The #Philippines has become Kaboboan Central under the no-results presidency of Noynoy Aquino

And so now Filipinos are calling for the ouster of President Benigno Simeon “BS” Aquino. Well, some say it’s 5 years too late. But, you know, a year is still a lot of time to spread his trademark BS all over the Philippines. And buti sana if it’s just the same ha-ha BS. The massacre of 44 SAF policemen is proof that funny BS can turn into not-so-funny BS. So tragic talaga. Despite President BS Aquino being so bobo, he still won in 2010 and went on to rule for another five years.

But what really makes me wonder is why President Joseph “Erap” Estrada who was also bobo and also a sad slave to barkada and a lot of unsavory vices did not survive past his fourth year while BS Aquino who as we all know now is so full of the “S” in “BS” was tolerated by Pinoys for so long — with fatal consequences!

noynoy_aquinoWell, it sort of came to me last night! President BS Aquino enjoyed the support of rich and sosyal people. During his campaign my Facebook timeline was filled with emotic messages of support from Atenistas, LaSallistas, Assumptionistas, and all the other Istas you can think of (o sige na nga, da Kulasas too). You’d think kiddos with that sort of royal schooling would be a bit smarter. But no. Aquino despite having a cavity where a brain should have been somehow appealed to educated people.

That whole thing — a time when being opposed to a BS Aquino presidency was considered KJ (killjoy) — made me realize that Pinoys are just bandwagon hoppers. They see an “in” movement and they start changing their Facebook profiles into the logos and faces of that movement. Come to think of it, before the whole Noynoy-for-President insanity, there was the death of Tita Cory, which also prompted a lot of bozos to engage in a mass hysteria of emotional blubbering all over social media. I swear, I could almost wipe tears and uhog off my computer screen at the time when I logged onto Facebook. Specially the Atenistas — wow, I was, like, magpakalalaki naman kayo!

Don’t get me wrong, Tita Cory was a nice lady. But in retrospect, we can see now that the path she had been taken in her final decade was pretty much the trajectory her son BS Aquino would continue — engaging in too much of the personality politics and the misguided “alliances” with whoever that started the irreversible erosion of the “EDSA magic”.

No thanks, of course to the Philippine media. And here I was thinking sosyal people derided Filipino TV as baduy. Turns out these latte-sipping guys and gals did not know what they were talking about and were as big suckers for TV boboism as any wretched Willie Revillame fan. I gotta give some credit to ABS-CBN. They really did a number on the minds of this lost generation. Imagine that: an entire generation lost to Yellowtardism. Despite the bright colors flying all over the place, this age will go down in history as a really DARK one. Ha ha!

So it looks like we’ve come full enough circle to realize an important lesson here. It’s not really all about being just “popular”. It’s about being popular in the right circles.

President BS Aquino and his kamaganaks and kabarkadas were backed by the right circles — rich land owners, media moguls, and a bedrock of techo-savvy minions who spewed gigabytes of inanities all over the Net. I find it funny that a lot of them have become turncoats after this crisis. Kapal talaga. After being such rabid Noytards in the old days, they now make like they are such cluey ‘activists’. Not! Palibhasa being anti-Noynoy is so “in” already now.

In fairnes, at least they change colors presumably on account of some reflection they did in light of recent events. Better late than never. Unlike some people. There are lot of folks out there who will probably NEVER abandon their Yellow “heroes”. That sort of blind loyalty is right up there with primitive religidiotic thinking. Those brain-dead “Panahon na, Magka-isa” songs of the mid-1980s that ABS-CBN kept drumming ad nauseum into our heads back then may as well be their bible. They’re all wearing Reason-Proof vests.

That’s the whole problem when you bake religion into politics and come up with that addictive Yellow cake that Filipinos subsisted on since 1986. Sarap sarap to sayaw sayaw, right?

Ocho-ocho pag may taym

Filipinos certainly made a lot of time back then to sayaw-sayaw da ocho-ocho. And yet here we are after that last sham of an EDSA people power anniversary. The streets once-teeming every Feb 25 were all but silenced by the idiocy of a president who’s become scared shitless of his own people. His “bosses” daw. What a laugh!

Umuwi ka na lang! Not to Malacanang but to your daddy’s house in New Manila!

The Philippines has become Kaboboan Central under the presidency of Noynoy Aquino. How can Filipinos be proud of such a country? Tanong lang naman. Sagot sagot pag may taym. Please naman.


Post Author: Kate Natividad

Frustrated artist doing geek for a living.

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The Noytards of the ‘intelligentsia’ like him because Momma & Daddy are ‘IN’ at the GOCC’s and business’s that all prosper due to their ‘allegiance’ to the Aquino’s.
The RP has done well ,in some spheres, since Aquino took office and all the people and their families that have made mucho peso’s because of the ‘retarded one’ still have the guys back.

Filipinos hate being left out. They want to be part of the crowd because of the values instilled in them by the family and peers – “Pakikisama”. Which sadly means going with the crowd… even if said crowd do really inane and stupid things. And this within lies the problem. Because Filipinos have trained themselves to be incapable of independence and their society doesn’t favor independence, they really cannot think for themselves. They are sheep. Which ironically something the Catholic church wants out of its followers. And the way I see it, the first step for true independence for Filipinos… Read more »

Tolerance isn’t about not having beliefs. It’s about how your beliefs lead you to treat people who disagree with you.

343Hyden Toro007
The Evolution of “Kabobohan” in the Philippines, started with Cory Aquino. A Clueless, unaccomplished Housewife, who was put there by the U.S., as our President. Then, followed by Erap Estrada, a college dropout, who was an Actor, who became a President. We have now, Benigno BS Aquino III, who has not accomplish anything in his life. A mentally retarded, and suffering from Depression. The YellowTard Media also contributed to the “Kabobohan” of the Filipinos. Wowoowee shows, Prize Winning Shows, Teleseryas, dumb movies, etc…plus they portrayed the Aquinos as Saints, Heroes and Martyrs… Now, we have the brutally massacred 44 SAF;… Read more »
Dale Gozar
ARROGANCE OF POWER is the reason why PNoy get dumber & dumber (Incompetent). “Power makes leaders dumb. The more power you gain the dumber you get”. The Danger of Incompetent & Arrogant Leaders are: 1. Incompetent & Arrogant Leaders create dumb organizations, poor planning, and failed missions. 2. Incompetence/Stupidity is contagious and can spread (viral). 3. Incompetence (Stupidity) can be fatal / kill people. “Evil isn’t the real threat to the world. Stupid is just as destructive as Evil, maybe more so, and it’s a hell of a lot more common. What we really need is a crusade against Stupid.… Read more »
Kira Yamato Mendoza

Why is this article so poorly written with lots of grammatical errors?


It’s what we call propaganda! For dumbing our masses! But dont worry it’s not only here it’s happening! If we have ABS-CBN they have FoxNews,CNN,ABC,CBS etc…
Try watching their news or better yet listen to Obama’s speeches like “American Exceptionalism” (I almost puked) and you have the average American Joe yell “USA”! The Elites made sure they make their masses dumb so they can be easily fooled!
“Kabobohan” is everywhere and not only in the Philippines my Dear


Loved this article…exactly my sentiments, spoken the way i would have. Thanks kate and i’m looking forward to read more of my thoughts through your pen (or keyboard). 😉