Net manyaks abuzz again over Wally Bayola and Yosh Rivera scandal!!

How else do you describe what is really going on in the world of Filipino Internet “activism” nowadays when it is plainly obvious just looking at search statistics that Eat Bulaga celebs Wally Bayola and Yosh Rivera are the hot topic!

yosh_riveraReports in mainstream media so far cannot positively confirm that the two showbiz personalities are actually the people featured in the video. An report, for example, simply states that the short flick “shows a couple, who look like Wally and EB Babe Yosh, enganged in a steamy sex [sic]”

An account of what transpired in the six-minute video is laid out in an report

Monday, the Internet erupted in frenzy when rumors spread of a Wally Bayola and Yosh Rivera video scandal.

A video on YouTube and several video file-sharing sites show a bald man and woman engaging in a hot and steamy sex act.

The Wally Bayola scandal footage goes on for six minutes, fourteen seconds which gave viewers time to arrive at their own decisions as to whether the couple was the “Eat Bulaga” host and EB Babes dancer.

Towards the end of the supposed Wally Bayola sex video, the couple looks at the camera and offers a parting smile. The man then kisses the woman, who is believed to be EB Yosh.

Filipino daytime “variety shows” usually feature battalions of scantily-clad girls dancing suggestively in the background while mainstay comedians and show hosts banter in the foreground. What happens backstage, however, is anybody’s guess. Then again, as videos like this make evident (allegedly, of course), what goes on backstage may be a no-brainer.

One thing’s for sure, Net manyaks out there are giving thanks to the gods of mobile phone technology for progressively delivering clearer and sharper home-made videos. The really disturbing thing about this is that noon-time television shows in the Philippines are pitched as “family entertainment”. No surprise then that Filipinos get the society they deserve.

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