Celebration of Ninoy Aquino’s Death Anniversary Continuously Baffles Me

“I have been fighting for the truth since Day 1 and thank God I am surviving… I am energized by the truth and truth is God… “


Imelda Marcos on Ninoy Aquino’s assassination. 



It Really Seems Ninoys Values Died With Him 30 Years Ago
It Really Seems Ninoy’s Values Died With Him 30 Years Ago


So we “celebrated “the 30th anniversary of the killing of Ninoy Aquino. Hindsight is 20/20 as the great country and western singer Joe West would say but let’s see what has happened in 30 years. Full disclosure, I remember the day Ninoy was shot. There was press with him in the plane and soldiers came to escort him out. The press tried to follow with their cameras and suddenly the cameras were physically misdirected. Shots rang out shortly after and when the video coverage resumes there are two corpses prone on the tarmac. My thirty-year-old memories tell me that the corpse of the alleged gunman just lay there. As if to say here is the guy who did it.


Watching the History Channel’s version of events brings back memories of a government blatantly lying to me. I was not fond of it in 1983 and I am not fond of it in 2013. So nobody should ever ask my motivation for writing what I write in a website like Get Real Philippines. To quote the late great Beano Cook,  “Don’t shovel the manure in front of me, I’m not going to step in it..”


I just find it crazy to believe for a second that the “security” team can form a full court press on all the cameras on that plane yet somebody who found himself deep inside the airport and armed was able to get one good shot off and kill Ninoy. Also hilarious is how can somebody get that close then be turned into Swiss cheese by security without any wild shots. Anyway it was not the first time I was lied to and not the last. And people wonder why I am a cynic. The History Channel documentary then says “four hours after shooting (on a Sunday) government declared case closed. The biggest bit of baloney in this is getting us to believe that government actually works on Sunday?? Or any other day that ends in “y”.

After thirty years it is possible the myth of who killed the Ninoy serves the Aquino family more than the truth ever could.
After thirty years it is possible the myth of who killed the Ninoy serves the Aquino family more than the truth ever could.

What fuels my cynicism is the role family plays in all this. No one should die like that. No one should see that happen to a family member. Now here is where I beg to differ no one should use this man’s death for their own advancement in lieu of any tangible intrinsic accomplishments specially family. Ninoy legacy? Did he get shot in the head only to be used endlessly in election campaigns?? In one case this year for someone he never met?? So the legacy of Ninoy is whored out every three years to cajole votes yet no one person has ever picked up the tab as the mastermind. This was no fruit cart on the street like the attempt on Don Corleone. The government insisted Galman made his way to the base of a recently parked airplane totally concealed. I was born at night but not last night.


Bam never met his famous uncle. Why use him in his campaign as a Ninoy Aquino impersonator? Notice the trend in his poster? Two dead relatives and one brain dead relative.
Bam never met his famous uncle. Why use him in his campaign as a Ninoy Aquino impersonator? Notice the trend in his poster? Two dead relatives and one brain dead relative.

Another memory I have from 1983, Look at the video of how many people packed the streets during the funeral procession. If I recall the lead news story of one of the government stations that night, Imelda visits a tree hit by lightning. Again, like some of you I was there. That was the media we were dealing with.  I have no idea why today people don’t treat Imelda Marcos like Charles Manson? What that says about us I don’t know.


This is so wrong in so many levels.
This is so wrong in so many levels.

I am not here to mock Ninoy. I am suggesting though that I doubt the Philippines in 2013 was his dream. Back in 2010 many gave the reason that Noynoy should be president because he will not disgrace the name of his parents.  Let us take for granted that it is Noynoy’s intention that he will not disgrace his parents. One thing can derail that intention. His inability to perform the role he was elected for.


When I saw the History Channel documentary the Ninoy I saw there would not back down from any question thrown his way. Noynoy did. Ask Dick Gordon in 2010.  Also in the same documentary it discusses Marcos holding Congress, judiciary, military and even media.  Keep in mind that Marcos is what Ninoy fought and what endeared him to the people. Noynoy holds a similar monopoly.  So in essence Noynoy has become what his own father fought against. I can never speak for Noynoy but based on what I saw, that Ninoy would never want a short sighted fool as a leader for the country he loved even if it was his own son.


I think there is an "s" missing there.
I think there is an “s” missing there.

The alleged Malacanang on line trolls allegedly commandeered by Ricky Carandang are another point of contention. If Noynoy was a secure leader or a leader period there would be no need for the elite troll force. The best defense is a good offense. The good offense ideally would be Noynoy being a bastion of competency. That is not going to happen. I wonder what Ninoy would have thought of using the people’s money to finance online trolls. Ninoy himself fought against what was printed in the Manila Bulletin and the Daily Express about him. Ninoy was subject to misinformation campaigns from the government specially from RPN Channel 9 in the 70s. Ninoy himself was all about expressing himself against what was conventional. Noynoy only spoke out when he was not a “survey tailender”.



Quick who is Nicolas Cage's famous uncle?
Quick who is Nicolas Cage’s famous uncle?


