The Philippines contributes nothing but its VICTIMHOOD to the South China Sea crisis

Read articles about the South China Sea conflict on foreign media sites like Bloomberg, TIME, CNN, the BBC, and even Singapore’s The Straits Times, and you will find the real major players in the flashpoint mentioned liberally — China, the United States, and Japan. Perhaps even Vietnam.

What is notable about international media coverage of the South China Sea is what it consistently omits — the role the Philippines plays. That says something about the Philippines’ place in the global scheme of things. Indeed, the question all the more gets highlighted…

What does the Philippines contribute to the imbroglio?


The Philippines contributes no more than its victimhood.


The position the Philippine government has taken to underpin its appeal for global support in its efforts to assert sovereignity over the territories in the South China Sea that it lays claim to is based on the painting of China as a “bully”. Inquirer columnist Peter Wallace in his article China – a bully in the block, describes China’s behaviour in the region as akin to “irresponsible action by a bully, by someone who knows he can ride roughshod over others. It is not how responsible nations act.”

Fortunately, Wallace, rather than go down the typically-Filipino path of further wallowing in its victimhood, highlights the more confronting reality of how the Philippines got to this sorry situation…

What I find sad about all of this is that it probably wouldn’t have happened at all if the Philippine Senate had voted differently in 1991.

Twelve senators voted to kick the American bases out of Subic and Clark (against 11 who voted to retain). Now two of those 12 are trying to stop the Edca (Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement), which allows US military forces to maintain eight small bases here. It’s really quite simple: The Philippines has no military power at all. This is no denigration of the Armed Forces of the Philippines—they are fine, battle-worthy men, but they don’t have nuclear-powered aircraft carriers and a fleet of battleships or the latest-model fighter planes or all the myriad equipage China has. So any war would be over in a day. The United States has all these things in spades—and China knows it. So why on earth would you make it difficult for a friend to help you stand up to this bully, which only the United States can?

Those 12 Philippine senators deserve to go down in history as the men who turned the Philippines into the regional laughingstock that it is today. In 1991, Senate President Jovito Salonga, Senators Wigberto Tanada, Teofisto Guingona, Rene Saguisag, Victor Ziga, Sotero Laurel, Ernesto Maceda, Agapito Aquino, Juan Ponce Enrile, Joseph Estrada, Orlando Mercado, and Aquilino Pimentel voted to boot the United States military out from its prized bases in Subic Bay and Clark Field among others. You’d think that this astoundingly pompous display of “national pride” would motivate an actual display of self-reliance by following through with a focused effort to build up indigenous defense capability to fill the massive void left by the American pullout. History now shows that this did not happen.

As if that weren’t enough, the Philippines still fails to learn that hard lesson even today as the United States shows renewed interest in rebuilding its lost military presence in the region. Filipinos still regard the American presence as an affront to their imagined “independence”. Some even bizarrely continue to see America as the enemy.

Militant group Gabriela (supposedly a champion of “womens’ issues”), for example, expressed fears that the recent increases in US troop deployments to the Philippines will result in an increase in crime around areas where they are stationed. According to Gabriela party-list Rep. Luzviminda Ilagan “the country could see a rise in women and child abuse cases as a result of the 10-year defense deal that will allow greater US military presence in the country.”

“They will still violate and go around the provisions. Tayo pa rin ang dehado.”

Ilagan said aside from a possible rise in cases of human rights violations, the [Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement (EDCA) which currently serves as the basis for governing US military presence in the Philippines] can also cause damage to the country’s environment.

Bayan Muna Rep. Neri Colmenares shared Ilagan’s sentiment against the deal. “Ang daming nangyaring krimen noong panahon ng bases – rape, child prostitution, illegal drugs, human rights violations – mayroon ka bang nalaman na isang Amerikanong na-convict?”

Ilagan seems to conveniently forget, however, that many of the most heinous crimes in the Philippines are perpetrated by Filipinos themselves. Indeed, it is likely that crime that can be directly attributed to American military personnel is statistically insignificant. Recent high-profile crackdowns on child abuse in the Philippines were, in fact, initiated by foreign law enforcement agencies. This is another example of the way Filipinos are motivated by foreign pressure first before any self-initiative. Left to their own devices, local law enforcement agencies will have likely left that cancer to fester right under their noses.

