The Sixth State of the Nation Address (SONA) of President Noynoy Aquino – July 27, 2015

President Benigno Simeon (BS) Aquino will be delivering his last state of the nation address (SONA) soon. Filipinos can breathe a sigh of relief now that his reign is almost over. The day he finally steps down from office cannot come soon enough for those who did not vote for him and those who did vote for him but were disillusioned with him after they realized he lacked leadership and diplomatic skills to fix the problems of our nation.

President BS Aquino's last SONA will be awkward as some of his key allies have abandoned him.
President BS Aquino’s last SONA will be awkward as some of his key allies have abandoned him.
BS Aquino’s previous SONAs were nothing more than hollow rhetoric. It’s as if he never stopped campaigning even after “winning” the popularity contest. His speeches are low on substance but high on pomposity. He is good at bragging about his so-called accomplishments but bad at providing data to back his claims. He also celebrates his government’s future projects even when they are still on the drawing board. His tendency to take credit for the projects initiated by his predecessors is legendary.

The president is likely to use his last SONA to try to appeal to emotion once again by mentioning his family’s suffering during the Marcos years. This will include mentioning his late father, Ninoy who is considered by some as a national hero and his late mother former President Cory who is considered by some as a saint. Frankly, a lot of people have become tired of hearing about Ninoy and Cory because they realize that their only real legacy is disrespect for the country’s institutions and disregard of the law.  The country has yet to recover from the first instance Filipinos threw the rulebook out of the window. The nation is still reeling from the effects of the EDSA revolutions that resulted in mediocrity and incompetence in governance that continues to this day with no sign of abating.

BS Aquino’s SONAs will not be complete without the mention of his predecessor or at least a jab at former President Gloria Arroyo. Never mind the fact that he is still using the policies initiated by Arroyo. This includes the Conditional Cash Transfers or Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program and TESDA-DOLE scholarships given to underprivileged members of society. Like in his previous speeches, his last SONA will mention that the beneficiaries of the programs have increased under his term. He will mention it like it’s a good thing. Increase in the number of people getting government dole outs also means the number of poor people have increased and that more of tax payers’ money is being allocated to something that is not a guarantee to alleviate poverty.

BS Aquino’s last SONA will be awkward for some people. It would be interesting to see how the President will regard his Vice President Jejomar Binay in his speech.  While the Veep has always been addressed briefly in the introduction, BS Aquino might dedicate a bigger part of his speech to respond to Binay’s claim that the President is a bumbling incompetent and practices selective justice. I do hope BS Aquino does address Binay. It would be disappointing if he didn’t. Whatever the President decides, people will be watching as he mentions Binay’s name with a clenched jaw.

The animosity between BS Aquino and Binay is proof that he was not telling the truth when he said in his previous SONA that “those who have been with us from the start have only grown in number.”  Aside from Binay, there were other allies who severed ties with BS Aquino. After resigning, former Akbayan Party-list Representative Walden Bello criticized the president by comparing his governance style to that of leading a fraternity wherein loyalty is what matters.

So much for BS Aquino’s statement in which he said, “I believe that if what I have been doing is right, then our allies will only grow.” What’s happening is the opposite – his enemies seem to be growing. That is because he is doing something wrong and his fight against corruption had failed.

BS Aquino’s last SONA will give him another opportunity to lambast his critics. He will insinuate once again that if we are not with him, then we are against him. In other words, he will throw another tantrum and it might be a gigantic one considering he didn’t get his Bangasamoro Basic Law in time for the SONA.

Throwback SONA 2014: Unnecessary fashion displays may violate laws on 'thoughtless extravagance'. (Photo source:
Throwback SONA 2014: Unnecessary fashion displays may violate laws on ‘thoughtless extravagance’.
(Photo source:
BS Aquino’s last SONA will showcase the current government’s hypocrisy. The government will be spending millions on food and manpower during the event. The menu, which reportedly includes “Black Angus with soft pan rolls”, has been circulating around the Net. This has outraged a lot of Netizens who think that public servants do not need to eat like kings and queens. They should be observing austerity measures. Some even think that the poor man’s favorite meal pagpag should be served instead. BS Aquino once tried to show that he wasn’t as extravagant compared to his predecessor by eating a hotdog from a stand in New York. It turned out to be just another PR move.

BS Aquino will be trumpeting his so-called “achievements” in his last SONA as usual. The question is, why should the SONA be celebrated at all? Not much has changed since he took over from the previous government. Considering the SONA is simply a report of the state of the nation, which is still in bad shape, the Congressmen and women need not wear expensive attires as if they are attending a red carpet event. They’ll just look ridiculous the way they did before. The excessive spending is a violation of the law banning thoughtless extravagance. It will be more a reminder of how they squandered public funds through scams like the pork barrel and Disbursement Acceleration programs. Sad to say, the people who are beholden to the public servants will not even mind the circus. Until then, they will continue to wallow in mediocrity.


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Nice one as usual Ilda. Not much more to add here. Pretty much hit the nail on the head.

Dale Gozar
PNoy Talking Rubbish Again I’m here to talk rubbish again, No not the garbage Canada dump on our nation. I’m supposed to be talking about more important things since my rubbish speech is totally underrated. And I’m talking real rubbish here, but not the literal kind, the garbage that I always throw every SONA. #1. IYAK at PAAWA Gimmick (CROCODILE TEARS) PWEDE ba GASGAS at BULOK na style mo Ang paulit-ulit na pagbanggit ng sakripisyo at hirap daw ng kanilang magulang ay para lamang makuha ng support, approval, at sympathy ng mga tao. Masyado na Over-Acting at sobra na gasgas… Read more »

I Agree, IIda. This SONA is just another milestone in the long, sad “All Talk-No Walk” journey of the last 6 years; remarkable only for:
Celebrity Weddings with World Record Cakes, Blue Ribbon Celebrity Photo-Ops while “Investigating” the PDAF, DAP and BBL Series of P Bn “Schemes, Scams and Scandals”.

