Vice President Jejomar Binay: Buying his way to the presidency?

Philippine Vice President Jejomar Binay has been playing Santa Claus. Recently, it was reported that during a talk in front of a crowd of about 100 mostly female senior citizens in Bacolod, he promised to give them all kinds of things — false teeth, male diapers, and even Viagra. Binay bragged about “replicating what he did for the people of Makati City once elected president”. 

Thick skin is a mark of Jejomar Binay's extensive experience in politics.

Thick skin is a mark of Jejomar Binay’s extensive experience in politics.

Now we all know he initiated the practice of giving Makati City senior citizen residents free cakes on their birthdays and golden wedding anniversaries but who knew he was giving away false teeth, male diapers and Viagra to them as well? This is certainly news to me. And if he plans to do the same for all senior citizens nationwide, where is he going to get the funds to sustain the giving out of those freebies? Is he assuming the taxpayers are okay with this? 

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Considering the city is said to be already spending P19.3 million for the cakes, spending on other more expensive items will be an additional massive cost. I remember there was so much fuss before the Reproductive Health Law was passed because a lot of people were against the government giving away free contraceptives; I wonder how Binay is going to get away with this if he does become the President. Who knows? Maybe Filipinos will just shrug it off because eating cakes is not against the Bible. 

In another disturbing bit of news, a photo has emerged of an elderly woman holding a mobile phone packaging box with the words “Tatak Binay” or Brand Binay on it. The woman received the mobile phone from the Vice President’s daughter, Senator Nancy Binay during a “trivia” game to entertain the crowd while waiting for the Vice President’s arrival in Negros Occidental. It seems Binay will be giving away expensive knick-knacks when he travels the country to campaign for the Presidential election in 2016. Equally disturbing is the fact that a senator took time away from her job in congress to travel and assist her dad in campaigning. No one makes a big deal of these kinds of irregular activities in the Philippines.

Binay is winning votes the old-fashioned way. (Source: GMA News)

Binay is winning votes the old-fashioned way.
(Source: GMA News)

It’s no mystery then why VP Binay is popular in the survey polls. Despite the negative publicity he has been getting from the Senate investigation on the alleged overpriced Makati City building, which was constructed during the VP’s term as the city’s Mayor, he is still a strong contender for the top job. He is still making a lot of people nervous. Binay’s “generosity” to the voters seems to offset the incessant attacks coming from his political enemies in the senate.

Binay’s formula for winning the crowd is a no-brainer. People, especially Filipinos, love freebies.  Those who are happy to receive goodies from Binay won’t even bother to think about where he gets the funds to buy them. They won’t even bother to think about the consequences of selling their votes. Forget the future, these people are more concerned with instant gratification. 

Binay has been in politics long enough to develop thick skin and know how to dismiss his detractors. It is interesting to see how he is still standing tall despite the odds stacked against him. If his activities weren’t so callous, you could admire his ability to soldier on regardless of the sticks and stones thrown at him. But the reality is, Binay’s ability to act with impunity is something we all need to worry about. It’s one thing for Binay to buy the voters but it’s quite another for the voters to sell their votes. Both are in cahoots to continue the tradition of using the nation’s coffers as a source of their personal shopping money. 

