Daang Matuwid: A slogan and legacy worthy of its president’s initials


I believe it was a quote by the late George Carlin that articulates it best:

“I think Americans really show their ignorance when they say they want their politicians to be honest. What are these fuckin’ cretins talking about? If honesty were suddenly introduced into American life, the whole system would collapse!”

He might as well have been talking about the Philippines. If there’s an over-abundance of lies and two-faced manipulations on Earth, you can bet the country would probably be in the Top 10 destinations of that list. And it’s no fantastic coincidence that the style of law we adopted came from the United States. So if we are to take Carlin’s declarations seriously, it’s a system designed to preserve and maintain lying to people with relative ease.

It’s enough to make the term ‘honest politician’ into an oxymoron. That is why the so-called ‘straight path’ aka Daang Matuwid of the Aquino administration—that promised uprightness, integrity and transparency—is nothing more than a big pile of bull manure. No less than the head of state himself is sporting the derogatory abbreviation (BS) conferred unto him by smart-alecky political analysts who saw past the charade and bad acting of someone not fit to be in a position of authority. From the early days of the ‘Noynoying’-trend to the astounding failure and absence of leadership DAYS after the Haiyan (Yolanda) and SAF 44 tragedies respectively, all the palace can do is issue one pathetic excuse after the next.

And still we keep getting that Tuwid Na Daan soundbite every now and again as if we owe the clowns behind its inception the whole world. A sick slogan that is now being co-opted by an equally inutile chump in his ambitious bid for the highest post in the land. Fortunately this new entry to the jaundiced brand of dysfunctional governance can’t make the average sensible person like him—or even take his moronic media hypes and photo shoots seriously. In fact the opposite effect  seem to happen every time his name pops up in the radars of the media. Instead of the hoped-for warming up and acceptance of the people he and his PR group are hoping to woo, vicious insults and jokes via memes and social network heckling were the outcome.

As this yellow administration is about to end, disgruntled commuters, pensioners, typhoon victims, slain cops’ families, and the rest of the country can finally shut down and get even with this sham of a presidency by not electing anything remotely allied to its yellow cabal and the oligarchs that control them. Never again to the yellow cult perpetuated by the Aquinos.

Six years of bullshit is more than enough lesson to be more discerning of the jokers we put in position this time around.


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Eterio Herrera

Straight Path of who ordered the scapegoat assassination of yellow oligarchs Ninoy Aquino plot of the Economic Hitmen of Marcos Destruction of the Philippines, as narrated by John Perkins book(EH), the real truth of an Honest thirty two years of MADpnoy hacienda luisita self interest yellow oligarchs deception of a Pilipino, whose unworthy cause is not worth dying for.

Danny Dela Cruz

What ??? Dang Matuwid ! ! ! Ano ka Pnoy !!!
Hilo !!! Tuwid Na Daan … Paliwanag mo!!!
Hacienda Luisita Massacre… Mendiola Massacre…
Lupao Massacre… Haiyan o Yolanda victims…
SAF 44 Massacre Justice… Malampaya Funds…
Yolanda Funds… DAP … PDAP…Purchases of inferior and defective/ second hand Military Arms /Equipments…BBL …Malaysian Funded BBL…
SSS Executives millions Salaries…and yet your Vetoing of SSS Pensioners meager 2000 Php increase … Plus the unliquidated Billions of Cash Advances
Of your Minions in the Government… LRT/MRT mismanagement …
Car Plates anomalies…

Is that DAANG MATUWID ??? Pnoy, NO WAY…


Again, these two top morons of the yellow cabal are completely separated from reality. They are living in a make-believe world where stupidity is intelligence and a plate full of crap is a motherfuckin’ cake, with icing and all.

Never again to these stupid oligarchs.


People are celebrating now that the era of the most despised siblings in recent Philippine history is about to come to a close.

One can really feel the people’s fervor in anticipation of a DU30 leadership, or MDS, or Binay, or BBM. A kind of fervor that has not been felt again since we “liberated” the nation from a “dictator”.

