doesn’t know personally. Sure, the man may seem like an incompetent lout and not apparently actively malicious, he nonetheless allows for terrible atrocities to take place either of his own gain or simply because he doesn’t care. Take how he just left the SAF 44 to die miserably at the hands of terrorists and how largely indifferent to the plight of starving farmers who were shot to death.


So there, next time the LP wants to call anyone “Hitler” or “Nazis”, they should first look at their dear leader and themselves!


Post Author: Grimwald

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Dr. Channard

Many claim that Hitler was indeed evil and, with that, I have to agree. However, I don’t subscribe to the idea that Hitler was actively evil.

Evil is relative. Ask those who wept at his speeches and they’d tell you he was an angel. Sort of what this guy said:

Chris Espiritu

Well said Grimwald, it is apparent that Penoy and his attack dogs vilify his political enemies as if he is “holier than thou”. The sad thing about the Yellows is that they seem not to read their History books so they brand people they disdain with such epithets. I remember an old saying that said if you point a finger towards another three more fingers point back at you. No wonder Penoy’s tags that besmirch his political and perhaps personal opponents backfired at him.

Andreas Hüttner
Hello Grimwald, An interesting article, which is, however, dominated by ignorance of the time of Adolf Hitler. compare Aquino with Hitler can only someone who has the – does not know historical background – true. But that was forgiven. The term “NAZI” is a ridiculous and of stupid expression, coined by an American rootless clique of “financial aristocracy”. An insult the American “winners” against national and social German people. As for the war, so you should, before you write, listen to each side. Read Above all, the documents which are now released from secret archives and represent the true warmongers… Read more »

One was a dictator; the other is a dick-tator.

Jim DiGriz

Hahahaha!Spot on!


Thanks for sharing your article. Now that the yellow guys are on their way out, what happens to all the cases? Let’s not forget the die hard supporters of the Aquino administration who had silently gotten into messy situations. Here’s one example http://manilastandardtoday.com/opinion/columns/lowdown-by-jojo-robles/184303/raising-funds-at-dnd-1-.html

Too bad there was never a follow up on this news item. Let’s just hope that the people mentioned in the news article don’t show up in the coming administration. Let’s all be vigilant.

Jim DiGriz

What are you doing comparing the two?

You are seriously insulting Adolf!

GRP will surely miss grilling and roasting and frying the poor fella. Last chance guys. Thank you Mr. President for being such a good sport and not closing GRP down. It will be our pleasure to escort you to the Exit door of Malaca?ang (hmmm… we may need that Valenzuelan Smartmatic guy to fix the script here as well) Good thing your mother did not allow for re-election in her Yellow constitution. She probably foresaw that that affection-deprived apathetic hatred-filled son of a bitch of hers would become president someday. Really pays to put safeguards along the way – you… Read more »

… or the HOLY CORY calling her son pu?eta!!! hehehe

Aquino is a stupid fellow. Mar Roxas is a stupid fellow. Porky Drilon is a stupid fellow. The Liberal Party are bunches of thiefs and crooks. Adolf Hitler, was born in Austria. His family are Roman Catholics. He tried to enter, the School of Arts, but , was denied. He wanted to become an artist painter. He then, earned his living selling his paintings to tourists. After not making enough for a living; he migrated to Bavaria, Germany. He was drafted in the German Army in World War I. He won an Iron Cross. He was discharge , with some… Read more »
Jiggaboo Jones

Well said good sir

“Many claim that Hitler was indeed evil and, with that, I have to agree. However, I don’t subscribe to the idea that Hitler was actively evil.” Really? He had nothing to do with mass murder of Jews? or do you deny the holocaust happened? That said, Pnoy will leave on June 30 which is much better than your favorite President MArcos who had to be kicked out after 20 years. A Hitler-like Aquino would have hunted down his numerous critics. Instead of trying for peace, he would be committing genocide in Mindanao. He would be trying to hold on to… Read more »
Friedrich Pfeiffer

While I believe it’s lazy and inaccurate to compare anyone (including Trump) to Hitler, it’s nice to see a disastrous president have his taste of his own medicine.


I am afraid that the similarities of Nazi Germany’s leader Adolf Hitler and Aquino is their questioned lack of manly virilities.

It is rumored that Hitler had a malformed and small sex organ. That he cannot perform well in sex. He married , his mistress: Eva Braun, in his underground bunker, during his last days. However, close friends, never had seen that, there were valid evidences of sexual encounters between, Hitler and Eva..

I fear that Aquino has the same sexual problem , also…However, I believe Aquino is more of a closet homosexual…


There are but few important events in the affairs of men brought about by their own choice.


Duterte cites Hitler: I’d be happy to slaughter 3 million

So now, after all the comments here, who is the one who acts and say that he is like Hitler- Aquino or Duterte😆?