33 Replies to “Vice President Jejomar Binay: Buying his way to the presidency?”

  1. HA, ‘soldier on regardless of the sticks and stones thrown at him by his detractors’, oh please. None of these so called ‘attacks’ in the Filippine media ever gets any of these thieving scumbags thrown in jail now does it? All of the ‘merciless’ attacks on poor ‘little girl’ GMA, led to NOTHING, NOTHING. Despite the fact that her husband sold used helicopters as new back to the treasury, and GMA herself emptied various funds before her departure from office, and never mind all of the ZTE scams and the suitcases full of CA$H she had to personally hand carry back to Beijing among other thieving her and her nefarious Son’s (and dont forget the 1st scumbag/gentleman,cough cough) perpetrated against the Republic’s treasuries funds. Or lets not forget GMA’s predecessor,eh?: E-CRAP, the ‘jue-teung kid’, king of all illegal gambling, alcoholic extraordinaire and general ne’re-do-well/thieving scumbag in his own right.OR How about three senators recently allegedly thrown in jail in Camp Crame, Estrada,Enrile and the other guy? Does anyone think they are still in those jail-cells? or GMA is in that hospital room? ANYONE ? ‘Don’t be daft Mon’, they aren’t in jail and have never seen the inside of jail-cell and never will, no matter how many useless ‘media attacks’ they have to ‘suffer’ through, LOL!!! SUFFER, BWAH AH AHAHA HAHA!!!!. The one thing they have in common is they all went through the public shaming as part of the charade that is perpetrated on the too-dumb-to-think Filipino nation, those of the ‘gnat like’ attention spans. or how ’bout those Amputuan’s? Who have yet to see a court-room for the ‘Maguindanao Massacre’ and never will, they are rumoured to be at the roulette wheels in Macau most Saturday nights, BTW !!!! but are supposed to be in jail, BWAH AH AH AH!!!
    and on and on and on, the story is the same, the ‘media atttacks’ are just as meaningless as this article attacking the guy who is immune to any sort of judicial process not because of HIS luck but rather by his, and all the other scumbags that are in on the scam of the Filippine people(all of the politicians), arrogance and complicity with said other scumbags in the never ending ‘its your turn now’ to take the raking over the coals in the meaningless ‘media attacks’ that never do anything but annoy people who are forced to have to put up with the headlines and satiate too-dumb-to-think Filipino’s that erroneously think that one of these days a politician will actually serve a prison sentence or give back ill-gotten wealth, right…good luck with that.

    The carnival at the treasury for the elites continues, unabated.

  2. “Disgust” cannot even suffice what I felt when I watched this news bit last night. I do not know if I can place any sliver of trust to the voting masses anymore.

    It’s also so frustrating that there is no law in place whatsoever to arrest this kind of behavior, which is obviously early campaigning.

  3. Nothing comes from Nothing. I don’t believe that Binay is Jesus Christ, who can multiply Loaves of Bread and Fishes.

    Your tax money, will be used for these Freebees.

    Remember, how Erap Estrada used to give: rice, “tuyo”, sardines, noodles, etc…to those Squatters… good sources of Block votes.

    Now, Binay is doing it; only in a more expensive manner. I don’t know, where he got the money. But, I am sure this thing Stinks to high heaven…

  4. WARNING: If Poe and Roxas are classified as incorruptible with no record of corruption scandals, Binay is the polar opposite. The guy’s up to his neck in allegations. Only a shit-for-brains who has a death wish for his country would vote for this guy. I have met one of Binay’s close associates deep in the heart of Makati. They go a long ways back since their early days as lawyers, and he attested to me that this Binay character is corrupt to the core.
    The reason why you nobody could jail him? Well the most powerful people of the land (senators) couldn’t even bring Binay to attend his own trial/hearing, how much more put him in jail. The guy’s untouchable.

  5. instead of bitching n moaning about the obvious why not translate this to filipio so that the involved parties would be enlightened instead. this does not help at all.. the masses can’t read english. all educated people knows binay is dirty, that’s a no brainer.

    1. I did not write this for the masses. Wild horses wouldn’t be able to drag them away from the freebies being given by politicians.

      Why don’t you translate it in “filipio” yourself and make the masses read it? Let me know what happens, ok? 🙂

      1. What is the point of writing? if we can’t convince or educate the ignorant masses comprising clear majority of voters (class D & E). We can write all we want (forever) but nothing fruitful will happen to Philippines.

        Reaching out to the masses at grass root and involving them in Nation building is one our biggest challenge.

        1. @Dale

          The point is to reach the policy makers or at least the people who can influence them like the elite members of society. Those people don’t bother to read stuff in Filipino. Writing in English will also help expose the corrupt public servants to the international community. A lot of countries give us donations and provide assistance during disasters. Once they know that the country is being mismanaged, they can give sanctions and force the public servants to shape up.