Renee Parra

On point…very true and good job on the article 😊 same sentiments for 30 years and some idiots still believe and praise the “tuwid na daan”. And they call themselves intelligent!

Dick S. O'Rosary

It’s almost over! 6 years of this shite and I can’t wait! It’s time to install competent people in the Executive and Legislature.

Kari Normann

I’m a fan of George Carlin, too.


Filipinos think that freedom is free, you simply can’t divide zero by simply electing a president who can magically transform a country that is infested with political machinery that runs on Guns, Goons, and Gold,
The greatest task of the next presidente is how to abolish the congress it should be his number one priorty since it is the iceberg that is sinking the titanic.


“Kung walang kurap, walang mahirap”…it is out of this world slogan. There will always be poor in us. In truth, many of them. Just look at the Squatters sprouting in Metro Manila; and other urban cities.

Since there are too many poor; then, we can conclude there are many “kurap”. With DAP, PDAF, Pork Barrel thievery,Typhoon Yolanda Relief funds missing,…I do not doubt that, there is a widespread of corruption…in the Aquino government.

Crap Eater
The quote you had at the beginning of your article is something that should be rubbed on all idiot voters faces. Goodness, people should stop voting on based on who they think is “honest” or “with a heart”, it is so dumb. No one uses their heart to think nor their honesty to plan for the future. But as long their are greedy people above and stupid people below, we will always be on the path down. I think we should take our education seriously, heck we should even have an education course for parenting as well. Maybe that is… Read more »

Unfortunately, our people lack the IQ, EQ, and critical thinking to decipher the truths, lies and conspiracies behind our history. Majority of our people would readily believe the person who holds the microphone and shout honesty as a cause, without raising the right questions on capability of governance. We are just gullible and incapable to see through this fog of political lies. If only we can set aside the surnames, and understand what’s not being said on media, then we would understand who’s really working for our country and who’s working for self-preservation.

In the spirit of discussion, I am asking anyone, and anyone on this page, if they can list down what the administration has not achieved, and what it has achieved. I would want to see objective answers, rather than the typical “he has failed to do _________” and “he has accomplished nothing”. The first category has always been heard; I’ve been exposed to much mockery about the outgoing administration. The second category would be more interesting — what has the administration indeed achieved, even in the smallest of achievements? There has to be some, at the least. To say that… Read more »
“Well that’s the thing isn’t it? Because I’d much rather have Arroyo’s administration which ,incidentally, started a lot of the programs these current admin grabbed credit for. No, you have to do harder to convince people PNoy is not the devil. The MRT mess under his watch alone deserves all the humiliation that can be thrown at him. And that’s just public transport alone.” I don’t know much about the MRT mess, so I’m not going to talk about it. Its just foolish. However, if he did have something to do with it — if it could have been better… Read more »
“Despite your misunderstanding of all your president’s “achievement”….” Are you making a truth statement, or are you trying to get my head into thinking that I am misunderstanding something? Unless you can present an etymological case that achievement cannot be used in the way that I use it, then there is no reason for me to believe what you say pertaining to my understanding of “achievement”. “You fail to see that becoming the head of state, he signed up for more than this. The military needs constant upgrading not only in his term, but annually. For me upgrading the military… Read more »
Here’s an article from Huffington Post about Aquino’s Presidency: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/edsel-tupaz/aquinos-legacy-in-the-phi_b_7922082.html Economics wise, he definitely had clout, and the economic keep happening WAY AFTER Arroyo has left office. It can be said and it is indeed so that OFW remittances has a lot to do with it, but we have to remember that Aquino also had direct deals with other nations as well. Actually, before the 2012 (2013?) Panatag Shoal standoff, we had investments from China, and these investments were one of the fruits of Aquino’s visit to China. Here is an article from CNN Philippines(at the least, CNN): http://cnnphilippines.com/news/2015/07/27/Benigno-Noynoy-Aquino-iii-legacy-final-SONA.html Here… Read more »

The Failippines politicians don’t pray to God for money. They simply ask for His grace to solve problems. By solving problems, the money comes.