President Noynoy Aquino’s fight with the Supreme Court will ruin the Philippines!

There is enough evidence to suggest that Philippine President Benigno Simeon (BS) Aquino is not after the country’s best interests. His move to undermine the Supreme Court is one such proof. The President and his minions do not even bother to consider the consequences of their efforts to drag the Judiciary’s reputation in the mud.

President BS Aquino: Picking a fight with the Supreme Court
President BS Aquino: Picking a fight with the Supreme Court
If President BS Aquino was really after the country’s best interests, he would consider what the international community particularly the foreign investors would think once word got out that the country’s justice system is supposedly corrupt. As usual, he doesn’t realize that his habit of spreading negative propaganda against his perceived enemies could backfire.

It’s inconceivable that the Philippines’ leader cannot understand that the Supreme Court should not be dragged into petty politics. They are already tied up with too many pending cases that need to be resolved. The last thing they need is to attend congressional hearings and answer stupid questions from low-life congressmen.

A country’s political and economic stability is one of the factors investors look at before jumping on board. Investors want predictability in order to foresee their bottom-lines. Social unrest, rioting and rise in criminality are settings they do not consider conducive to business.

To encourage investors to set up businesses in the country, Filipinos need to show that they respect the law and that there is order in Philippine society. Unfortunately, that is hard to do when Philippine leaders themselves show disrespect for the law.

Ordinary Filipinos cannot find the motivation to follow the law because President BS Aquino himself disregards the law. He and his minions are even inciting anger towards the members of the Supreme Court. He does this because he is unhappy with them and he seems to think that he is the boss of the justices.

The recent orchestrated attacks on the Supreme Court started when the justices unanimously voted 13-0 and declared parts of the President’s Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP) unconstitutional. It was BS Aquino who initiated the chipping away at the Judiciary’s reputation during a televised speech explaining the DAP a week before his fourth State of the Nation Address in July.

Before ending his speech, President BS Aquino threatened to ask Congress to intervene in the conflict between the Executive’s interpretation of the law and the Judiciary’s. He also insinuated that the Supreme Court’s decision on DAP is a hindrance to his “reform” agenda. His threat wasn’t empty though. He must have already spoken to his allies in Congress about what has to be done to try and weaken the Judiciary because members of Congress allied with President Aquino filed bills specifically to question the Supreme Court’s Judicial Development Fund. Hearings have been conducted in Congress as well for the same purpose.

The President and his allies in Congress want the public to believe that the justices also have their own pork barrel funds and are possibly abusing it. What they are doing is ridiculous because as lawyers, they should know that the JDF is not from the national budget. It was created by Presidential Decree 1949 in July 1984 and its purpose is “to enhance the independence of the judiciary by giving it access to money to augment its meager budget allocation”. To quote columnist PhilStar columnist, Federico D. Pascual JR:

The fund, running into billions each year, is raised from court fees and used exclusively by the judiciary without having to secure the approval of the Congress or be subject to the prioritizing of Malacañang.

One key difference, however, is that while DAP is not authorized by law, JDF was created by Presidential Decree 1949 in July 1984. The fund was intended precisely to enhance the independence of the judiciary by giving it access to money to augment its meager budget allocation.

The decree allocates at least 80 percent of JDF for court personnel’s cost of living allowances, and not more than 20 percent for office equipment and facilities.

The PD says the Chief Justice “shall administer and allocate the Fund and shall have the sole exclusive power and duty to approve authorized disbursements and expenditures.”

Philippine Supreme Court: Their job is to uphold rule-of-law in the Philippines
Philippine Supreme Court: Their job is to uphold rule-of-law in the Philippines
It’s a good thing not a lot of people believe President BS Aquino nowadays. More and more people notice that when he talks he is either bragging about his so-called “achievements” or is vilifying his enemies. He doesn’t really say anything of substance.

The people’s trust in BS Aquino started to erode when they realized that all the charges against Corona and GMA were exaggerated for the purpose of riling up the public sentiment against them.

BS Aquino’s penchant for throwing a temper tantrum can be traced back to before he was voted into office. Back then he was already telling everyone how corrupt the Judiciary is under former Chief Justice Renato Corona because he was former President Gloria Arroyo’s appointee.