          Besides, the masses only emulate the behaviour of the elite in our society. If you fix the behaviour of the elite, we’ll have more chances of fixing the behaviour of the poor.

        2. People like passé here expect too much from a private citizen like me. It’s not really my job to “educate” the masses. Realistically speaking, we need mainstream media to help with exposing dysfunctional behaviour especially since most Filipinos only believe what is printed or shown in outlets they think are “credible”. I believe in influencing the right people – members of the elite including the ones running the media – so they can do their part in “educating the masses” with real news and programs with substance.

          I find passé’s audacity to demand I write my article in Filipino ARROGANT. Instead of asking nicely, she chose to be rude. A lot of Filipinos are like her. No wonder most discussions in and about the Philippines go haywire.

          Another reason why I write my opinion in English is because I find some concepts are difficult to express in Filipino. If passé agrees with my views, she is free to translate the article in Filipino herself and share it with the masses. There was no need for her to act like some kind of wise guy around here.

    2. “the masses can’t read english.” – Ouch! I’m not sure about this one.

      Actually, I think why some of the readers are requesting to translate articles here in English is not necessarily because they can’t understand it but only to make it “reader-friendly.”

      “Kasi nakakatamad basahin pag-mahaba at English ‘no?”

      It is my opinion that it is more advantageous to have this in English to reach as many readers as it could including foreigners. At least, that will give them an idea that there is a sector in the Philippine society that “begs to differ.”

      I’m sure the “masses” may not always understand every word written here but English being the second national language, they can get the idea. Besides, that should whet their appetites to expand their vocabularies.

      Personally, this is not to less prioritize Tagalog (or Filipino). I can always write an article in pure Tagalog (not Tag-lish) if majority of my target readers are Filipinos with little concern if foreigners understand it or not.

      [Special] Note: Why not (Tag-lish)?

      I remember in the early 90s, if my memory serves me right (I could be wrong) it was one of the Roces brothers (Chino or Alejandro) who said in an interview that Tag-lish is the lowest form of language in the world. Why? Because it shows how one is poor in both languages. And I agree with him. Of course, I acknowledge that there are certain English words that you can’t find a direct Tagalog like “efficiency.” That is a valid excuse and I understand inserting such words in a Tagalog statement. But how about such statements as “mamon pa more,” “love ko talaga ikaw,” “sige i-push mo ‘yan,” “grinanada nila ang kalaban,” “kering carry mo ‘yan.”

      That’s enough. I’m already off-topic.

      1. And in truth Filipinos should not be allergic in English because we here in the Philippines actually started learning and speaking English at a very young age and supposed to be it’ll only get better as we mature. From ABCs, counting numbers, identifying shapes and animals and even nursery songs, panay English ang itinuturo ng mga magulang sa mga anak nila. They know that speaking English will get their kids somewhere. But somehow as the kids grow older, this sense of nationality as if that can only be shown by speaking with our native tongue suppresses that growth.

  6. The Failippines public figures can no longer write their own speeches or books, and there is lots of evidences that they can’t read them either.

    On my own thoughts, most Failipino politicians are small and shabby, the sort of people who have been bullied at school. That’s why they become politicians.

    On average, women are better liars than men. But the best liars are men, because Failipino politicians are still predominantly men. They are all honest politicians — they all stay bought.

    Most Failipinos don’t know where the money comes from. Even most of their elected officials don’t know. If you were to ask a Failipino politician where money comes from, he/she would probably reply, “I don’t know, from other people’s pockets?”

    It’s hard to steal somebody’s shoes while they are wearing them and not have them notice. But that’s what Failipino politicians have done in this country. Not only that, but they replaced all the Failipinos footwear with concrete boots.

    To be surrounded by a hundred people who make your life miserable is to be at a family reunion. But to be surrounded by more than 100 million people who make the whole country miserable is to live in the Failippines.

    Can the Failippines get back to a point where politicians are honest? Not unless that point is the tip of a sword.

