I purposely missed President BS Aquino II’s speech last night because, frankly, I didn’t need the aggravation of hearing him defend the Disbursement Acceleration Program parts of which was already ruled unconstitutional by the Supreme Court.

But lo and behold, on my Facebook wall were all manner of references to the President’s speech. It was a blockbuster and not in a good way.

As I was scanning the President’s speech this morning, my eyes immediately locked on a particular passage that seemed to threaten the Supreme Court but with what is not exactly clear but only IMPEACHMENT requires the participation of congress.

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Here’s the passage:

Ang mensahe ko po sa Korte Suprema: Ayaw nating umabot pa sa puntong magbabanggaan ang dalawang magkapantay na sangay ng gobyerno, kung saan kailangan pang mamagitan ng ikatlong sangay ng gobyerno. (Translation: My message to the Supreme Court: We do not want this to reach a point where two co-equal branches of government will come into conflict, where it will be necessary for the third branch of government to intervene.)

Anyway, I caught Boo Chango post this on Facebook and makes one point very clear, President BS has no choice but to follow what the Supreme Court says:

Like all these or not, P-Noy took an oath to defend the Constitution. It may be news to him but the Constitution is what the Supreme Court say it mandates.

dap is unconstitutional2Here’s are the things that get me about President BS situation right now: President BS was found to have (1) violated the constitution ratified during his mother’s term by (2) a Supreme Court which is dominated by his appointees.

On one hand, you’d think President BS is being belligerent or contemptuous. On the other hand, it seems very much that he is saying that he owns the constitution and looks at Supreme Court justices as subordinates who should interpret the fundamental law of the land according to his dictates.

Or in terms the common thug will understand, President BS is saying: “The 1987 Constitution is what I say it is and the Supreme Court is my bitch.”

If ever there was a picture of absolute arrogance, you need to look no further.

8 Replies to “Noynoy’s Speech on DAP: THE 1987 CONSTITUTION IS WHAT I SAY IT IS AND THE SC IS MY B@TCH!”

  1. By questioning (on T.V) Supreme Court 13-0-1 near unanimous decision clearly indicate his arrogance, stubbornness & stupidity.

    Hot headedness, blame throwing and feeling invincible is so common in PNoy which again determine whether his Presidency has learn/matured/grow in the first 4 years of his term or derail? whether PNoy, his cabinet & political allies take an open minded approach to criticism and challenges they face or succumb to the temptation to coverup, scapegoat and blame throwing.

    PNoy Presidency instead of waste time & effort on dysfunctional finger pointing, should concentrate on regaining public trust and improving problem solving skill.

  2. Aquino is just talking nonsense…his only card left is the Pork Barrel Funds he allocates to the Senators and Congressmen. Once this Fund is dried up…they will abandon him. His U.S. support is gone…he already signed the allowing of U.S. bases here. So, they don’t need him anymore.He is even a liability to the U.S. The Roman Catholic Church is silent. Because he took away the car gifts to the Church given by Arroyo…the NPA and his “Hakot Demonstrators” maybe his only card left…however, they are not Aces…
    Like a Burundian Ass, he is in dilemma…

  3. Does the RP Constitution say it is the SC that ‘interprets’ the document? if so,where?

    and IDK actually but isn’t the SC stacked with GMA appointee’s? the ones GMA appointed 40 days prior to leaving office, which was actually illegal?

    IDK the answer’s to these questions…

      1. @ J.D. yes, seriously! as you obviously do not know, BUT not all ex-pats know what is written in the Fail-ippine Constitution. Moreover most ex-pats do not give a shit what the fuck it says….and you call me the idiot,LOL!!!
        you flips really make me laugh! HA!

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