No to #DAP! Solid management and planning rather than shortcuts and excuses please

Given P-Noy’s “parking on a no-parking zone” analogy, I would rather he didn’t save the person in peril because it’s going to cost me (the taxpayer) 10 times more that it should to save that life.


With the dismal track record of government in every respect of governance (most especially in the implementation—and highway robbery—of publicly-funded projects), I and most Filipinos, would still insist that the “savings” are first returned to the coffers and thereafter subjected to the regular budgetary approval process with the Legislature. I think it’s called “check and balance.” Yes, Mr. President, even if it means government services are delayed.

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Personally, I may trust you and Butch Abad with the expeditious reallocation of “savings” for a particular budgetary year (i.e., DAP). However, at the rate Filipinos are voting plunderers (convicted and non-convicted ones) into office, including the most likely winner of the next presidency, I’m sticking with the decision of the Supreme Court. It’s the little institutional protection Juan the taxpayer has to an abusive president and/or executive branch of government. Please listen carefully. “No to DAP!”

Instead of forcing the issue with the Supreme Court (hubris is the linchpin of the greatest tragedies after all), I suggest your executive team and the Legislature infuse some serious discipline and rigorous planning into your next and final annual budgetary and appropriation process (the remaining two years of your term), knowing there will be no second chance within the budgetary year (as in the DAP) to reshuffle the resources or “savings” (with much less scrutiny I should add) to favor the current administration’s political agenda. Just solid management and planning that one would expect from a first-class private enterprise.

Surely, the likes of Cesar Purisima and Butch Abad (who taught at the Ateneo Business School) in your cabinet would know exactly what I’m talking about. No shortcuts please. “No to DAP!”

5 Replies to “No to #DAP! Solid management and planning rather than shortcuts and excuses please”

  1. Yeah! The V.V. has spoken! Best listen up Abnoy, ya retard.

    BTW, V.V. gotta buy you a few drinks one day! Swack ’em back, u kno?

    CHEERS BRO!!!!

    Question: How likely is it that the Amputuans and GMA are where they are suppossed to be, 24/7???

    1. Thom, not sure I understand your question about the Ampatuans and GMA but I will say that these scumbags have gotten away with murder (indeed mass murder) and/or plunder, and every additional second of delay in their convictions is a perfectly valid reason for every Juan to lob a grenade in their detention cell/room/hospital and blow them to smithereens–preferably while the former First Gentleman is visiting GMA.

      1. @ V.V.,
        To clarify: Are the Amputuans and GMA actually in their cells/hospital rooms? and if they are (which is very questionable), are they in those cells/hospital rooms 24/7/365 (all the time/constantly) as they are supposed to be?There have been ‘alleged’ sightings of the Amputuans in Hong Kong in the last 3-4 years. and can it possibly be understood that it has been 5+ years since the Maguindanao Massacre?and these POS Amputuans have yet to stand trial? That is just a disgrace.

        There even seems to be a few people who actually defend GMA and for what reason’s it is difficult to fathom. To be sure, it is not due to her beauty pageant good looks. The Helicopter scam, the money that had to be returned (personally, by the “li’l girl” herself) to China in the ZTE scandal are only two of the ‘alleged’ scams this thief is suspected of. GMA’s ‘alleged’ cut in the ZTE scandal was $32Million U.S.Dollars!!! and these are only two of the ‘alleged’ thefts attributed to that admin.. Can it get much worse? Yes…and it does, all the time.

  2. Suntok sa buwan yang gusto nyo na magkaroon ng discipline sa disbursement. sabihin natin na ang leader ay matino eh hinde nya naman nababantayan lahat ng empleyado ng gobyerno kaya may siguradong sablay na makakalusot. Personal piso ko. Mas gusto kong bigyan ang presidente ng discretion sa savings provided na talagang mga nangangailangan(ung mga batugan na ayaw mag trabaho an laging asa sa gobyerno) ang makikinabang kasi nakakahiya naman sa kanila eh. Wag na lng bigyan ng pera ung mga nsa House of RepresentaTHIEVES. Kasi kung isang tao ang mag iimplement mas madali iaudit siya pa ang liable.

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