The Nature of Evil: Knowledge and Ignorance

Before I begin, I want to ask our dear readers a simple question: What is evil? Or rather, what is your idea of evil?

Of course, I am well aware that the word “evil” itself is subjective. Essentially, each and every one of us has a different idea on how to define “evil”. Considering that even our culture is deeply divided by various factors from our historical disputes with one another to our rather clannish ways, it’s little surprise that we are still confused over which politicians are guilty of being corrupt and are utterly baffled over what we’re supposed to do them when we find them.

However I, for one, will go with Socrates’ idea of what is good and evil. A popular figure in philosophy, Socrates is credited with being one of, if not the, wisest men of his time. Anyway, his take and good and evil was a fairly simple one: Knowledge=Good and Ignorance=Bad.


Of course, there are quite a few misguided Pinoys out there who adhere to the idea that being knowledgeable is a bad thing. Unfortunately, while this may seem pretentious of me, I consider such ideas not just stupid but border on being evil.

You see, from my own perspective at least, to know what is good, one must first know the truth. Now some truths maybe harsh and sometimes difficult to accept but it is only by knowing the truth can we make a difference. By knowing the truth, we can see where we went wrong and can eventually go on to correct our mistakes and improve ourselves. With truth, we come to understand ourselves and the world around us with greater quality. Through truth, we will know what it truly means to be free because only then would we know what our choices are and what each of them entails.

Ignorance, as I see it, is the source of all evil. You’re welcome to dispute me if you wish but this is an opinion I would prefer to keep. Because, you see, ignorance is the very spirit of apathy. Ignorance is, essentially, choosing not to know or care at all. By not caring, we choose to close our eyes and ears to the truth. When we act without knowledge of the situation and choose not to care, we lose the ability to differentiate what is right from what is wrong. Some of the reprehensible acts committed by human beings stem from either human ignorance or an unwillingness to care about others.

Crimes can be identified through knowledge of the law. When we don’t even know what the laws are because we’re too busy keeping up with misleading teleseryes and the sordid private lives of celebrities, how can we even tell what is or is not a crime? How can we call someone a criminal when we don’t even have a grasp of what a crime is or what it isn’t? Without truth to guide our way, we are ultimately blind and deaf to what is truly good in this world.


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Robert Haighton

Again a great piece of art but a bit hypocritical from someone who believes in the power of prayers.


Nice take on an important topic. It is something we encounter day to day in our lives and is a big topic if we want to really explore it. If you don’t mind, could I contribute the following links just in case somebody is interested.

•• (encyclopedic def of evil)

•• (am a fan of Peter Kreeft, and I listen when he says something.)


What if evil doesn’t really exist? What if evil is something dreamed up by man, and there is nothing to struggle against except out own limitations? The constant battle between our will, our desires, and our choices?

?Beauty is in the eye of the beerholder. And now that I am sober, I don’t know if I could define art. (Hehehe). What I know is that when we are presented with a naked woman (or man) in a visual medium we know, or feel, that which is art from that which is “pornographic”. One elevates, or stirs, the mind; the other stirs, not necessarily elevating, the basic instincts. Which is which is what is subjective dependent on culture, background and education. Experts could of course assist in the objective appraisal of that art which can be separated from… Read more »
not sure

I see knowledge as a tool, able to use in both constructive and destructive ways.

Ignorance is but a cause of apathy, another is realization(knowledge).


Evil is just the opposite and absence of Good.
Evil can be defined in many terms. It depends on your : religion; political belief; religious dogma; or state of mind.

If you cut the throat of Grimwald; you are evil. But, in times of war, and Grimwald is the enemy. If you cut his throat, you will be given a medal…because, he is the evil enemy.

Gordon Gecko of the Wall Street movie stated:
“For lack of better term. Greed is good…” Aquino’s PDAF, DAP, Pork Barrel bribery, are good to him…For us , it is Evil…


What is evil? It spells backward for live. So live an evil life only here in the country known as Gates of Hell according to Dan Brown.

If you’ll take a look at the map of our country, it looks like a symbol of Illuminati. :\

Bing Bong

Filipino’s may be the most talented Asians,musically especially, but they are ,at the same time, the most unoriginal….and there-in lies the problem.

I saw on the news that Phivolcs has started warning (again) about a potential strong earthquake that could hit Metro Manila. ( That’s all what the agency can do – Warn and advise. In fairness, I also heard that MMDA is reiterating a metro-wide earthquake drill. What about the national government? Ok I know the disaster management agency (acronym too long) is ready because that is their job. What about the local government units? Any word from them on how are they going to take the warning of Phivolcs? Have they responded to MMDA’s invitation? Or if not, then what… Read more »
However I, for one, will go with Socrates’ idea of what is good and evil. A popular figure in philosophy, Socrates is credited with being one of, if not the, wisest men of his time. Anyway, his take and good and evil was a fairly simple one: Knowledge=Good and Ignorance=Bad. The whole article is built on the assumption that Knowledge=Good and Ignorance=Bad. However, I disagree with it. Let me start with an example I think everyone will agree. We all agree that smoking is bad for ones health, it increases one’s change to have cancer and other respiratory diseases. However… Read more »

There are certain knowledge out there that is better left alone and ignored.

A certain knowledge that upon receiving, will ultimately destroy a part of his soul.

Such knowledge can take many forms and be different to each of us.

We all have one, a pandora’s box.