Jeane Lim Napoles… Guilty of What Exactly?

Jeane Lim Napoles is really getting viciously thrashed and pummeled on almost all social media platforms.  If there was ever hate on the internet, Jeane has been somewhat subjected to it on account of her mother, Janet Lim Napoles — who has been accused of masterminding the P10 Billion Pork Barrel Scam.

Using “Who Talking”, I found a couple of tweets that seem dripping with contempt for Jeane and I’ve screen capped a few just to give you a rough sampling of what is out there:

Tweets on Jean Lim Napoles, all soaked and dripping with contempt.
Tweets on Jean Lim Napoles, all soaked and dripping with contempt.

The venomous tirades directed at Jeane somewhat reminds me of the uproar over the “extravagance” of people like Imelda Marcos and her shoes; Erap’s women and Boracay Mansion; Chavit Singson; Lito Lapid; the menagerie of socialites involved in the DJ Montano/Brian Gorrel scandal; and others.

The hate online seems to have somewhat congealed like the rancid grease that flows through Binondo’s gutters and it made me wonder, why is Jeane being targeted in this vilification campaign?

More to the point, I asked friends on Facebook, “What crime can Jean be charged with?”

I think BenignO hit it dead center by pointing out that it’s just “Tough luck for the 23-year-old. Wrong place at the wrong time — kids do suffer from the sins of their parents. Ask Bongbong Marcos and he can very well relate.”

Fellow Get Realist ChinoF wrote: “What Jeane does is comparable to what Robbie Antonio of Century Properties is doing. But I wonder, why all the attention on Napoles? Even if it is proven she may be liable, bakit siya lang? All the others na liable din may be forgotten.”

Monsi Serrano, who is a columnist of Perk Up (A Philippine business and news forum online magazine), said: “the legal aspect or criminal is not yet established. I am not a lawyer to answer that question. But the morality of what she’s been doing is so disgusting, knowing that she can’t even explain where she gets (or her parents) get their wealth?”

Further on, Monsi added “If she (Janet Lim Napoles) truly worked hard for the money, it would be so easy to show the proof of income. What happens to the 10B Pesos Pork Barrel scam? This has not been answered yet under oath, or there is no closure yet.

“As I said, this happens in the Philippines — the lies and more web of lies woven become the truth. This applies to her and to all other corrupt people who will never admit even if they are lying through their teeth that they did it.

“One thing I know, the camp of Napoles has poured in a lot of money for her PR campaign team. Basta ako, I speak all my opinions in my columns, articles and post from my heart, as I see it. That will always be my belief. When I am wrong, I am willing to rectify or even face the consequence of my opinion, be it moral or legal consequence.”

JP Fenix, house husband and steak connoisseur, said “Only if she’s named officer and has signed docs on any of the ngos, companies or transactions. If she’s just a daughter spending mom’s money, then her actions are more evidence vs the mom.”

Ferdie Maglalang, former Malacanang Press Corps President and Remate Columnist remarked, “Nada, except that the PHL government (yes, the ever-zealous BIR Commish Kim Henares) will definitely run after where she is getting her money to support her lavish lifestyle. Probably, if Kim sees some discrepancy, then a tax evasion seems in order. But based on the photos circulating around the social media, the poor girl has not committed a crime, unless insensitivity or callousness to the pitiful plight of poor people is now a crime in the PHL.”

Taking it all together, I think that perhaps the larger part of the Filipino public on social media seems to have more or less rendered their judgement on Janet Lim Napoles and her daughter without the benefit of an actual court sentencing her guilty of the crimes she is accused of.

Anyway, Napoles lawyer Lorna Kapunan came out with a statement on the online morality fiesta over Jeane Lim Napoles:

In an interview with radio DZMM, Atty. Lorna Kapunan, said Napoles’ family is well-off because of their businesses abroad.

She said everyone should be proud of people like Jeane who excel in school.

Kapunan said she would also give expensive gifts to her children if they excel in school and if she had a lot of money from legitimate sources of income.

“I always say when I am asked, kung mayroon akong kayamanan ng kaunti at nakapag-magna cum laude ang aking anak sa isang US university, bibigyan ko din siya ng Porsche, bibigyan ko din siya ng Chanel kung afford ko. The bottom line is, afford nila. It is not ill-gotten wealth, they do not have a single contract with government. They have not owned a single peso from any of these public funds. They have their own money that they gave to their child who instead of persecuting, we should be proud of,” she said.

The thing is, if we believe in and advocate “the rule of law”, we shouldn’t be averse to other corny and quaint ideas like “innocent until proven guilty”, “right to due process”, “accuser has the burden of proof” and all that jazz.

Unless of course, we’re really a nation that in its heart of hearts wants to be just Mayor Rudy Duterte and Ping Lacson who are reputedly all “judge, jury, and executioner”.

And just to be fair, let’s make mention of other rich people’s kids who have also been subjected to “moral outrage” but  are so far still out there and living it up like the social celebs that they are.

Rajiv Ramesh Dargani who reported rammed his Audi R8 into another Audi on McKinley Road in BGC which resulted in the death of one person and the maiming of another.

Divine Lee who some say is an officer of Globe Asiatique, the company of her father Delfin Lee, who is accused syndicated estafa in connection with a scheme where he supposedly spirited away billions of pesos from the Pag-IBIG Fund through a ghost-buyer scam.

Delfin DJ Montano who supposedly bilked some $70,000 from his gay lover Bryan Gorell.


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