Noynoy Treats the Philippines Like Stalag 13

Got this picture from Jerry Ocampo
Got this picture from Jerry Ocampo



For those of us with a certain vintage, there was this classic TV show that came out in the late 60’s called Hogan’s Heroes. It survived on syndication well after that time period. The reality of World War II or any war for that matter is ugly but American TV somehow has been able to make several comedy series with World War II as a backdrop. Mister Roberts, McHale’s Navy and Operation Petticoat come to mind. Hogan’s Heroes was an extremely funny show set in a Nazi Prisoner of War camp called Stalag 13.


Klink Hogan and Schulz
Klink Hogan and Schulz

Stalag 13 was run by Colonel Klink and assisted by Sgt. Schultz. Klink loved to boast that no one has ever escaped from Stalag 13. The irony of that claim was the camp was so easy to break out of and return to that no ever did escape.  They instead used the lax standards of the camp to their advantage. The Allied prisoners lead by Colonel Hogan (Bob Crane) had tunnels leading out of the camp, radios to communicate with Allied intelligence and all sorts of gadgets you would not expect prisoners to have. My late grandfather could not stand the show. “It makes the Germans look so stupid but they almost won the war.”

One thing about the Philippines is that the people running the asylum don’t need much help from sitcom writers to make them look stupid. That is one job they can do fine on their own. The bulk of the country only realized in the last four months that the country’s treasury had its own clandestine tunnels where our tax money just came and went like Hogan’s allied commandos. Noynoy Aquino like Colonel Klink is both bald and brimming with bogus bravado. Stalag 13’s nil escape record is very similar to Noynoy’s claim of Daang Matuwid. Both are proof that the beholder is either in denial or really totally unaware of the flaws in the society that is supposed to be under their control.


Remind you of anybody?
Remind you of anybody?

Hogan, Kinch, LaBeau, Carter and Newkirk could not have manipulated Klink so well over the years if they also could not play Klink’s right hand man for a fool. Sgt. Schultz’s signature line was “I see nothing”. Schultz was so chummy with Hogan’s men that he never really cracked the whip. Schultz saw nothing for six seasons because like some people, if they are in denial of a problem then they have no reason to get to work or show some gumption. Which is why since 2009 I was always skeptical of Noynoy’s ability and desire to eliminate corruption. Noynoy was always part of the system yet he never exposed corruption. You know the saying  the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.? Based on Noynoy’s own campaign silence he did nothing about corruption in his days as a Congressman and a Senator. The question you have to ask yourself is Noynoy even a good man to begin with.


I say that because Noynoy ran for President with a blank slate. He never claimed he did anything nor was he associated with anything. Running the country is serious business so I will use business terms. What was his core competency? What was his competitive advantage? That his mom died? The disillusioned labelled him as “good” without telling you what exactly he did to earn that adjective.


In light of the pork barrel mess, Noynoy has not done anything to enlighten the masses on its benefits or even its existence. Quite the same way Moe the Bartender on the Simpsons kept the secret ingredient of the Flaming Moe from the public. Because the truth exposes some people to be the shams that they really are. BS Aquino was using pork. He was using pork to coerce other decision makers to do his bidding for the simple reason that he has no skill otherwise to get things done. Not sure why anybody with half a brain is surprised since he never had that skill. To his chagrin it was exposed. He will not give it up nor will he articulately justify it. That much of the public coffers being used secretly and yet he does not want to be accountable. Does not sound like a good man to me.


“You know when the truth is told, you can get what you want or you can just get old. “

Billy Joel


Tell me who your friends are...
Tell me who your friends are…

The Sgt. Schultz I See Nothing mantra does not apply to Noynoy alone. The great Janet Napoles pulled a Sgt. Schultz at Senate’s blue ribbon committee hearing November 7   when she told the Inquiry she saw nothing and knows nothing. I say great because before she exploded into the scene this year, what did she really do? Following the Noynoy blueprint to greatness? One of the few places people go from obscurity to a lot of wealth and power is the Grand Theft Auto series. Who says you can’t learn from video games?


Is this why Napoles is totally OK with wasting everybody's time?
Is this why Napoles is totally OK with wasting everybody’s time?


