I Agree With Same-Sex Marriage But…

“Our culture has accepted two huge lies. The first is that if you disagree with someone’s lifestyle, you must fear or hate them. The second is that to love someone means to you agree with everything they believe or do. Both are nonsense. You don’t have to compromise convictions to be compassionate.”

~Adam Cappa

I am one of those who are certainly happy with the approval of same-sex marriage in the United States. It’s very heartwarming to see that some people don’t need to be lonely anymore and can spend their lives with the people they love. It’s nice to see that two of my good friends can finally live happily under one roof and have their relationship legitimized.

However, what I can not and will not accept from LGBT people in the United States, the Philippines or anywhere else in the world is the “like me or else” attitude. While I certainly champion both tolerance and acceptance of others, let it be known that I do not approve of people forcing themselves on others.


To give you better context that I have been a bachelor for much of my life. I don’t know, I guess I really am that creepy. Anyway, there’s this girl I want to impress. I know that the idea of her loving me is very unlikely so I was hoping that she could at least like me. Unfortunately, that probably won’t happen either because I’m just a little too creepy to be likable. But then, you can probably agree that she has every right not to like me after all. Everyone has a right to their own opinion and their own preferences as it should be. Remember that you can never force someone to love or like you no matter how much you love or like them.

There will be people in your life who will probably never agree with or even understand you and that is a reality that we all need to learn to live with regardless of ethnic identity, sexual orientation, religious beliefs or lack thereof. That’s simply the way things are in this world and no amount of whining or violence can change that. To all LGBT members out there who are mad at religious leaders who refuse to wed you, businesses who won’t cater to you or people who can’t return your love for them, please learn to respect others as well. If they don’t like or accept you then the best thing to do is to simply shrug your shoulders and move on in hopes of finding better opportunities elsewhere.

Remember also that rape is also called “forcing yourself on someone” because, by raping another person, you’re making them have sex with you by force. While I am not accusing of LGBT people of rape, by forcing your will upon others, you are no different from the people who have been oppressing you all those years ago. By making unwilling people conform to your desires, you are essentially forcing yourself on them, albeit in a metaphoric fashion.

So please, people of the LGBT community, if you want people to accept you then you have to learn to accept others as well. When you meet people who don’t accept or agree with you, just walk away and find another way. Is that so hard to understand or do?


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That is one of the big problems with the approval of same-sex “marriage” here in the USA. Gay activists are bullying those who do not wish to participate in their lifestyle through lawsuits. So much for tolerance . . . sigh.

ice cube

the problem with the US is that it is an I win – you lose society. never any gracious losers or gracious winners. play nice and we will all be okay.

why is it that we are so US-centric? Canada had gay marriage in 2005 and no one gave an s—.


Thaddeus, if there is no “Chemistry” (meeting of the minds), between you and the girl, you are courting; you are just losing your time. She will never love/want you…

I am a little bit “conservative”. So, I don’t agree, on marriage, between homosexuals. I believe in marriage between, a man and a woman. And, no one can take that belief from me.

However, since I cannot understand Homosexuality. If two people of the same sex, want to live together , as couple. Then, let them do it…it will help in the population control of our country.


it’s all in the packaging. flamboyant baklas and their fafas i have a problem with, i’ll admit that. but couples that look like nph and david burtka, they’re cool in my book. this reminds me of the time i watched gravitation (a lifetime ago), wherein i was reluctant because of the yaoi theme. In the end, it made me forget that the story was about two dudes in love… instead remember it simply was a love story between two people.


