How singer Jim Paredes proves that Showbiz reflects Philippine society!

Indeed, as my colleague Ilda quipped the other day, Philippine President Benigno Simeon ‘BS’ Aquino III’s apologists are desperately defending the notorious Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP). The Old Celebrity Guard have come out again in droves. Leading them is noted 1970’s-era singer Jim Paredes who shouted out on Twitter the Official Apologists’ Mantra…

Image source: Jim Paredes's Twitter profile.
Image source: Jim Paredes’s Twitter profile.

Can the SC be wrong? The SC legalized martial law. While they may be final arbiter i dont hold them infallible.

I’m sure Paredes is well aware that nobody truly is “infallible”. Not even him, considering that he has, on many cccasions demonstrated an astounding yawning inconsistency when it comes to matching his personal philosophies and his political leanings.

Unfortunately, in a star-struck society like the Philippines, celebrities are regarded as infallible. And that is the sort of environment where Paredes thrives.

Jim wasted no time delivering unsubstantiated assertions in his visit to the GRP Facebook page.
Jim wasted no time delivering unsubstantiated assertions in his visit to the GRP Facebook page.
Nowhere is this sad reality about Philippine society more evident than in the way the nation’s “thought leaders” (and Jim, being the celeb that he is could arguably be counted as one of such) parse information and derive their conclusions. One such conclusion is around what makes GetRealPhippines.COM itself tick.

We were fortunate to be afforded a peek into how Paredes thinks with regard to that when he paid us the honour of a visit to our humble Facebook Page last night. It so happens we had shared a screenshot of the above seminal tweet where he delivered his personal two-cents on the matter of how wrong the SC was about declaring the DAP unconsitutional. Apparently, that little gesture of ours was enough to hook in the man himself. Suffice to say, Paredes quickly got down to business accusing us of — what else? — being “paid hacks” of the family of former President Ferdinand Marcos.

That’s par for the course for GRP, of course. After all, you can’t really expect much of a coherent argument from people like Jim Paredes, for one, considering that people like him have spent pretty much of their entire life being pandered to by their fans. To be fair, an ability to step outside of one’s self and evaluate one’s own ideas from an outsider’s perspective tends to atrophy after prolonged exposure to such comfy environments.

But the more revealing thing we found out about Jim Paredes is far more disturbing. Jim Paredes is a liar. Not content with accusing GRP of banning him from commenting on the page (which we did not do), he went on to rally his fans around him on his own profile to assure him that he is in good company.

Ultimately, an embattled Jim simply retired back into his more familiar comfort zone.
Ultimately, an embattled Jim simply retired back into his more familiar comfort zone.

Sure, Jim. Whatever works for you. But of course one would be in good company in their own Facebook profile. When you are always in the company of like-minded people who assure you that your ideas are always right, guess what: you start believing it! Worse, you start believing your own lies. Sound familiar? Of course it does. Because that is exactly the even more disturbing revelation the Filipino public was treated to last night following President BS Aquino’s address to the public on the matter of this whole DAP fiasco. No less than the President of the Philippines himself has come to believe his own lies.

Showbiz does, indeed, reflect Filipino society. And we only have Jim Paredes to thank for further reenforcing that little lesson.


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“I don’t think you can take the heat for even 5 minutes. You’d probably have everyone arrested and silenced.” – Jim Paredes

LOL. Meanwhile Jim, the unresolved cases of defenseless peasants murdered for pursuing reform in some sugarcane plantation in Tarlac remains silent…

Akira Hojo
This is a paid Pro-Marcos page? Wow, halatang emotion ang pinairal sa comment na yun a, hindi utak. You really know your profession well, being an entertainer. And Mr. Paredes dares “kung matapang ka talaga, you should expose your real name.”? Sir, non of us have the luxury of being protected by connections, famous names, private armies, money and what have you. The moment people like us who really think about what is good for our country and becomes a threat, there is a high probablity that we won’t see the light of day. If Mr. Paredes can’t take constructive… Read more »
Johnny Derp

They don’t know that they can never defend their ampaw president from being criticised because they can’t accept the fact that Mr. Aquino broke the law and defied the constitution.
They resort to attacking without providing a real rebuttal against the critics, that is also why they’re spreading false rumors
against the critics of Mr. Aquino.

Jim DiGriz

I use the same first name, but please never ever confuse me with that dingbat!


If you have to lie to make your point how good is your point??

“Who’s the more foolish, the fool, or the fool who follows him?” Ben Kenobi

Thomas Jefferson

Jim Paredes I saw you there in Camp Crame during EDSA one and only. I was a military volunteer trying to stop people from killing each other. For that… I was called a genuine EDSA hero. You have changed. We fought peacefully for freedom. Why do you condemn the Supreme Court for and in behalf of BS Aquino? This son of cory was hiding when we were at EDSA one and only. There is only one thing I can say to you and your despot idol. Go to Hell!!!

Benigno, why don’t you just accept the “hamon” of Mr. Paredes to show up and expose your real identity and all the other writers of this site and debate with him in open forum fair and square? What’s stopping you, really? He told you to be a real man not like this as immature hiding in your comfy territory. Hundreds of braved journalists and writers in their true identities have had put their lives at risk just to expose what they deemed as “evil” and “corruption” in the government. You think, they are stupid? well, to me they are doing… Read more »

I swear too many idiotic pnoy followers are roaming in the internet..

Reading comments in facebook news pages like abs cbn with comments like ” pinoy is the best president ever.. Makes me want to grab a knife and stab somebody.

Neither BS Aquino nor Jim Paredes are infallible, but they talk as if they are, & that they know better than the SC. This is the problem with people whose loyalty and attachment are to personalities, a ‘clique‘, or celebrity/social privileges which are fleeting, rather than to right principles which are timeless. The sober deliberations of the SC is way more more reliable than the gripes of a sentimental has-been, who leverages his celebrity, by coaxing the author of the above article to reveal him/her-self, in order to prey on the gullible into thinking that Paredes’ opinions should be given… Read more »
Akira Hojo

” The problem with the Philippines is that it has becomedisensitised to liars and regards lying as a ‘trivial’ thing.” – BOOM. Someone will probably argue somewhere along these lines “why? haven’t you lied before in your life?” It is the reasoning behind the quote that is deeply embedded in the culture of us Filipinos that drive us to the depths of hell… mahilig tayo magpalusot pag may nagawa tayong mali. wala tayong isang salita. And to top it off, lying being shrugged off as a “trivial thing” clearly shows how most Filipinos lack ethics nowadays…


If there is anything good in this page, it is name calling. And it never runs out. We are so fond of taking ourselves lightly. Even our own future. That’s why we stay the same. Underrated.

Tony Valenciano

On the thinking processes of singer cum political apologist for Pnoy, Jim Paredes, I think it would serve him well to stick to critical thinking rather than a propagandist of anyone should he desire to be counted among the thought leaders of this generation of social networking habitues.


@Jim, u may not aware that the president is creating divisions among the people that instead of having a one united front he is building a distinctive group called “social class citizen” that wud uplift the country’s image from having been bad. let alone the poor class domestic helpers, for them they are considered a luckless people.


I don’t mind him anyway. what i feared most if this Yel-LOW-IQ disease grip & restrict their mind to think freely like humans then it will be the end of sanity.