Raymond Fortun resignation as Cedric Lee mouthpiece highlights Pinoy dysfunction

Law practice in the Philippines quite simply is not that straightforward. Ask lawyer Raymond Fortun who recently resigned as spookesman for alleged Chinese mafiosi Cedric Lee who, together with starlet Deniece Cornejo, are accused of viciously mauling variety show host Vhong Navarro and framing him for rape.

No longer challenged: Former Cedric Lee spokesman Raymond Fortun
No longer challenged: Former Cedric Lee spokesman Raymond Fortun
But Fortun has apparently been increasingly frustrated over the subjection of his client to the Philippines’ renowned Court of Public Opinion which, for several weeks, has buzzed with speculation and theories about the “truth” surrounding this much-celebrated case.

Fortun reportedly linked the prevalence of “inaccurate reportage” coming from the media and the “unprofessional actions” of the involved law enforcement agencies to Filipinos’ “apparent unpreparedness to temper their emotions” when regarding sensational cases like these.

Fortun in early February this year had originally taken on the job because he seemingly believed that Lee was the real victim in this case…

“I love the underdog… I enjoy the good fight, and I relish handling the toughest cases. Lawyering for me has never been about the money. It’s about the pursuit for truth and justice, it’s about fairness and equality,” Fortun’s Facebook status message read.

Turns out that this case was simply too tough for Fortun. By mid-February, he was already complaining about the incessant “trial by publicity” being copped by his client.

Indeed, in a statement to the press shortly after his resignation as Lee’s mouthpiece, Fortun may as well have been directly addressing Philippine Senators currently “busy” pointlessly grilling pork barrel scam snitches Benhur Luy and Ruby Tuason under the guise of the much-abused concept of the Senate “Blue Rubbon Committee”.

Fortun believes that people need to know more about the law and how it works especially in respecting due process before making judgements.

“All I wanted is for people to be fair, to let the evidence come out before they rendered a guilty verdict. More importantly, I just wanted people to respect the accused’s Constitutional rights to due process. But … this country is not ready to be fair,” he said.

In a letter to Lee reported on Sunday, Fortun similarly said that Filipinos are not prepared “to temper their emotions” when it comes to controversial cases.

There you go.

With their Senators (and even their President) behaving the same way, it’s hardly surprising that Philippine society overall mirrors these attitudes. The dynamic at work within the Senate “probe” into the pork barrel scandal, evident in the emotionally-charged manner with which Senators take turns grilling their celebrity snitches, without a doubt reflects the character of Philippine society itself.

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“Mr” Fortune, we may not all be ” lawyers” but that does not mean we are not entitled to state our opinions. If our opinion so happens to be that you are a sleazeball, dont blame us, blame yourself for BEING a sleazeball. You are pathetic.


Exactly. Drawing the parallel between media too tight with the Showbiz Government elected by the people. History just repeating itself in this dysfunctional showbiz society. Proud to be Pinoy!!!!!


What Fortun said also reflects on the character of the people pandering this site. You judge easily what you perceived to be true without providing concrete evidence against the person you hated the most, which is the obvious.

felipe de vera

don’t blame the people who are watching TV and reading newswpapers bcoz these are their opinions u r so defensive to ur client even highschool students knows what they are saying keep ur mouth shut mr fortune teller? ……..

Fortrun playing the role of a sensitive lawyer! About as convincing as cedric lee trying to be an upstanding businessman. ” a lawyer needs to be like a rhinoceros – thick-skinned, and ready to charge at any time” $$ Changing lawyers is like changing decks on the titanic, and it won’t be the first time deniece cornejo has gone down with men on board Juan was moaning to a friend about his lack of a love-life “I don’t understand,” Juan complained. “When people find out I’m a lawyer, they take an instant dislike to me. Why would they do that?”… Read more »
Denise left her condo a couple of minutes after vhong arrived, there was no time to do what he was accused of doing. Argue with the videos. I know fortune was paid a large amount of money despite the evidence at the time, he accepted. Vhong messed with another guys girlfriend ( whether he knew it or not), he got caught and the boyfriend got ” even” . And he did so in a stupid manner, he got caught. The girlfriend obviously consented as during her first meeting with vhong, she allowed him up to her condo. Forget emotions, these… Read more »

Anong kaguluhan ito?

Most Filipino’s are in deed pathetic, you know why? Remember the Maguindanao Massacre? Sigrid Fortun who is Raymond Fortun’s brother was the lawyer for the Ampatuans, did he received this same level of criticism from Filipinos, knowing the brutallity of the issue. And here are some of our fellow countrymen being too emotional and judgemental to the point that the spokesperson of the other party resigned. Same goes with the Pork Barrel scam, why does news headlines tackles more on irrelevant issues instead of national interest like the pork barrel scam. unless news network are being payed or Filipinos is… Read more »