Singer Leah Navarro and the intellectual bankruptcy of Philippine society

Interesting insight into how the mind of a die-hard celebrity “activist” works. Attempts to discuss ideas simply fly over some people’s heads because of a seeming inability to lift the level of discourse from political people and events to the stratosphere of world-class thinking where ideas are the primary currency of discourse.

Evidence of this can be found in a Twitter exchange that celebrity and Black & White Movement honcho Leah Navarro found herself in recently:


[See original Tweet exchange here.]

Navarro seems to approach “discussion” by dragging the conversation down to her personal comfort zone — a zone where mediocre minds thrive.

Thus the sad nature of the Philippine National “debate” — one where celebrities rather than statesmen and true thinkers dominate. You can’t really take a consistent position on the real issues when you have very little room to move in a personal landscape of thinking framed by your personal affiliations. That is the whole trouble with people who presume to take a stand about something but remain irrevocably affiliated to parties and personalities. The loyalty should be to the idea and principle. Unfortunately a lot of the Philippines’ “thought leaders” are beholden to personalities.

Like her chum Jim Paredes who sold out on his own principles to align himself with the popular political fad of our time, Leah Navarro suffers from a condition not uncommon amongst the degenerate clique of opinion shapers who have for so long grossly misguided Filipinos.

Small minds discuss people;
Mediocre minds discuss events;
Brilliant minds discuss ideas.

[NB: Above quote said to have been said by former US First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt.]


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Depends how you look at it. 1) at least she did not erase the tweets and she just left them there. 2) she is too clueless to know how clueless those tweets make her look.


Leah Navarro’s tweet gives me cancer.


hah! look at that person! look at that person and laugh!


Black and White was YELLOW after all.


Indeed it is.


Mon Dieu…

What has been seen…if I took a shot of whiskey for every fail-ridden instance I’ve seen, I’d probably drink myself to death.

Bill Kasi

This is a good example of “Filipinos would rather idolize than seek the truth”. No wonder the Phil. is rotting to the core.

ike bulos

pnoy will do everything to make philippine progressive country


Still waiting !