We all know what happened next after he won the Presidency. The President spent almost two years vilifying Corona in the lead up to his impeachment trial in 2012. He said it was part of his reform of good governance. Fast-forward to today, the much lauded ousting of Corona has been proven a farce due to the revelation that the Senator Judges who voted to convict him were allegedly given extra 50 million pesos as “incentive”. To bad for the President because his own previous appointees in the Supreme Court do not let him get his way.

It seems President BS Aquino’s cabinet officials are also deflecting the blame for their incompetence and lack of foresight towards the Supreme Court for the country’s energy crisis. Energy Secretary Carlos Jericho Petilla and Finance Secretary Cesar Purisima have been echoing the President in blaming the Supreme Court even for that. It’s as if the proposed 600-megawatt Ridondo coal-fired power plant will solve the nation’s power crisis.

They also forget that the Supreme Court was just doing its job upholding the law when they invalidated the Environmental Compliance Certificate (ECC) issued by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) to RP Energy for the power plant to be built inside the Subic Bay Freeport Zone. Besides, the TRO was issued two years ago but the government has yet to come up with an alternative solution. As usual, they would rather force the issue and blame others when the problem escalates. They prefer the easy way out and argue that renewable energy is more expensive compared to coal. All the pork barrel funds that went to bogus NGOs could have been used to solve the energy crisis. What will they blame on the Supreme Court next?

It looks like blaming the Supreme Court seems to be the in thing now since blaming the previous administrator is not as effective as before. Only someone without any foresight will fail to grasp that inciting anger towards the Judiciary is the same as wishing for anarchy. That can’t be good for business.


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Thomas Jefferson
The yellow dictator has an agenda of destruction aimed at the SC. The emotional psyche of the dictator is revealed by his marching orders: 1. Emasculate the High Court. 2. Attack and reform the JDF of the SC despite the existence of fiscal autonomy guaranteed by the Constitution. 3. BSA directed the legislature to redefine savings in order to circumvent the SC rulings. 4. BSA insists on an extended term as a means to escape prosecution. This could also be the beginning of a lifetime dictatorship. Truly this yellow, tyrant dictator is power mad as his psyche reveals it. Protect… Read more »

Weakening, bullying and blaming the Supreme Court will just widen the divides in our society.

I‘m fed up on PNoy‘s blaming game. Instead of doing the right things, PNoy keeps on doing one blunder after another.

PNoy arrogantly insulted the Corona Court before, and now insanely mocking the Sereno Court as well.

PNoy will be best remembered as the Philippines Worst President Ever.

Vindictive. Arrogant. Cunning. Divisive. Incompetent. Benigno S. Aquino III.

If the article is correct and the CJ of the SC is soley responsible for 80% of the monney allocated to the court, how then could the court not be corrupt? Nevermind that the court is biased in terms of cases being thrown for well heeled petitioners ie, Phil-Airlines vs. the unions workers as well as who knows how many others…. it is Internationally known that 3rd World Banana Republics are all corrupt, so no need to worry that countries will find seems more of a mystery that Filipino’s are unaware that the entire country is a failed state… Read more »

a very shallow way of looking at things… Men made the law… we change it if it doesn’t benefit the common people… I don’t agree with that ***** law that was made for the Judiciary… i’m not pro-yellow either… but you don’t agree with the Judiciary just because A LAW WAS MADE and that makes it legal… ETC.. ETC…


Is there really such a thing as judicial overreach? Or PNoy‘s acts like DAP, etc., so happened to go againsts the Charter and the SC had no choice but to declare it unconstitutional?

Who is doing power overreach, is it SC or the President?

PNoy is guilty of presidential overreach by threatening to clip the review powers of SC.

A weaker SC means fatal to democracy.

PNoy is the threat to democracy.

Thomas Jefferson
The yellow dictator needs to clip the review powers of the SC for his own political expediency. He wants this to happen so he can escape prosecution and get away with anything. He even directed his attack dogs to redefine terms like savings to circumvent the SC rulings. The Filipino People are already aware of the attempt to destroy democracy, the Constitution and the High Court and its Justices. The Supreme court is SUPREME and its primary function is to act as the sole arbiter in interpreting the laws and the Constitution. Therefore the attack dogs of the Legislature cannot… Read more »
kenneth lee

I HAVE A DREAM.. that all filipinos and I mean ALL FILIPINOS protest of the bad governance this country had witnesed and suffered.


Well, we will just wait and see how PNoy‘s Congress behaves in the coming days.