So-called “activists” like Ilagan should also consider the tens (possibly hundreds) of thousands of Filipino lives that were saved and relieved of their misery by the awesome might of the US military back in late 2013 after super typhoon Haiyan struck the Philippines. If there were “victims” of “human rights violations” supposedly perpetrated by US troops in the past, as Ilagan points out, maybe that bit of math will put things in a bit more perspective for the honourable party-list “representative”. Perhaps Ilagan should, instead, spend her days going after her colleagues in government who make a killing syphoning off money intended for the rehabilitation of the disaster areas.

The truth is quite simple. The only reason China is not moving faster and more menacingly than it already is in the South China Sea is because it is wisely considering the possibility of military action by countries like the United States, Japan, and Australia that pose real threats to its goals. The Philippines’ efforts at “diplomacy” is really no more than a quaint side show.

Indeed, weak countries like the Philippines continue to exist only because powerful countries allow them to. A world order supposedly ruled by “international law” is no more than a glossy pretense. No less than the United States itself has, time and again, demonstrated that its own national interests trump United Nations “resolutions” any day. Military might is the only real currency in international “relations”.

The Philippines had ample time to learn that simple lesson. But in remaining consistent with its renowned tradition of institutionalised idiocy, it didn’t.


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The americans are not coming to your rescue. The phils will be the sacrificial pawn in the bigger game. I am sure your handful of combat airfare and naval ships with will hold off the Chinese for all of 5 mins


A combined fleet of combat ships at war are the best negotiators. If you value your lives be somewhere else.


go away china, we’re living in peace.


My take here is to bring back the US bases, or to create at least one (since the old ones are now economic zones).

One personal reason here (being I’m from Baguio) is that the John Hay Air Base was, under the Americans, well-maintained as a forest reserve. Now it’s a trainwreck of the rich clusterfucked in litigation.

“You’d think that this astoundingly pompous display of “national pride” would motivate an actual display of self-reliance by following through with a focused effort to build up indigenous defense capability to fill the massive void left by the American pullout.” It’s possible that Sen. Jovito Salonga really sees it that way. He wants the Philippines to be self-reliant. Unfortunately, even as Senate President, he’s not able to do something to strengthen the Philippine’s defense forces. He wasn’t able to do that after ending his political career after losing in the presidential election in 1992. He committed the same mistake Marcos… Read more »

“The Philippines contributes no more than its victimhood.”

The pinoys have that down to an art form. They’ve even managed to fool themselves into thinking that being a helpless victim equals unparalleled resiliency.

not sure

Where are the national “Pinoy” pridists on situations such as this? They have nothing to be proud when we couldn’t even defend ourselves by our own means. Freedom is wasted on this country.

They Philippines has nothing else to offer.So it bends over and takes who-ever the colonial power of the year is…..and Gets FITA!!! (Filipino’s are so used to it they go the ‘NO LUBE’ route,LOL!!!) If they have anything else, please enlighten ME, US ! The thieves that have looted the country are responsible for this, they coud have armed a military capable of National Defense over the last 50 yrs.,but no, they preferred houses and cars in the USA and Hong Kong and will not be around when the country is invaded and or attacked, BUT that will not happen.CHINA… Read more »
and ‘GABRIELA’ makes me laugh.With all the smoke spewing rollling shit-heaps on wheels, called jeepney’s,and 9 out of 10 cars on the road in similar ecologically ruinous condition,the Philippines(did I forget to mention the pinoys so full of pride that they just throw garbage anywhere it lands,urinate in public etc…) does a good enough job ruining the environment all by itself. THE USA Military would be a boom for the economy around Subic & Clarke AFB, as it once was.Those 12 idiots should have gone to the gallows,especially Pimmentel…that fuckin drunkard.I’ve met him and as smooth talking as he maybe…he… Read more »
‘Institutionalized idiocy’,well said !!! and hit the nail on the head. U kno,one day….maybe your Grandchildren will be under Chinese rule.How is that? Because the West, in an effort to get rid of ‘UNIONIZED LABOR’ for quick profits ,outsourced all its industrial manufacturing to guess where? CHINA ! so, you see, their really are no democractic governments, just Multi-national corporations that make the rules now. Trade rules ,backed up by military power,that is! any wars that happen are just efforts to eliminate unnecessary humans and/or fight for resources. AND BTW, all that ‘typhon HIYAN AID’ did get stolen and the… Read more »

U kno, when I think about it, and see people sending infants into the street to beg,while fat Momma sits on the corner,stuffing her fat face,and waits for the little beggars to come back with ‘the loot'(30 peso’s,LOL!),all while the people running the country steal everything that is not nailed down.
it makes me think what a sickening country to be born into,the Philippines.