  7. Ay naku, in view of what happened to Greece, dapat alam na nyo that dole-outs are very, very, very dangerous propositions. Mga people, maawa kayo sa bansa nyo, sa Pilipinas. Please lang. Alam nyo ba na kada tanggap nyo ng perang ayuda o regalo na galing sa politico o gobyerno ay linalapit nyo ang Pinas na maging parang Greece. Dapat alamin nyo ang nanyari sa Greece. Ang Greece ay halos pag-aari na ng mga bangko at ng mga sindikato dahil sa ganyan, ang warde-wardeng gamit ng pera. Ngayon, hirap na hirap ang mga tao sa Greece So, pwede ba, buksan nyo mga mata nyo, ang mga utak nyo, at alamin at pag-aralan ang nangyayari sa paligid

    Where will dole-outs come from? Eventually, from foreign borrowings. No local bank will lend the government for dole-out programs. Just look at CCT, it is borrowed money from ADB.

    Candidates give freebies, where does the money come from? (1) from kickbacks, (2) from PDAF and DAP, (3) from political donation. (1) where does kickback come from? From your taxes. (2) where does PDAF/DAP come from? From your taxes. (3) where does political donation come from? (4) From sweetheart deals with govt which may involve smuggling, tax concession, behest loans, etc. (4) where does sweetheart deals source their money? eventually from your taxes. Walang tangang kandidato. Lahat yan, gupang. Eventually, all the freebies and money they give you will come from your taxes. Kaya wag kayo tanga.

    When taxes are not enough, and they are always not enough, govt borrows from local banks and foreign private banks. When local and private banks refuse because of risk, like govt program is a dole-out, they borrow from ADB, who borrows from Japan, IMF, WB, EU. Eventually, govt has to pay the loan, where will it get money to pay the loan? From taxes. Pero palaging kulang ang tax, so hihiram na naman. So, palaging palaki ng palaki ang taxes at ang borrowing. And, the only way to stop this palaki ng palaki is to put every money into productive use. Productive use means that money produces money, or kung magaling, more money.. Dole-outs are not productive use of money.

    Behind WB is Federal Reserve, which is own by the oligarchs of all oligarchs. Behind IMF is Federal Reserve and EU Central Bank, which is controlled by the syndicates of all syndicates. Behind ADB is IMF and Japan. All these want countries to borrow and borrow. Kasi inaabangan nila na hindi na makabayad ang umutang. Sa Greece, gusto nila angkinin yun mga priceless treasures. Dito, maaring kunin nila yun gold reserve natin, kontrolin yun mines, among others.

    So pwede ba, batukan nyo yan mga kandidato na namimigay ng freebies. Linlagay nila ang bansa sa alanganin.

    1. @ ADD, u kno, you actually have an accurate ‘world view’, something most Filipino’s just do not have.Even the best GRP writers are sorely lacking in this.
      The NWO, I will not even tell you who runs these people, wants ‘global dominance’.The way that works in the 3rd world is to load a country up with debt, pay-off the politician to do sham business with the foreign contractors/governments.The IMF swoops in the very second the country can not pay back the loans, and then the ‘looting begins’: all ‘public assets’ are shipped off to foreign banks who buy the bad debt from the IMF and speculate in the stock market as to whether or not the loans will ever be repaid.
      It is ‘gulag-casino’ state policy, and the people of countries such as Greece get fucked in the ass.The recent ‘Bail-out’ of Greece was NO SUCH THING.’….it was a bailout of the European Banks that bought the loans that the Greek people wanted to default on. The Greek people had nothing to do with these loans, it was the sleazy-ass politicians who cozied up to the Western Bankers and even though they knew they were throwing the nations people under-the-bus did (with infrastructure projects that never even got started and education loans that nobody ever went to school on etc etc etc) so anyway.
      The goal,from the beginning, was the total seizure through forefeiture of Greek ‘PUBLIC ASSETS’ to the European Banks. International landing fees(E10,000=USD$12,000/per plane landing in Athens,WOWO!),the Greek lottery ,public utilities(whose prices will now sky-rocket)such as water/sewer/eletricity grids and Greek real Estate as well.