Anyway, Congress keeps on tolerating PNoy.

Hyden Toro

Aquino cannot solve the country’s problems; he lacks the Brains and the Guts, to solve these festering problems.

So, he create a Diversionary Tactics…pointing Blame to the Supreme Court.
He wants also to control the Judiciary. And, become a Tin Pot Dictator of the Philippines.

All Filipinos must close rank, and prevent this idiot YellowTard, from making a mockery out of our country…he is a Thief and a criminal…together with his minions…

Coal fired energy source will pollute the environment…we have already too much pollution…these YellowTard idiots have no brains…

Executive vs Judiciary, whoever loses, the people win! They are both corrupt, don’t delude yourself that the Supreme Court is in any way comprised of saints, as Erap said, hoodlums in robes indeed, and it takes one to know one. I said it years before on this same site, when the Corona SC’s ruling on Hacienda Luisita case led to his own removal, and everyone now knows he was dastardly villain indeed (he already obviously looked like one to begin with, after all) and I’ll say it again: sometimes, the best way to beat the bad guys is make them… Read more »
Judicial Review Powers is the very essence of the existance of the Supreme Court. How can the SC defend the Constitution if they cannot review the laws passed by Congress, treaties ratified, decrees issued by the President, once SC‘s power is clipped? If the President thinks SC justices abused their power, then file impeachment case against them. PNoy should not forget, he in fact holds vasts powers and residual powers. If he uses his powers right, he can move this country forward. If PNoy wants his decisions and actions not to be declared unconstitutional, then he has to follow the… Read more »
The Cojuanco-Aquino Clan War Room: Goal: Make the Philippines the clan’s Personal family Business and personal Alcatraz. 1. Use then discredit the most powerful enemies of the clan (Gloria Arroyo, The Catholic Church,Erap Estrada, Enrile,The Supreme Court,The Generals) 2. Increase information blackout capability through complete control of media (TV: ABS-CBN-kapamilya, ABC5 SaPamilya, GMA-7 GinapANG na ng Pamilya, govt tv ginapamilya– Philippine News patay na!) Control the nation’s internet use, monitoring and wiretapping all telephone calls and of enemies, blocking,filtering sites and web pages against the family (control Internet service providers. who owns PLDT/Smart/Globe?) 3. Prevent any asylum seekers and political… Read more »

Fucking crybaby Homer Simpson said earlier that people who criticize him are just pretending to be concerned citizens and not into the real ‘matuwid’ system. What a delusional old man. I think that the time he’ll admit his incompetence and mistakes is when someone will point a gun to his head and make him squeal like a pig.


A prediction,here and now: not one single thing is going to change in the Republic of The Philippines. and that is because the people will not change it.A few people will come and go but no real change will take place.What is needed is not present in the country at this point in time.

Its to bad too. HA, the country is in a critical place in its history and no one with any integrity is present to do what needs to be done. TRAGIC.

Integrity: doing the right thing even when no one is watching.

john c. jacinto

Thanks to Gloria for stacking the highest court with justices who remain loyal to her to this day. It’s a pity that Corona was removed because he was the most caninely loyal of them all.


the color yellow that haunted the Philippines after all our great presidents until our last great president Marcos death. The yellow put our economy to its lowest.

I moved to Cebu,Philippines in 2001, after being made redundant as Engineering Manager – Asia Pacific, based in Hong Kong. This was due to the ‘recession’ in the Telecoms Industry that caused huge drops in many Telecom related Stocks. In 2005 I discovered these Rural Banks offering 20%pa Interest on % year Peso Time Deposits. Some declared it as a ‘Scam’ or a ‘Ponzi scheme’. Charging Borrowers 3%pm Interest on secured loans (ie 36%pa), and offering Depositors 20% to generate funds to provide such Loans, is a differential of 16%. What is the differential between leading commercial Banks with much… Read more »
Nick Tambolero

Dapat huwag nang botohin ulit ang lahat ng congressmen at mga senador na nakinabang sa DAP at sumusuporta kay Peenoy.

kp gangore

sir. my name is K P Gangore. i am from India. i am a lawyer. i have a 14 years experience in law field in India i want to join. Philippine court and learn about more. but i have no job for maintained my self. may i practice as a lawyer in Philippine and get any job in Philippians. if any one can help me then please. contact me. on my Facebook account .