It is not poor people but rich people who have a BIG problem with poverty

So according the the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines (CBCP), 2015 will be “The Year of the Poor”, a declaration which coincides with the arrival of Poper Francis earlier that year…

“We as the Church of the Poor are called to renew our commitment to Christ’s mission and to always take the side of the poor and the oppressed, especially when and where there is injustice and denial of basic human rights. The farmers that till the land to bring us food, the fisher folks who navigate the seas for us and the workers who run the industries are still materially poor after decades and generations of work for living. Their dignity as co-creator of the Lord should be reclaimed,” Fr. Enrico Martin F. Adoviso, chairman of the Archdiocese of Manila (RCAM)’s Commission on Social Services and Development (CSSD), said.

The inconvenient truth about Philippine society
The inconvenient truth about Philippine society
Why declare a “year of the poor”? Perhaps it is because at any other time, the Philippines is anything but a society that is of the poor despite it being saddled by an overwhelmingly impoverished majority. Indeed, being majority impoverished does not necessarily make a society empathic of poverty. Quite the opposite, as a matter of fact. Poverty is such an in-your-face condition in the Philippines that Filipinos have become desensitised to it. Morning and evening commuters slogging through Manila’s appallingly gridlocked traffic are familiar with — and obvlivious to — the sight of wretched children begging and selling cigarettes on the city’s steaming streets.

For that matter, the neglect of the devastated areas in and surrounding Leyte that Typhoon Haiyan left behind became more acute as the world’s cameras turned away to more newsworthy stories. Perhaps the arrival of Pope Francis promises the return of the spotlight to the conditions suffered by Haiyan’s victims. That remains to be seen. And so, we are led to believe, declaring 2015 “The Year of the Poor” might help. It will, as the thinking goes, create that much-needed awareness of poverty among Filipinos. Or so we think.

Who exactly is a “Year of the Poor” supposed to benefit? The poor don’t need to be reminded of poverty. They live it day in and day out, year after year, generation after generation. They have no need of such token gestures of “awareness” like declaring an entire year of awareness of their plight.

Rather, it seems, that the rich are really the ones who have a bigger problem with poverty than the poor. Indeed, pity the Philippines’ rich. They are forced to live in fortified residential enclaves, hire 24-hour armed security guards, and carry around guns to protect themselves from the poor swarming around them everyday. The poor cramp the style of the rich too. That’s clearly evident whenever there is an international conference coming to town and the screens and fences come up around sections of roads and bridges between the airport and hotels and convention centres where delegates congregate lest they see the squalor just a stone’s throw away from their airconditioned cars.

And lest we forget, the government Filipinos suffer today is a government created by the poor. Filipino voters are overwhelmingly poor and are thus susceptible to bribery, clever marketing and persuasion tricks, celebrity endorsement, and empty but seductive populist rhetoric. The poor amongst the country’s electorate is where all the wrong arguments, flawed thinking, and moronic ideas of ill-bred, ill-educated, and borderline-criminal politicians take root. The Philippines’ poor is where bad strategy, bad policy, and bad execution thrive. Because poor people lack sufficient critical thinking faculties, Philippine government will, for the foreseeable future, be a stark reflection of this profound intellectual bankruptcy of Philippine society.

So, really, there is no need for a “Year of the Poor” to be declared. The true rulers of the Philippines are the poor. Their vast colonies are nurtured and farmed for votes by Filipino politicians and their impoverished thinking is pandered to by sloganeers, public relations consultants, and copy writers every election campaign season. The Philippines, contrary to popular belief, is a tyranny of the masses. Every year in the Philippines is a Year of the Poor whether or not a bunch of men in robes declare any one of them as such.


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Just Bill Me

“If a free society cannot help the many who are poor, it cannot save the few who are rich” JFK.

WOW, a whole YEAR!!! The Church really does love the poor; it never had a whole YEAR for the RICH!!!

Sick Amore

So what difference does the rich people made having all these power and knowledge? *amass amass amass*


“Church of the Poor”, eh? Nice to see them finally admit what they are: the driving force behind Philippine poverty. If the Pope does one and only one thing while he’s here, perhaps he’ll tell the poor to stop producing more more people.

Sea Bee

@marius: Good point….the Catholic Church’s birth control sanctions are helping to bring about a society where everyone is barefoot, poor, and pregnant. I have lived among the poor. Most of them have huge families. Why? Are they afraid of going to hell if they use a condom. I do not think so. It seems rather to be about the “bahala na” mindset.

Hyden Toro008

The gap between the rich and the poor, in our country is growing wider and wider.

What is the position of the Catholic Church with regards to Agrarian Reform?

Hacienda Luisita is there…Friars lands are there. They are tilled by serf/tenants; that live way, way below the poverty line…

Oligarch political leaders who owns vast landholdings are there. Their tenant/serfs are the poor of the poorest. Barely surviving.

I am interested to know what action the Churches have done…

Deep throat
Your propaganda is outdated by 100 years. The gap is created by the people’s difference in productivity and outlook in life.. Rich are rich because they worked for it. The poor are poor because they didn’t do anything about it. In our society, You can become poor even if your rich or become rich even if your poor. They are poor people not because of hacienda Lusitania or your so called oligarchs but because of the poor people themselves who refused to become better in life. Had you said this 1898 I would believe you. But all this nonsense you… Read more »
Hyden Toro009

The inequality in our country is not due to the “laziness” of the poor. We still have Feudalism…Feudalism has long been removed in other countries. Some of the rich oligarcha are politician thieves.

The Oligarchs monopolize everything, because they have power and money. Hacienda Luisita is the icon of Feudalism; owned by the Aquinos and the Cojuangcos…

This is the reason the “Anti-Trust” Law was enacted in the U.S. To prevent monopolies; and to give everybody a level playing field.

