Vice President Jejomar Binay: Buying his way to the presidency?

Philippine Vice President Jejomar Binay has been playing Santa Claus. Recently, it was reported that during a talk in front of a crowd of about 100 mostly female senior citizens in Bacolod, he promised to give them all kinds of things — false teeth, male diapers, and even Viagra. Binay bragged about “replicating what he did for the people of Makati City once elected president”. 

Thick skin is a mark of Jejomar Binay's extensive experience in politics.
Thick skin is a mark of Jejomar Binay’s extensive experience in politics.
Now we all know he initiated the practice of giving Makati City senior citizen residents free cakes on their birthdays and golden wedding anniversaries but who knew he was giving away false teeth, male diapers and Viagra to them as well? This is certainly news to me. And if he plans to do the same for all senior citizens nationwide, where is he going to get the funds to sustain the giving out of those freebies? Is he assuming the taxpayers are okay with this? 

Considering the city is said to be already spending P19.3 million for the cakes, spending on other more expensive items will be an additional massive cost. I remember there was so much fuss before the Reproductive Health Law was passed because a lot of people were against the government giving away free contraceptives; I wonder how Binay is going to get away with this if he does become the President. Who knows? Maybe Filipinos will just shrug it off because eating cakes is not against the Bible. 

In another disturbing bit of news, a photo has emerged of an elderly woman holding a mobile phone packaging box with the words “Tatak Binay” or Brand Binay on it. The woman received the mobile phone from the Vice President’s daughter, Senator Nancy Binay during a “trivia” game to entertain the crowd while waiting for the Vice President’s arrival in Negros Occidental. It seems Binay will be giving away expensive knick-knacks when he travels the country to campaign for the Presidential election in 2016. Equally disturbing is the fact that a senator took time away from her job in congress to travel and assist her dad in campaigning. No one makes a big deal of these kinds of irregular activities in the Philippines.

Binay is winning votes the old-fashioned way. (Source: GMA News)
Binay is winning votes the old-fashioned way.
(Source: GMA News)
It’s no mystery then why VP Binay is popular in the survey polls. Despite the negative publicity he has been getting from the Senate investigation on the alleged overpriced Makati City building, which was constructed during the VP’s term as the city’s Mayor, he is still a strong contender for the top job. He is still making a lot of people nervous. Binay’s “generosity” to the voters seems to offset the incessant attacks coming from his political enemies in the senate.

Binay’s formula for winning the crowd is a no-brainer. People, especially Filipinos, love freebies.  Those who are happy to receive goodies from Binay won’t even bother to think about where he gets the funds to buy them. They won’t even bother to think about the consequences of selling their votes. Forget the future, these people are more concerned with instant gratification. 

Binay has been in politics long enough to develop thick skin and know how to dismiss his detractors. It is interesting to see how he is still standing tall despite the odds stacked against him. If his activities weren’t so callous, you could admire his ability to soldier on regardless of the sticks and stones thrown at him. But the reality is, Binay’s ability to act with impunity is something we all need to worry about. It’s one thing for Binay to buy the voters but it’s quite another for the voters to sell their votes. Both are in cahoots to continue the tradition of using the nation’s coffers as a source of their personal shopping money. 


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Dos Equis
HA, ‘soldier on regardless of the sticks and stones thrown at him by his detractors’, oh please. None of these so called ‘attacks’ in the Filippine media ever gets any of these thieving scumbags thrown in jail now does it? All of the ‘merciless’ attacks on poor ‘little girl’ GMA, led to NOTHING, NOTHING. Despite the fact that her husband sold used helicopters as new back to the treasury, and GMA herself emptied various funds before her departure from office, and never mind all of the ZTE scams and the suitcases full of CA$H she had to personally hand carry… Read more »

“Disgust” cannot even suffice what I felt when I watched this news bit last night. I do not know if I can place any sliver of trust to the voting masses anymore.

It’s also so frustrating that there is no law in place whatsoever to arrest this kind of behavior, which is obviously early campaigning.


Nothing comes from Nothing. I don’t believe that Binay is Jesus Christ, who can multiply Loaves of Bread and Fishes.

Your tax money, will be used for these Freebees.

Remember, how Erap Estrada used to give: rice, “tuyo”, sardines, noodles, etc…to those Squatters… good sources of Block votes.

Now, Binay is doing it; only in a more expensive manner. I don’t know, where he got the money. But, I am sure this thing Stinks to high heaven…

WARNING: If Poe and Roxas are classified as incorruptible with no record of corruption scandals, Binay is the polar opposite. The guy’s up to his neck in allegations. Only a shit-for-brains who has a death wish for his country would vote for this guy. I have met one of Binay’s close associates deep in the heart of Makati. They go a long ways back since their early days as lawyers, and he attested to me that this Binay character is corrupt to the core. The reason why you nobody could jail him? Well the most powerful people of the land… Read more »

instead of bitching n moaning about the obvious why not translate this to filipio so that the involved parties would be enlightened instead. this does not help at all.. the masses can’t read english. all educated people knows binay is dirty, that’s a no brainer.

The Failippines public figures can no longer write their own speeches or books, and there is lots of evidences that they can’t read them either. On my own thoughts, most Failipino politicians are small and shabby, the sort of people who have been bullied at school. That’s why they become politicians. On average, women are better liars than men. But the best liars are men, because Failipino politicians are still predominantly men. They are all honest politicians — they all stay bought. Most Failipinos don’t know where the money comes from. Even most of their elected officials don’t know. If… Read more »
Ay naku, in view of what happened to Greece, dapat alam na nyo that dole-outs are very, very, very dangerous propositions. Mga people, maawa kayo sa bansa nyo, sa Pilipinas. Please lang. Alam nyo ba na kada tanggap nyo ng perang ayuda o regalo na galing sa politico o gobyerno ay linalapit nyo ang Pinas na maging parang Greece. Dapat alamin nyo ang nanyari sa Greece. Ang Greece ay halos pag-aari na ng mga bangko at ng mga sindikato dahil sa ganyan, ang warde-wardeng gamit ng pera. Ngayon, hirap na hirap ang mga tao sa Greece So, pwede ba, buksan… Read more »
mr. kittens

I was reading Add’s comment regarding greece, the loans, the oligarchs, and the conspiracy of banks and I was staggered. She couldnt have said it better.

Sana may nagpost pa ng stuff like these kasi dami ko natututunan. I dont know much how the money rotates (havent taught that in med school), but this is indeed a great eye opener.

Given that the Philippine voter ratio is 10 disillusioned-and-easily-brainwashed is to 1 platform-and-performance-based-voter, Binay is operating on one of the tried and tested machinery to win. The freebies are like the “Save” button after writing down the brainwashing input to simple-minded populace. What are the other means pa to win? Manipulating the result of Smartmatic. Having a connection to a popular dead person. Capitalizing on honesty and clean record. People power propaganda. We’re on a losing end if we rely on voters to choose the best among the worst when there’s no effective voter education. The winnable president is always… Read more »

Want to win against Binay, do what he does and more. Why not? Everybody has campaign funds that came from who cares where and COMELEC doesn’t disqualify anyone with such practices. Let all the people benefit from each other’s loot and demand more from these bastards and bitches of Presidentiables. No rules eh? 😉