      This is generally not known by many Filipino’s,and many Westerner’s as well. But you ADD seem to have a decent understanding of it,HATS-OFF to you !!! as for most people that think they know whats going on and blame the Greeks for being corrupt(like many GRP writers), shit every government is corrupt.These people/writers, they fail to see the big picture which is,admittedly, hidden but is not hard to find if you look in the right places.
      Yo have already been shown where to look so…it need not be repeated.
      BTW, in the first world, the same thing is happening but it is done in a different manner, with the same debt pile up scheme, and it is termed….privitization.AKA theft of ‘PUBLIC ASSETS’. the last word being what its all about, THE SEIZURE OF ‘PUBLIC ASSETS'(by Wall St./City of London Bankster’s) and it is government sanctioned, so you cant bite back !!!

      1. @DFS

        The Greek people had nothing to do with these loans, it was the sleazy-ass politicians who cozied up to the Western Bankers and even though they knew they were throwing the nations people under-the-bus did (with infrastructure projects that never even got started and education loans that nobody ever went to school on etc etc etc) so anyway.

        Greeks are so lucky a lot of people from the international community come to their defense. Never mind the fact that it was the Greeks who voted for the “sleazy politicians” and ignored shenanigans in “good” times. Never mind when it is obvious that Greeks do the same thing as Filipinos — trust their government to manage the funds properly and expect entitlements. When it comes to Filipinos, some foreigners brand Filipinos as “stupid” or “retarded monkeys” for being gullible enough to believe in their government.

        Turns out ordinary Greeks benefited from the previous bailouts big time:

        “Greece’s government, meanwhile, was uninterested in collecting taxes as Greek citizens were in paying them. Greeks chronically underreported their earnings, and in the rare cases when they would get caught, AN ENVELOPE TO THE TAX MAN WOULD USUALLY BE ENOUGH TO AVOID PUNISHMENT.”

        “There was this unwritten rule not to have audits during elections” because “people don’t like it”.

        “The political goal of all this, says Manos, “was to keep armies of supporters relying on the system.”

        “The state run airline would hand out free tickets to voters before an election. The cost of running the state-run railway company became so high that Manos calculated that it would be cheaper to hire a taxi for every rail passenger.

        “Manos says the lavish spending was part of the political credo of the times: Do not alienate voters by cutting benefits and salaries when Greece could just borrow more money to pay for more of both.”

        1. NO, the Greek people did not benefit from the bailouts at all….itssa fact. The most recent ‘BAILOUT’ (sent from the IMF july 20,1015)was sent to Greece from the IMF and was immediately re-routed and paid to the German and French banks that do not hold the original loans but the accounts due on the speculation of whether or not the loans would ever be repaid. This is not even a creditor being paid off issue, just as it is not a Greek’ bailout’.You point to ‘elections’ and just as in the Fail-ippines they are rigged in Greece as well,surprise?

          Filipino’s have a remarkable lack of understanding about what is actually happening in the world today.they believe what the MSM tells them,amazingly enough.
          it is as if they think something is happening, so it is.IDGAS if you are insulted either,called as it is, not how I think it is. I see an amazing amount of lack of understanding about the entire Greek situation and when it is pointed out the response is that it is ‘simple’ and the view from the helicopter is ‘always the same’, WHAT? First off ,the person has never been in a helicopter (or been ‘on top’, so has no clue as to what he refers to…but thinks he does, so he MUST be right,WHAT?)Right when it is going up, things look different than when it is going down, and when it is on fire and billowing smoke and so on and so on, and yet the person saying it actually believes he/she is making an accurate statement.


        2. I’m sorry but your response is a bit incoherent. It’s all over the place.

          I do find it ironic that you would refer to the Philippines as “Fail-ippines” while showing deference to the Greeks. Never mind that it is evident that Greece is already going down the path of becoming a failed state.

          I detect a certain bias in the way some people defend the Greeks. They are given a pass. They do not get the share of the blame for the mismanagement of their country unlike Filipinos.

