Net manyaks abuzz again over Wally Bayola and Yosh Rivera scandal!!

How else do you describe what is really going on in the world of Filipino Internet “activism” nowadays when it is plainly obvious just looking at search statistics that Eat Bulaga celebs Wally Bayola and Yosh Rivera are the hot topic!

yosh_riveraReports in mainstream media so far cannot positively confirm that the two showbiz personalities are actually the people featured in the video. An report, for example, simply states that the short flick “shows a couple, who look like Wally and EB Babe Yosh, enganged in a steamy sex [sic]”

An account of what transpired in the six-minute video is laid out in an report

Monday, the Internet erupted in frenzy when rumors spread of a Wally Bayola and Yosh Rivera video scandal.

A video on YouTube and several video file-sharing sites show a bald man and woman engaging in a hot and steamy sex act.

The Wally Bayola scandal footage goes on for six minutes, fourteen seconds which gave viewers time to arrive at their own decisions as to whether the couple was the “Eat Bulaga” host and EB Babes dancer.

Towards the end of the supposed Wally Bayola sex video, the couple looks at the camera and offers a parting smile. The man then kisses the woman, who is believed to be EB Yosh.

Filipino daytime “variety shows” usually feature battalions of scantily-clad girls dancing suggestively in the background while mainstay comedians and show hosts banter in the foreground. What happens backstage, however, is anybody’s guess. Then again, as videos like this make evident (allegedly, of course), what goes on backstage may be a no-brainer.

One thing’s for sure, Net manyaks out there are giving thanks to the gods of mobile phone technology for progressively delivering clearer and sharper home-made videos. The really disturbing thing about this is that noon-time television shows in the Philippines are pitched as “family entertainment”. No surprise then that Filipinos get the society they deserve.

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If we could measure the collective IQ of the nation at 1pm every weekday, would we want to?

Seriously, We don’t really care whether this video is true or not but the obvious reason is nowadays Filipinos tend to forget the values and ethics taught to us when we were younger. These two should be ashamed of themselves for taking a video of their sex escapades, pity them that this video went viral. Technologies provided for us are there to be used responsibly. It is entertaining for some to see videos such as these but it only goes to show how some of us bluntly proves the world that they are not different from animals in terms of… Read more »

Admit it guys, you watched them.


“Filipino daytime “variety shows” usually feature battalions of scantily-clad girls dancing suggestively in the background while mainstay comedians and show hosts banter in the foreground.”
And yet it surprises me how some people have been reacting to Miley Cyrus’s VMA performance. As if we don’t see these kind of things (though a little more subtly) in our variety shows.


I say, remove trash shows from primetime TV. Instead they should provide more intelligent shows (not necessarily hosted by Kap).

But then again, that would be against the overall mission of oligarchs and catholics “keep them dumb, keep them poor”


If true, Wally and the girl on the sex video deserves the condemnation they’re getting right now. They practically ruined their respective careers.

I think the scandal are more personal to the perpetrators and should be dealt with accordingly. I don’t believe that the shows where they work for or even the channel they’re employed with should not be dragged into the scandal for, they too, are also victims of such unfortunate events.


Ka-awa awa ang mag-iina ni Wally. I saw his family pic they seem to be lovely. Definitely, lamat na itong maituturing. Nangyari na ang nangyari, magsisi man sila, all they can do is apologize to their families. Hindi malayong maapektuhan ang mga career nila sa showbiz. The way people will look at them will never be the same again.

Jerry Lynch

Net “manyaks” abuzz again over Wally Bayola and Yosh Rivera scandal!!

A search of yaks, which are the second largest species of wild bovids. gyag – in Tibetan this refers only to the male of the species, the female being called a dri or nak. In English, as in most other languages which have borrowed the word, “yak” is usually used for both sexes.
There is no such thing as a “man” yak, just as there is no such thing as a ‘woman” yak. They are generally called male and female yaks.


Such is the age-old saying, You are what you consume. But who knows if this “side-dish” of a scandal was meant to “sidetrack” the fatter main dish, or if there are more “side-dishes” underway…


pugutan ng ulo si wally bayola at yosh rivera

C. Ehm. Jee

I really hope divorce is acceptable in the Philipines. Mind you, this guy is NO good looking guy, but he´s married to a beautiful wife and beautiful kids. His kids could easily watch this video. Maybe they have and are even beyond disguisted. I feel sad for them. Theres no going round it… it sure looks exactly like him. I would divorce him and find someone who treats you right and doesnt throw their family away faster than they can push record on a camera.


It happens the world over but the difference is that the filipino/chinese view is that mistresses/affairs are status symbols, and tolerated by wives, and no big public fallout if you are caught
and no divorce keeps wives dependent/subservient even when wronged

In the west ” what car do you drive”

In the east ” what mistress do you ‘drive’ ” – hard top korean models are selling well this year.


bastos ni wally at ung dancer!!!dapat ay tanggalin silang dalawa sa eat bulaga..ung girl alam nyang may pamilya bastos xa!!dapat sampahan ng kaso yang mga yan..


kung ako lang ang wife sampahan ko ng kaso yang mga yan..tanggalan ng trabaho silang dalawa..may pamilya yang wally na baklang yan!!! at manyak na dancer!!


Watever u want to comment guys , waLa kayong magagawa ! Showbiz yan ! Walang exempted s gnyan na artista dhL Lhat yan gamit na mga director or Lhat2 ! Come’on !

“Then again, as videos like this make evident (allegedly, of course), what goes on backstage may be a no-brainer.” — which is YIKES and gross alert! By the way, ONLY 6 MINUTES?! Weak sauce. But seriously, it seems to me that incidents like these only highlight the secret/repressed attitudes of people towards sex. There is a sort of fixation involved. Anyway, Wally can get laid all he wants but I am not watching THAT. I just think they’re stupid enough to have that video released, assuming that they didn’t want it to be seen. However, if they really wanted to… Read more »

Inquirer news presented the news like a “blind item” segment on a TV celebrity show.

The local media are always treating its followers as uneducated readers. That’s why social media is making its way ahead of them.


Bastos ba..o siguro nalilibugan kalang sa ginagawa nila..o naiingit ka kay wally..emagine pangit tao…dancers pa ang kinakabayo

Lets face it,no matter how godly we all are or how god fearing we all are,there is always that evil side of us that shows up in any given moment,its a human nature,we all make mistakes in any which way,thats how we learn and grow as a person,all of us can make bad judgements anytime,that what happens to wally and yosh,the only difference here is that those personalities are on the microscope of the filipino people because of there status,its okay to pass judgement to this 2 people,for they commited the biggest mistake of there lives, but lest we forget… Read more »

This kind of stuff is one of the things I don’t really understand. Why record such an activity? Is this because of the trend #selfie? I think it’s not the IQ, it’s the EQ that people are so low at.