Floyd Mayweather beat Manny Pacquiao the same way Filipino politicians beat real leaders – on POINTS

What’s all the fuss about? Filipinos by now should be very well familiar with the way Floyd Mayweather beat Manny Pacquiao in today’s bout. The key insight here is what disappointed Filipinos are now telling themselves:

Mayweather may have won, but Pacquiao was the better fighter.

Mayweather was obviously the smarter fighter. He got the system to work for him. He got the points without having to fight. Sound familiar? That’s because the Pacquiao-Mayweather fight was a microcosm of Philippine politics. In Philippine politics, the usual people routinely win on points (i.e., they get the votes). But do the votes actually determine the true leaders? Filipinos already know the painful answer to that question.

The smarter fighter: Floyd Mayweather won the match by using the system to his best advantage. (Photo source: Telegraph UK)
The smarter fighter: Floyd Mayweather won the match by using the system to his best advantage.
(Photo source: Telegraph UK)

Funny that Filipinos read the outcome of today’s fight right. We see where the points went but know at heart who the better fighter was, because he fought well. Nonetheless, it is clear who the system regards as the winner today. Fortunately for Filipinos, they have a choice (at least in their heads) who they will regard as their winner.

Unfortunately it is not like that in Philippine politics. Like Mayweather, perhaps, Filipino politicians can run around the ring taking jabs at their opponents every now and then to score points while the true leaders go after them with attacks of real substance. But unlike Mayweather who attracted jeers with his winning strategy, Filipino politicians and their empty jabs routinely get the cheers plus the win. And the real leaders who throw the real hard punches — those with actual ideas to field against their foes get the jeers. Or worse, are simply ignored.

The 'better fighter': Manny Pacquiao won hearts by performing like the real deal.
The ‘better fighter’: Manny Pacquiao won hearts by performing like the real deal.

If only Filipinos can read a political match as well as they could read a boxing match. If only they could be as good with identifying the real fighters outside of the ring as well as they do inside it.

Filipino politicians are smart in the sense that they know how to work Philippine politics for the win, just like Mayweather won against Pacquiao by being the smarter boxer today.


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Presidente Emilio
I wish it’s easy to pick good leaders. But then again, politics is anything but easy. I’m pretty sure a lot of Filipinos nowadays had become smart enough to know who the good leaders are. The real question is can they actually act on it w/ an “invisible blade (i.e. money, threats, etc.)” directed on their throats? This fight has the word “mafia” written all over it. Just like our society, where the current powers-that-be got the masses on the balls. But this actually presents a lesson. If we (the true Filipino patriots) want to win our struggle for change,… Read more »

Problem is what’s the “true leaders” meaning for ordinary pinoy; who don’t have enough education nor enough way/means to determine or to at least check the track records of a politicians or running to be leaders? Majority of the voters were mostly willing to sell their votes for a small cash and for the sake of pakikisama not because of patriotism.


It is not the better fighter, that wins the boxing match. it is the smarter fighter. Same as in war, the smarter General and strategist wins war.

In our politics, the best deceiver politician wins election. They are not smart. They perfected their Art of Deception, on voters.

Boxing is big business. See the promotions; the money involved; the cost of tickets, etc..
If you are not smart enough, you will bite, and your money is gone….

Pastor Ernie
God works in mysterious ways. But for someone who has a very strong personal relationship with our Lord and Savior, such as I, it is easy to decipher these mysterious ways. So let me tell you why God did not make Manny win. This is God’s way of telling Manny to focus less on personal glory and to serve the Filipino people instead. God given talents are never supposed to be used for personal gain and I am afraid to say that Manny has strayed from his true purpose in life. Manny should lead the Filipino people into greatness but… Read more »

Too bad that same strategy is probably going to cause boxing to die. People came in expecting a match to remember, two men slugging it out until one of them falls, not men hugging each other like they’re in a Brazzers video. Smart move or not, it made the fight boring, and after all that effort was spent hyping it up as “the Fight of the Century”.

