Filipinos need to rise and defeat the villains of Philippine society

It has been said that every search for a hero must begin with something that every hero requires — a villain. In the Philippines, the search for a hero has been very hard. That’s because identifying the villain or villains who keep Filipinos chained to their wretched existence is harder. I believe that if Filipinos only knew who has been keeping them from moving forward, it would be easier for them to wake up from their stupor. After all, Filipinos did fight their oppressors a few times in the past. They were even willing to shed their own blood to break free.

The late former President Ferdinand Marcos: Still being painted as the Philippines' villain 30 years since his ouster
The late former President Ferdinand Marcos: Still being painted as the Philippines’ villain 30 years since his ouster
In the last three decades, members of the ruling oligarchy have painted the late former President Ferdinand Marcos, his family, and his former allies as the villains or bad guys in Philippine society. It doesn’t matter that succeeding administrators mismanaged the country after they left; what matters to the media — owned and operated by the members of the oligarchy – is that the so-called “bad guys” need to be demonized repeatedly through reminders of the “horrors” that happened during the Martial Law years. Never mind that a lot of those horrors also occurred after the Marcoses were gone. Mendiola and Hacienda Luisita Massacres, anyone? How about the massacre of the 44 Special Action Force (SAF) officers in Mamasapano?

The incumbent President Benigno Simeon Aquino, the son of former President Cory Aquino, the woman they say “inspired” the People Power revolution that toppled Marcos, had added his predecessor former President Gloria Arroyo to the list of villains. In fact, we all had to bear the brunt of the annoyance of hearing him mention her name over and over in his speeches in the last six years he has been in office. BS Aquino will be remembered as the President who blamed almost every failure in his administration on Arroyo while hardly doing anything to fix them. He may look like a fool to his critics but they have to give him credit for fooling the majority of the public into believing him. He is very good at playing the victim card. He wants people to think that he is the hero who will save Filipinos from the bad guys.

Arroyo remains incarcerated despite the inability of the Aquino government to prove wrongdoing on her part.
Arroyo remains incarcerated despite the inability of the Aquino government to prove wrongdoing on her part.
BS Aquino needs to keep demonizing his predecessor to distract the Filipino public from his own shortfalls. With the help of his public relations team, BS Aquino succeeded in demonizing Arroyo and consequently detaining her on what the United Nations now considers to be mere trumped-up charges. Some members of the international community already realized that BS Aquino is using his allies in the justice system to crucify political enemies like Arroyo, but it is too bad that the general public has yielded to mind-control. Since Arroyo has been painted as a villain, the public has very little to no sympathy for her even when most of the charges against her have been dropped and even when she continues to suffer in detention while her health deteriorates.

While Arroyo had her own failures during her time as the country’s administrator, some of the reforms she initiated and the policies that she put in place are still being utilized by BS Aquino today. Former finance secretary Margarito Teves can attest to this:

The economic and fiscal reforms instituted by former President and now Pampanga Rep. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo continues to benefit the country and help protect it from external challenges, a former finance chief said yesterday.

Teves, who has been cited as “Asia’s Best Finance Minister” during his stint in government, said the Arroyo administration had laid the foundation which resulted in the Philippines’ credit rating upgrades which started during her term and shortly after she stepped down from office.

“Data show that contrary to President Aquino’s reference to the Arroyo administration as a ‘lost decade,’ the Arroyo administration and Department of Finance had initiated several positive reforms that are benefiting the Philippine economy until today,” he pointed out.

Teves noted that Arroyo’s prudent management of the national government debt and the passage of legislation in support of financial market development like the reformed value added tax have contributed to the strong fiscal performance of the country, which resulted in credit outlook upgrades from negative to stable during the Arroyo administration and positive shortly after July 2010.

He said that Fitch’s upgrade in March 2013 noted that it was Arroyo’s “improvements in fiscal management…that made general government debt dynamics more resilient to shocks.”

In other words, BS Aquino is simply taking all the credit for some of the things that his predecessor did. BS Aquino is actually a bad guy for doing that. He should be considered one of the villains in Philippine society, if not The Villain. He doesn’t seem to have a conscience because he is not bothered by the fact that he is enjoying the fruits of someone else’s labor.

Every search for a hero must begin with a villain. (Source: GMA News)
Every search for a hero must begin with a villain.
(Source: GMA News)
Now that we have identified the country’s villain and his cohorts, the hard part is in trying to convince Filipinos that they need step up and become the country’s hero. Filipinos need to overcome years of being brainwashed into thinking that BS Aquino, the son of so-called “heroes”, is the country’s savior. He is the opposite of a savior. He and his allies have begun the process of sinking the country into a deeper hole. They have made a mockery of the justice system, have mismanaged public funds and have not made significant improvements in the country’s infrastructure. A foreign business advisor has warned that Metro Manila could become uninhabitable in four years due to traffic congestion.

The worst part is, BS Aquino still believes he has exceeded the people’s expectations of his performance. Filipinos need to send him a strong message that they are not falling for his delusions of grandeur anymore.

This coming election, Filipinos need to use their power to save the country by voting out members of the oligarchy who have run the country to the ground and say “no” to the Liberal Party. Tama na, sobra na!


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Good article as always! Let me throw this in before the yellowtards troll up the works… The voters in this coming election will not find one “hero” among the list of presidential candidates. Not one. But that’s OK. They don’t need a “hero”. What the good people of the Philippines needs is a leader. Not some dim-witted spoiled brat who took the “shot bus” to school while he was in the US and not some wannabe “Dirty Harry” who thinks all problems can be solved by throwing due process out the window. They need a leader. The person who currently… Read more »
Aquino is a credit grabbing person, with no conscience. His treatment of the 44 SAF heroes, is a good example of his evil character. The Aquino has a tendency to collaborate with the enemies of the Republic. Benigno Aquino collaborated with the Japanese Imperialists. Benigno Aquino, Jr. collaborated with the NPA. Benigno Aquino III, collaborated with the NPA and the MILF/ISIS/Al Queda . Aquino is suffering from paranoia. He went to Stanford University in the U.S. And with a sizeable donation; got an Honorary PhD. To convince himself, and others, that he is a great man. His sister , Kris… Read more »

…Fordham University, where Aquino awarded himself, an Honorary PhD…(corrected)


The true villains of the Failippine society are Failipinos themselves.

Walter P. Komarnicki
a thoughtful and insightful article. one can also say we should approach history from the vantage point of protagonists and antagonists, or of GREAT MEN and the hoi polloi. no one is ever 100% evil or good, we all operate from mixed motives most of the time. Perhaps the electorate ought to focus on candidates who appear to be focused and single-minded but whose attention and motive is elsewhere. Or, from among the pantheon of the early revolutionary herpes in this land, who were the true patriots, and who were the quislings and judases who were only wannabe patriots, but… Read more »
Walter P. Komarnicki

oops, I should have proofread that better: that should have read ‘heroes’ rather than ‘herpes’.

William Jackson
Question, what do Filipinos and poor people in America share in common. They are waiting for a hero to rescue them and save them. The sad truth is that it is up to everyone to decide to make his or her own destiny and dreams come true. The Philippines is the one of the cheapest countries to start a business get an degree that usually transfers to countries like the USA (especially in the medical field). Remember that when you point a finger to accuse someone of blame, you have three fingers pointed back at you. Filipinos do not need… Read more »

No matter how hard Evil tries, it can never quite match up to the power of Good, because Evil is ultimately self-destructive. Evil may set out to corrupt others, but in the process corrupts itself.

Sean Akizuki

The problem also lies within our current system:

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