Grimwald, that quote from Adam Cappa though not only applies to the legalization of same-sex marriage but also applies to parenting and friendship. Some parents would not mind teaching their kids these lies through their orders (mga utos) because that is what “they think was right” and will not falter to implement such things. 🙁
I hope some parents who are reading this article will be alarmed by such big lies. 🙂

Nice quote pick there. 🙂

Here is the US it’s getting out of control. Organizations like the American Federation of Teachers are pushing to have homosexuality and gay propaganda be exposed to children ages 6 to 12 in order for them to view gay and transgender culture as things that are normal and acceptable. This can be dangerous since kids at those ages are not sexually mature enough to handle such content. Worst of all, more schools are doing this without informing parents because it is their “civic duty” to do so. Gay advocacy groups have launched all sorts of anti-hate campaigns against churches, schools,… Read more »
Your comparisons and reasonings are flawed. It’s not a simple matter of different views. Gay marriage is about human right and dignity. We can probably agree now that bigotry and any forms of it such as racism is wrong. If you turn someone away because of their race, we can probably agree it’s wrong and will likely face a backlash, unless you’re racist of course. When someone is open about their bigotry, you bet, that tree will not fall silently in the forest. The most egregious of your comparisons is rape. The dynamics with rape is around power and it’s… Read more »

A concept is a brick. It can be used to build a courthouse of reason. Or it can be thrown through the window.

Ebola Ray
@ Thaddeus Grimwald, why are you so hard on yourself? Why not just walk right up to the young Lady, smile, say ‘Hi,my name is Thaddeus, and would you like to go to the movies tonight? You see, I think you are just a lovely young Lady and I would be thrilled with your company.”,yes? Give it a shot.I bet she says: ‘Yes,I’d like that Thaddeus.”….Strike up the band ! IDK you, but I bet your not half as hideous as you imagine others think you are. Remember, people only see what you show them. Go for it ,dude. If… Read more »
Pepe Rep
Hi Grimwald, I’m not sure if your characterization of gay marriage is accurate when you said you’re “certainly happy with the approval of same-sex marriage in the United States…people don’t need to be lonely anymore and can spend their lives with the people they love…can finally live happily under one roof and have their relationship legitimized” (that’s as mushy as the SCOTUS ruling), when it has already been legitimized in civil unions and afforded similar benefits. The questions really are (1) why government is in the marriage business in the first place, and (2) why does civil marriage discriminate against… Read more »
I don’t understand why people get so worked up on this issue. Marriage is a private matter even for straight or heterosexual and if they decided to divorce, annul, open marriage is no one’s business but the couple. Whether the world like it or not, gay relationship is existing, living in one roof, doing what some people thought they shouldn’t be doing. Why do you care so much about these gays getting married if it doesn’t affect you? Who gave someone the right to be morally police? Some religious people call it sin, but if they are real Christians they… Read more »
LVM Malana
Before same-sex marriage, let it be known first that there is third gender. Same-sex marriage won’t be a conflict if the society accepts the existence of third gender. Now if third gender is accepted, then they should also be entitled to the right of the male and female. But third gender should also function like the men or women in terms of productivity and upholding peace, dignity and order in the society. Also, nobody should cause gender confusion to a growing child. Everybody is born a male or a female. Let that kid grow as they are (a male or… Read more »
pearl bethany
It is the abuse of “Human Rights”……if it is their right, then it is also the right of other groups to express themselves, contrariwise to their own self opinions. It seems like they’ve gone over the edge emphasizing and brandishing their rights to the extent that they get violent. What is it” Force Makes Might?” It is Human Rights gone berserk. My Pastor said that those Judges just made America another Sodom & Gomorrah and he’s not far from the truth. That is his opinion and I quite agree with him. That is our right to express too, so they… Read more »
Just Passing Thru
I’d just like to say that this is the first time EVER that I’ve commented on any blog sites (I don’t think FB posts from friends count, so yeah FIRST TIME EVER), so yeah. I’m leaving myself open to bashers. My mother (bless her amazing self) taught my 2 brothers and I that in life you can do anything you want as long as it doesn’t violate two rules: 1. Don’t hurt yourself and 2. Don’t hurt others. It’s very black and white I know, but it does eliminate ALOT of things (murder, theft, rape, bullying, discrimination, cheating, etc. etc.… Read more »
Kurt C

The world is at the brink of (already at) WORLD WAR III, not trying to be righteous nor shoving my thoughts on anyone…..but I haven’t seen any effort from the general humanity in even trying to shove any sense to the drivers of this human catastrophe…….should anyone wait till this is at your doorsteps? Peace everyone….just my paranoias out loud.