        3. Of course Greeks won’t benefit from bailout funds. Money from bailout funds is not for them to spend. It is for their CREDITORS to collect. Tough luck! 😀

        4. No, that is not what was stated. The avg. Filipino has nothing to do with the plundering of the treasury and IDK where you get that from that somehow someone has stated that they have. There is no bias here except that the bias being in deferrence to laying the blame at where it belongs. and it certainly is not on the average Greek, or Filipino. Understanding discernible facts, meh?

          As briefly as it can be stated, and its not simple: under the veil of a unifying treaty, a leveraged buyout of an entire nation’s countries wealth was engineered. Sadly, it is possible now that a ‘template’ has been ‘cast’ and that the same outrageous confiscation of a nation of people’s collective wealth will be transferred to International Bankers/Hedge Funds/City of London/Wall St. or others who have enough $$$$ to purchase the ‘PUBLIC COMMONS’ (example: A Greek Island or two !) at pennies on the Euro/USDollar. These ‘PUBLIC ASSETS’ will go on to generate billions of Euro’s/USDollars$$$$$ for the wealthy that get the deal of the century on these ‘PUBLIC ASSETS’ (sold on the cheap to off-set a debt that can not and will not be paid and Greece will be kicked out of the Euro, but only after they hand over all their ‘PUBLIC,money producing/income generating, ASSETS’ while the nation of people whose debts are not even their own will not benefit a single centavo from these ‘sales’. What is now obviously (but apparently not in S.E.Asia) at least an illegitimate ‘ODIOUS’ DEBT’ or ,at worst, an outright engineered theft, transformed into a looting mechanism via International treaty with interferrence from…..I am stopping right there as I do not have all day.if you don’t get the picture….it won’t be long till it happens again.

        5. How convenient of you to say “the average Filipino does not have anything to with with plundering of the treasury” now that I am calling you out on your bias for Greeks.

          Sure, Greeks and Filipinos are on the same boat as far as being duped by their public servants. But the public servants are simply a reflection of the people who elected them.

          Weak societies tend to get taken over by strong ones. That’s a fact.

          I know about Greek public assets being sold off to the lowest bidder. What else can they do? They allowed the problem to get worse by turning a blind eye to mismanagement of public funds in the past. Just be glad there wasn’t bloodshed during the sly takeover of Greece.

        6. @ Ilda Sorry, but your statement ‘I kow they are selling….to the lowest bidder.’ is not true either.

          The A$$ETS are being sold off in a closed bidding system that one must access through ‘proper’ channels. Johnny Depp has purchased a Greek Island and probably paid more in fees/pay-offs to lawyers, members of Parliament and High Street Banks in the City of London than the purchase price of the island itself. This ,so as to produce an infallible contract under International and E.U. laws.

          The pen is mightier than the sword, until the people holding the pen are wiped out. Witness Stalin’s purge of the Russian aristocrats.

    2. When you are as powerful and as inventive and as technologically savvy a country as Germany, you’d at least try to dominate the world at least once in your history.

      In short, strong nations do stuff because they can. Weak nations go with the flow because they don’t have any other option (or at least fail to imagine options outside of the world order they find themselves imprisoned within).

      There’s really nothing very complicated about that reality. There’s a lot of “historical detail” around how things came to be, but the general architecture of the plot frames all this varying “detail” this way.

      1. @ Benigno, the E.U. was not introduced as way to subjugate the rest of Europe nor as a mechanism to steal everything the ‘weaker’ countries had.It was introduced as a glorious way to promote harmonious balance and incorporation of all European nations in a Union beneficial to all. (Yep, that was the sales pitch.Free passage of citizens across borders,free trade,common currency, brotherhood-of-Man…YIPPEE!!!). That is a paraphrase of a quote heard recently as a sarcastic memorial to the uniting of Europe in the early 1990’s as it was presented back then.
        IDK why you would think that such a deceptive manuever would be simple.If Germany had told all the nations joining the E.U. that in less than 30 yrs. they would be sufferring 25% unemployment(the PIGS countries) and their currency would lose 20% in a single 6-8 month stretch,not too many countries would have signed up for that deal.Military sorties may have been necessary to achieve what the deception has, if it was not swallowed hook-line-and-sinker.
        As it happened, and even more fantastically, the loss of sovereignty caused by the common currency should have been clear to all, but was obviously lost on many nations (or were some leaders in cahoots?). Most notably France (and now they are fucked!). There were some who did not fall for the scheme such as the United Kingdom and Switzerland. They had smart leaders(or were they simply tipped-off?). What seems to have happened was the subjugation of an entire continent ala Herr Hitler, but without firing a single shot.
        Not all that can not see are blind.