Since the next Administration will have the same Plot and Cast of Characters (playing different roles), let’s eliminate future SONAs and just watch Re-Runs on TV (or not) CHEERS and TEARS.


I watched a few videos of his father’s speeches. He seemed to be a man of action and results, and a great orator too. His son is not as smart and as good a speaker. His speeches are an improvement over Gloria’s terribly robotic manner of delivering speeches, but they are still robotic (i.e. poor intonation) and not as full of substance as one would expect from his father’s speeches


The truth is that all men having power ought to be mistrusted.

As usual Filipinos are good in telling what’s wrong with other people but neglect to see what was wrong with them self.they loved to be praised but hate being critiqued . Oh we’ll you will never the good one not until you lose them. It is not always greener at the other side of the fence,wait for the next elected president , he might be the one who will get the poor a better life, even the country has no potential to create jobs for its over populated country,,we will see how long the next one will last before the… Read more »

He should’ve just invited one team in each local media to his office in Malacañang to televise him giving or reading to the Filipinos his annual reports. That prevents feeding the crocodiles and the unnecessary political fashion displays. I don’t know. This SONA seems to be an in-your-face event, parading the pigs, er, enemies of the state to mock the whole poor gullible slave society.


Another hard hitting blog from my favorite Viral Queen, and thankfully not of the viral of the Kris Aquino kind. Can’t add anything to it. Just give it to them, woman, and I will be there leading the cheers. Chow.


…and expect Failipinos to vote for equally-incompetent and inefficient and in people in power again. The cycle will just keep repeating itself….. :v

Oh well, might as well grab some popcorn and soda on election day and watch the already-doomed Failipino voters try, in a futile attempt, to vote their way out of their problems….. :v


All these spoilers about PNoy’s SONA make me look forward to it. And here I thought I had enough of doomsday scenarios in “San Andreas”. lels


Nice one Iida. But I can just imagine PNoy’s speech writers scrambling in these last minutes to undo 80% of their finished product just to prove you wrong. I’m pretty positive they’re reading and analyzing each of the points you’ve raised. The SONA event organizers can’t do much to change the menu though as the food has already been ordered – Another million pesos down the drain.

SONA, is the State of the Nation Adddress, delivered by Presidents. You don’t need pompous and misleading words , to describe the “State of the Nation”. You just OPEN your Eyes to your surroundings. And be aware of what is happening of the Nation. Squatters are growing up everywhere , like mushrooms. So is pollution. There is a MILF/ISIS/Al Queda in Mindanao, that murdered 44 Policemen in Mamapasano; while Aquino looked the other way. Aquino even has a BBL Law pending for approval, to fund this MILF/ISIS/Al Queda; that massacred the 44 Policemen. There is a runaway inflation. Just go… Read more »

ganyang ganyan ang nasa isip ko 🙂

Sa lahat po ng nakaraan na mga president natin,ay maraming silang kakulangan at di nagawa na mga importanteng mga bagay na dapat yon ang mga priority nila. Kaya lang kasi hindi nila pinapakin-gan ang kanilang mga kapwa taong Pilipino. Sa nakikita ko at observasyon ko ay maganda ang kanilang mga layunin sa simula, pero habang nasa hi-way sila ng kanilang paglakad sa ating governo ay maraming din mga advisers, mga cabinets at iba pa na nakahadlang at paunting-untihin nilang paikutin ang ulo ng pangulo at siya naman ay naligaw sa kanyang layunin, etc. kailangan ang lider na balance ang puso… Read more »
atashia louise sholler
atashia louise sholler

try niyo kasing mag Presidente. para malaman nyo kung ano ang ginagawa nila. Sana nman po bago kayo manira, asikasuhin nyo muna ang mga nagawa nyo sa bansang Pilipinas. At kung anu ang magandang nagawa nyo bilang isang Pilipino.

atashia louise sholler
atashia louise sholler

sabagay lahat ng mali kagagawan ni Noynoy. Dapat nga sya ang sumalo lahat ng bala na tumama sa SAF44 , at nasama narin sya sa pagkalunod nung rumagasa ang bagyong Yolanda. Para lahat ng mga taong ayaw sa pamumuno nya masaya na. kahit di ko sya ibinoto noon kailangan nya ang mga taong marunong rumespeto kahit sa bansang Pilipinas at sa kapwa Pilipino. Kung sa isang Pamilya, kailangan ng respeto sa isa’t isa.

Gudluck sa susunod na President.
Boboto ako kung si Duterte ang tatakbo.


One sided article. I agree with everything you said but you left out the good side of the recent Aquino administration.

It seems from the way you where writing your in favor of Binay and left out the bad side of Binay also.


Nah, I’m just here to count how many times Noytard will cough throughout his speech.

Gerda Duran

haha,,,,SONA nA namn


yeah..fuckin-a..they built a defense parameter that would put to shame the best COC village defenses…i would have laughed but wTF..those are my taxes being used to ward off the “enemy”…razor wire, container vans, concrete barriers…were they expecting M1 Abrams tanks?