Where is that patented fury Noynoy once directed at Corona when it comes to Napoles?  “Kayo ang boss ko!”? Shouldn’t he be mad who you are mad at ? We have an alleged conduit for a massive amount of public funds to parts unknown saying she knows nothing. I have no idea why the public is enraged.They voted in somebody who has been making a case all his adult life he knows nothing . That same person shows no outrage at at the Sgt. Schultz maneuver. In fact he has always been fine with it. He is fine with it because he has used that maneuver himself  and continues to use it.  Remember anything coming out of his chosen spokesman’s mouth is coming out of his mouth. Anybody who serves under his administration under an official capacity is speaking his words. So when Drillon says the 50 million per senator  in the Corona Trial was not a bribe but an incentive. That is just semantics and technicalities. This admin is not who they claim they are.


Saan and Daang Matuwid

Napoles does not talk because she is guilty. She is obviously not guilty in a vacuum. It is very convenient that only opposition senators have been officially implicated. You have to ask yourself “Is that it?”. No Daang Matuwid senators have been implicated even if it has been proven that there has been payouts that were not declared. Noynoy talks the talk but can’t seem to explain his walk when it comes to pork or a great many other things that he has not been open with.

Napoles Smile Meme getting away with it

From the world of the NFL: Richie Incognito was asked by Jay Glazer if he was acting on orders from the coaching staff in relation to the harassment of Jonathan Martin. His response was “No Comment.” Incognito like Napoles you have to assume is All Lawyered Up. As Saul Goodman‘s vanity plate reads. Napoles is obviously more concerned about legal ramifications that she may be liable for than the so called purpose of the hearing. Which comes to the root why I despise all these politicians. It is all fine and dandy when they are milking the gravy train for their benefit. A gravy train financed by you and I might add. Yet that enthusiasm is not there when it is time to pay the piper. They want to eat the five star meal but won’t be around when the bill comes. Just going by body language, it seems Noynoy is complicit with this evasive action. The mouth lies and the rest of the body seems to be saying something else.


” I’ll take the Fifth on this, on whatever you’re gonna ask me next… and everything after that. Honest men don’t have to tolerate this kind of harassment in this country.”

Harry Rocca in Raw Deal.


Writing for this website with the tone I have chosen does have it’s hazards. I was recently confronted at a family lunch saying that I write lies. My reply was the government should just stop giving me material. Actually what these guys don’t realize is we should be taking it as a compliment. The incumbent have mass media in their pocket and the support of washed up OPM singers. Yet they care about if what we have to say which goes against their dogma. If we were totally off the mark and they had the monopoly on the truth then we would not really warrant much of their attention. Let’s also say the one who lambasted me is very close to a very, very visible Noynoy backer. The kind who may run a business that affects the consciousness of the masses. Just know all the lambaster did was try to put out fire with gasoline as David Bowie would sing.  Why would I lie? All I do is cite a current story, bring up some context and analogies and speculate based on what is there. Besides, I rather earn somebody’s long term respect by sticking to what I believe in than to kowtow to someone’s else’s beliefs in order to conform.



It is not what he says but also what he does not say and when he does not say it. One major theme in my writings is it always boils down to values. You can declare anything you want like “kung walang corrupt walang mahirap”. Your actions or lack of actions will always betray your true values. You can read Noynoy like a tabloid Headline. Here is someone with neither the talent, discipline or desire to lead a diverse, dysfunctional country through a challenging time. That is what he signed up for. You can hear his reluctance and his inadequacy in his words. You can read it on his face. His face says out of order.


The guy had zero experience in crisis management when he made his case that he should be the president of the country. I predicted at the eve of the election  that he will get a deer in the headlights aura when his first crisis hits. Well that zero experience bore bitter fruit during the Rolando Mendoza  incident  and it is bearing bitter fruit now. If you are ignorant  and stupid and still accept significant responsibility, your ignorance and stupidity does not improve but instead gets magnified. The fact that his mother died was supposed to make up for it. Smooth move Filipinos. You keep that pinoy pride up.


We all know that when spoiled brats want something, decorum is the last thing on their minds. When spoiled brat presidents want something , due process is the last thing on their minds. It helps to be surrounded by gutless self serving yes men. There really is a gulf between serving a charlatan with power and serving your country. I hope for our sake some people figure that out.