      2. and BTW, in regards to Greece the recent BAILOUT was not of Greece but rather of the Banks and even more accurately…the hedge-funds on Wall Street and the City of London and Deutschebanke. The confiscation of Greek ‘PUBLIC ASSETS’ into the hands of Foreign Banks is the end result. Oh yes, and The beatings will continue until morale improves too!!! This matter will be visited again sooner than most people think as driving an economy into the ground by reducing people’s incomes and raising taxes and diverting the funds away from the crippled economy is anything but ‘recovery’ oriented.

        A look at a portion of the scheme can be found here:

        Tell us how simple it sounds, it ain’t tic-tac-toe.

      3. Whatever the story was, the result shows the situation to which things naturally gravitate to — weak nations (inadvertedly or consciously out of crookery or simple ignorance) enter into commitments they are inherently incapable of honouring. Strong countries ultimately emerge in a position of power under such arrangements (whether they meant to or not).

        As I said, history has a lot of detail around how such things transpire. But the view from the helicopter is always the same ultimately when the final picture emerges.

        It’s simple, really.

        1. AAAHH, you knew all along,huh?GUFF-AW !To see what is happening when it is happening is brilliance, not many have that talent.the Filippines should bear witness to that and wake up.
          The strong take from the weak, it seems that you say?
          BUT the smart can take from the strong?
          This was an act of connivance, not strength.The mark of a coward.
          and there was nothing simple about it,PPFFFF……
          If it were strength, where is the 4th Reich’s army? They do not have one, this was not an act of strength.No, it was a complicated, long played out swindle,straight up.(Soon to be used as a template.) Not a strong arm robbery.Germany could be on the verge of collapse if Greece went for the opening laid out before it(where?), through cowardice or betrayal, the route was not taken. it is sooo sad too, for humanity is at stake, believe it or not.

          and btw, what helicopter? WTF?REALLY? Ha, you act is if you had it all figured out.REALLY?

          1,000 miles away from the Philippine archipelago, history, serious history, is being played out.Soon it will surround the world. Many of the players are emperors with no clothes too, but most can not see it.1984 was not a simple read and it is reality today, really.

        2. so tell us how it all went down, and how you saw it coming…and most importantly, what will happen next?

  8. I was reading Add’s comment regarding greece, the loans, the oligarchs, and the conspiracy of banks and I was staggered. She couldnt have said it better.

    Sana may nagpost pa ng stuff like these kasi dami ko natututunan. I dont know much how the money rotates (havent taught that in med school), but this is indeed a great eye opener.

  9. Given that the Philippine voter ratio is 10 disillusioned-and-easily-brainwashed is to 1 platform-and-performance-based-voter, Binay is operating on one of the tried and tested machinery to win. The freebies are like the “Save” button after writing down the brainwashing input to simple-minded populace. What are the other means pa to win? Manipulating the result of Smartmatic. Having a connection to a popular dead person. Capitalizing on honesty and clean record. People power propaganda. We’re on a losing end if we rely on voters to choose the best among the worst when there’s no effective voter education. The winnable president is always the one who can operate campaign machinery that will give this country the President it deserve.

  10. Want to win against Binay, do what he does and more. Why not? Everybody has campaign funds that came from who cares where and COMELEC doesn’t disqualify anyone with such practices. Let all the people benefit from each other’s loot and demand more from these bastards and bitches of Presidentiables. No rules eh? 😉

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