Alex Gomez

Yeah but that’s the way Las Vegas boxing is right? So, why complain NOW when this SAME system gave Manny 57 victories? More victories than Mayweather at 48. Any dumbwitt can see that REAL boxing happens at the Olympics. Moreover, both Manny and Floyd seem to be like the best of friends.

No… I think we, the Filipino are the victims here by Manny, Floyd and Las Vegas Boxing. Does anybody even spend the same amount of money to watch Filipino Boxers in any thing in semblance of an Olympic game? I thought so.


There’s a system in boxing. There are rules. Sorry, those get followed.

Mayweather knew what he was doing. He knows Pac-man is very good at delivering hits so he took away that advantage first and struck hard. A perfect example of “work smart, not hard.” However, the people who supported the loser will be sore and will call foul at the judges. Which is funny because many Americans, not just Filipinos were disappointed in the outcome. They came to see a brutal exchange of blows and instead they saw two grown men play tag and free hugs. Which is how Mayweather wanted it. Now, while I know OFWS are disappointed, I’d wonder… Read more »
Matthew Dinglasan

Just like the Communists in the Philippines. They are getting jeered just because they’re “godless bastards”. When you analyze the accusations against them, the accusations are in fact baseless. Can easily be related to the MayPac fight. Well done!

Oh Please, Give FLOYD his due, he gave Paquiao a BOXING lesson.The better fighter was not Paquiao because if he was, he would have won….BUT HE DID NOT WIN, HE LOST !!!! Floyd hit Paquiao with a couple of upper-cuts that just missed putting the ‘lights’ out, and anyone who saw them knew they just missed, but connected enough to score.and now, of course, there are excuses excuses excuses….which is BAD SPORTSMANSHIP, and classless. People trash Mayweather all the time and even when he gives a guy a boxing lesson, he still gets the excuses and no credit for being… Read more »




Floyd for President

Floyd for the Harlem Globetrotters

Floyd SR For Mayor of Las Vegas


Floyd is a master tactician, Many is a brawler.

Rather similar to when Sugar Ray Leonard fought Marvin Hagler in 86.


Can you give real-life examples of real leaders in Philippine politics?


The quote under the picture above does not take into account todays excuses ,does it? The backlash against these statements is HUGE !! Western people do not like excuses, (Filipino’s might) Paquiao doesn’t know that…obviously.But his handlers do and shame on Roach and Joo Arum for not knowing and informing Paquiao.

There’s still some who I think didn’t get the point of this article. It’s not about boxing; it’s about the analogy of how Mayweather won and how politicians in the Philippines get their seats. First of all, Mayweather won. Period. We may not be convinced or impressed but “A win is a win no matter how bad it is.” – A phrase that I often heard and applies to this one too. As a Filipino I too would like Pacquiao to win but hey if he loses regardless of the reason, it won’t matter. Move on. Leave the ranting to… Read more »

totally unnecessary allegory, man. it’s called a strategy, and all the moves mw did were 100% legit – unlike un-statesmen-like politicians who bend the system to their bidding.
to me, the boxing hype is meh. you know what would be interesting though? manny vs royce gracie or even brock lesnar in some exhibition match.

Peter Vandever

Manny sucks. He is done. Get a new hero!

Actually, it’s the opposite. In sports and politics, the ones who have substance are the ones who are considered ‘boring’. Substance works in sports but not in politics, especially in the Philippines. Politicians would spend more time planning their gimmicks than their platforms in elections and as a result, the one with more flamboyance but lesser substance wins over the duller but more substance candidates. The same cannot be said in sports. The ones who have substance wins. Floyd Mayweather is a very good example of this. He came in the arena to win the match and not the fans… Read more »
Naku naman

Because it’s sports, people wanted to see physical skills and strength or stamina. The greatest boxers are those who can sway their opponent with their punch. It is boxing! Fighting with the fists! If it’s only hit and not be hit but your punch cannot be felt and you’re running just so you can’t be hit, and the ringside serve as a catch net so you won’t fall, what kind of boxing is that?