Hayden Toro001

Feudalism was placed by the Spanish Colonizers…if you travel around the Philippines. There is a town (Poblacion), surrounded by Barrios (agricultural lands), tilled by tenant/serfs, supporting the residents of the Poblacion.

It is the same set up in Mexico, and other South American countries. Mexico removed its Feudalism, thru the revolution initiated by Emiliano Zapata, a century ago…

Hyden Toro004
@Deep Throat: What an idiotic thinking you have…who have an outdated in thought…a guy who believes in Feudalism in this Age of Information Technology. The gap between the rich and the poor is widening everyday, in our country…you must be blind, not to see it; or you refuse to see… monopoly is the name of the game. The Oligarchs have both the political and economic power. And they built family political dynasties…I believe in Agrarian Reform…and I am not a communist. Communism is an outdated ideology…it does not work. A guy like you who believes in Hacienda Luisita Plantation economy,… Read more »

Papaano pa tayo makakaasa ng tamang serbisyo sa ating gobiyerno kung ang mga tao na niluluklok natin diyan ay nagaagawan, naguunahan at nagdadayaan, makaupo lang sa trono. Tapos kapag matatapos na ang termno nila ay parang nag aalinlangan pang bumaba sa puwesto at kung ano-ano pang dahilan ang iniimbento makapanloko lang ng tao para matupad ang kanilang mga pansariling interest kahit lumalabag na sa saligang batas, ipagpipilitan paring itama ang kanilang mali!


It seems clear that the CBCP didn’t actually know (moronic to bluntly say) that the Failippines was poor “for a year”. Excuse me, this country has been shit dirt poor since time immemorial, in just about everything. Sory, epic fail again, for these bozos. Please try again.


It seems clear that the CBCP didn’t actually know (moronic to bluntly say) that the Failippines was poor “for a year”. Excuse me, this country has been shit dirt poor since time immemorial, in just about everything. Sorry, epic fail again, for these bozos. Please try again.


“Religion is the opiate of the masses.” – Karl Marx

I am not a communist, but i do agree with this 100%. Church of the Poor? Blessed are the poor? Jesus H. Christ, the catholic church is one of the main reasons why the poor stay poor. They promise everlasting life free of poverty and disease, but only after DEATH. They do not encourage people to better themselves, but rather to “put everything in god’s hands”. And the masses do so. What a bunch of fucking sheep.


@ ‘T’ ,There are some people who profess that Christianity was/is the single biggest fraud ever perpetrated upon a population, by the people that made it up: The Jews.


so that’s it, its a jewish conspiracy.
hitler was right all along!
its just like that one where muhammad was a secret christian agent.

Hyden Toro009

The Roman Catholic Church in the Philippines owns Friar lands. Vast tracts of serf/tenanted lands; tilled by poor serf/tenants…the Church is one of the biggest Feudal Lords in our country. So, it supported the Aquinos; their fellow Feudal Lord…


Why not church of the rich? Is being rich and happy in this life too much of a sin people have to prove their worth by always being in the bottom and wretched until we get our just rewards after death?

..Christian understanding of the poor has more to do with the “poor in spirit”, at least that is my understanding. It is the state of the mind more than anything else. There is an ocean of difference between the two. So, a bus driver, who is conscientious about driving well, courteous to the pasengers, demands the right salary so his family does not starve, is poor and poor in spirit – his only talent is driving, but gives his best to it as his contribution to society. But, a cashier in SM, who cheats, thinks all day about living in… Read more »

France in the 1890s definitely had our problems. Rich being the rulers of everything and the church that was in cahoots with the rich.

But something sparked the rage of the poor and thus began the French Revolution. One of the bloodiest moments of history.

Now, the Philippines has resentment built up – you can tell from popular opinion on the government. Except what will spark it is a mystery. Because even today, no-one knows what sparked the French Revolution.

Hyden Toro009

French Revolution was SPARKED by French Thinkers and Philosophers…the French masses were CLUELESS, until they learned, that they were exploited by the Aristocracy.

It was the first revolution in the world. Showing that the people, can overthrow their unworkable government…it was followed by the Russian revolution; the Chinese revolution; etc…

Fred Mertz

Everyone knows that the Philippines is the third world. and the third world is just a synonym for poverty.
The thing is , the rest of the world is becoming the third world and as Filipino’s try to seek employment outside of their own country they are realizing that the country they are going to is no better off than their own.

it’s called ‘globalisation’ and it is nothing more than the exportation of the third world to the first world.

Hyden Toro808

No…it is “slavery” in our times…Third World countries are sources of Cheap labors; and low paying servant jobs. These workers/servants can be abused , at will by their employers…


FAIL-ippines will remain poor forever as long as the Church will continue to block responsible and economical family planning. “Be fruitful and multiply” means nothing in today’s generation.

Good thing I’m an Atheist. Religion is indeed the opium of the masses.

Aegyo Kawaii

Read this:

Catholic Church is a fake Christianity teaching people to stay ignorant and poor so as to worship them and see the Church as ‘savior’ instead of faith in Jesus and self-responsibility. RCC is nothing but an extension of the Roman Empire.

Nonpracticing Catholic here, critic of the Roman church’s pagan ways of distorting the masses. No wonder devout Catholic countries are poor, including PH.


Really ? Then the Church should broom in front of their own doors… Philippines Church is the richest Church in the World !!! And when we see how rich is the Catholic Church throughout the world…
You don’t believe me ? then read here : and here :

It seems that hypocrisy is the master word in the Church nowadays… I wonder how would react Jesus if he was to come back… He would probably be cast out as an heretic anyway…