GET OUT NOW, ANY WAY YOU CAN…and dont go back.

dick s. O'rosary
In the run up to the 2010 elections, one candidate seemed to recognize the need for indigenous self defense capability (he was a former DND secretary). Sometimes I wonder if he had won, would he have made good of his platform to give us a credible military? These days though, its already a big deal that we purchase a few obsolete helicopters, and our yellow-bellied media would even bill that as an administration “achievement”. Well, sorry, but buying a few old Hueys isnt an achievement, and where is our military secrecy? Damn, I swear, if ever were going to have… Read more »

Para sa mga nag kukumento sa aming mga Pilipino. Tandaan nyo, 1.5 Billion ang bansang Tsina samantalang ang bansang Pilipinas ay 120 Million lamang… Isa pilipino bawat labing dalawa’t kalahating Intsik ang labanan. Pwede. Di kami uurong.

Aquino used the Military Modernization Fund for his DAP, PDAF, and Pork Barrel Bribery to get what he wants. The Generals of AFP, pocketed the rest of the Fund. This is the truth. You cannot fight a “21st century war” with a World War II propeller driven fighter bombers; and World War I junkyard Navy battleships. Our Generals have no War experiences. They are only good for morning flag ceremonies and parade in review. Aquino is a coward, with no military experience. International Courts and the U.N. cannot prevent aggression of strong countries. Look at the behavior of Russia in… Read more »
Robert Haighton
Here is a Dutch report about the same problem, published today. (For an appropriate translation pls use–en-muisspelletjes-op-Zuid-Chinese-Zee-worden-steeds-dreigender-1771639W/?masterpageid=158493 Buitenland Kat- en muisspel op Zuid-Chinese Zee wordt steeds dreigender door Fred Sengers 4 jun 2015 De kat- en muisspelletjes in en boven de Zuid-Chinese Zee krijgen een steeds grimmiger karakter. Escalatie van het conflict kan enorme gevolgen hebben. Het is alweer een tijdje rustig in de Oost-Chinese Zee. Dat heeft natuurlijk alles te maken met China’s politieke agenda waarop momenteel hogere prioriteiten staan dan de strijd om een paar rotspunten in zee. Andere belangen President Xi Jinping wil de banden… Read more »
Robert Haighton
And this is the report in English (translated by Google)–en-muisspelletjes-op-Zuid-Chinese-Zee-worden-steeds-dreigender-1771639W/?masterpageid=158493 Buitenland (Abroad) Cat and mouse game in South China Sea is more threatening by Fred Sengers 4 Jun 2015 The cat-and-mouse games, and over the South China Sea have a savage character. Escalation of the conflict can have enormous consequences. It’s been a while quietly in the East China Sea. This has everything to do with China’s political agenda which currently are higher priorities than the fight for a few rocky outcrops in the sea. Other interests President Xi Jinping wants closer ties with Taiwan. There are presidential elections… Read more »
For those saying “we’ll fight”, no one actually said that the Philippines or it’s people WON’T. Being butthurt won’t win you anything. But to fight such a battle with a moron’s mindset is futile; as futile as arguing with a pridist. War dictates strategy, planning, tactics… The real problem here is that most Pinoys are caught up in false pride that they ignore, no, they despise help. It now becomes a mentality of “HINDI, KAYA NAMIN ‘TO!” Even though the country has done nothing but cry out to the world its woes of being bullied. Paradoxical, it seems, that in… Read more »

Technology wins war. Raw courage and brabery will not win any war. Up-to-date war materials technological equipment; along with the strategy, planning , and tactics of our Gennerals and Admirals.

I don’t see these requirements in our AFP and its personnel.


The P8 Poseidon Aircraft is one of the U.S. Navy Aircraft, developed/manufactured by Boeing Corporation. It is used by the U.S. Navy for :Anti-Submarine mission; Military Surface Mission ; interdiction and gathering of intelligence/information. It carries sophisticated RADAR equipment and sensors.


“Some even bizarrely continue to see America as the enemy.”

Too hung up over fat, ugly pervert losers from the US taking away their women most likely while never even touching a history book.