I bet 90% of you don’t know who Nicolas Cage‘s  famous uncle was. Because Cage for all his financial goofiness was somebody Noynoy is not. Cage had talent and guts. Cage could have kept the name of Coppola to hitch his wagon to his Uncle Francis Ford of Godfather fame. Instead of going the safe pinoy route of name recognition, Nicolas Coppola ditched his last name and got the name “Cage” from an obscure Marvel Comics character. Time showed that Nicolas Cage had the chops to make it in Hollywood as a leading man in many many roles based on what he brought to the table and not his family name. Noynoy brought nothing to the table. Go look at his campaign, saturated with the same symbols from 1978, 1983 and 1986. The yellow ribbon, the L handsign and the pictures of his parents. All these things were there without his contribution. He brings nothing to the table. This is the same Noynoy who told election foes not to wear yellow. Noynoy who is as unoriginal as Vanilla Ice is bashing people who he perceives are copying him. What a guy!


How would Ninoy feel that 40 years after this letter was written the subject would be known for Noynoying?
How would Ninoy feel that 40 years after this letter was written the subject would be known for Noynoying?


If Noynoy was Ninoy he would have fought corruption a lot sooner than 2010. Him and his hollow slogan of “Kung Walang corrupt walang mahirap”. That is a Big Hairy Audacious Goal for someone who never made waves in his life. Like you need to be president to fight against that.

Noynoy spent a dozen years in Congress and in the Senate. There are only three possibilities:

  1. He saw corruption and did nothing therefore signing off on it.
  2. He was too disengaged in his participation to see corruption.
  3. He was part of the corruption.
The "Happy Giver" indeed. Besides the obvious headline whoring, the question is who was receiving?
The “Happy Giver” indeed. Besides the obvious headline whoring, the question is who was receiving?


Noynoy is one of those politicians who get by on their name and not for anything they do. What is known in the vernacular as “trapo”.  Noynoy gets the goose egg in the passing laws department. Still the voters of this country believed his promise of eradicating both poverty and corruption in six years. Proud to be pinoy!!!



We only saw Ninoy as opposition we never saw him as president. I really can not imagine him as being wishy washy (Charlie Brown term) as this. One day we see this.

Noynoy Aquino Cool to Pork March Dumber than a box of hammers dumb
The next day he goes the complete opposite way as Benign0 mentions in his piece.  Does this sound like a principled, contemplative leader to you? My opinion, he comes across a weak kneed, band wagon jumping mama’s boy. He does not come across as a leader of a country. I trust Noynoy Aquino as far as I can throw Franklin Drilon.


Do you ever see him with a national symbol? He is always with that family symbol. No doubt where his priorities lie.
Do you ever see him with a national symbol? He is always with that family symbol. No doubt where his priorities lie.

Ninoy was 51 when he died and was a contender for president years before that. Noynoy was 50 when he actually became president and was an unknown entity even to his supporters. He only became a contender after his mother died and not because of anything he may have done. Noynoy became the standard bearer for the Liberal Party and kept making “L” handsigns and displayed pictures of his dead parents all the way to victory, much to the chagrin of one Korina Sanchez.. Ninoy made his own waves in a difficult political time. Ninoy in context had merit, in context of the era and the fact that he stood out. You can’t say that about Noynoy. Noynoy’s wears his values on his sleeve or should I say on his barong. He does not wear the country’s flag but his family’s symbol. Ninoy was always about the country, Noynoy it seems is all  about his family and what they can get from the country. Look at his attire. Noynoy pre-presidency was wallpaper. He was just there. His father was not just there. So somebody remind me why there is such an inseperable link between those two.

lets use ninoy


Bam Aquino Stupidity moron loser coattails

Noynoy would have no power unless it was given to him literally from above by his mother. In 1983 and 1986 Ninoy’s death was used to legitimize Cory. It should have stopped there. You had Butz and Tessie who turned out to be two hardcore Erap supporters. Nobody speaks to the Ninoy vision like Erap. Noynoy followed now Bam? Kris will be next? I don’t see the values of Ninoy espoused in this generation of Aquinos. Ninoy has a daughter that publicly chases any guy that moves and a son who follows suit. A nephew he never met who copies his hairstyle and glasses and makes every association he can to him. I don’t know about you but if I paid 10% the price Ninoy did for this country I would question what my own family thinks I did. I would question what did they think I was fighting for?


“Don’t you know me I’m the boy next door/ the one you found so easy to ignore/ Is that what I was fighting for??”


Huey Lewis and the News. 



Look around you in 2013. The same people that glorify Ninoy every August 21st are the same people that prostitute his legacy by turning him into a Posthumous King Maker. The Filipino was worth dying for? His own family cheapened his memory by converting it into a campaign tool. Then the rest of the country that he died for support his family who promote themselves with a Bizarro World version of his values. They celebrate him but do not carry on with what he preached. The family ( with lots of help from ABS-CBN and the Inquirer ) fill the empty spaces of their resumes with a legend they have nothing to do with. Doesn’t anybody see the hypocrisy? Give him a holiday and give him an airport. Heaven forbid they find his killer. This is clearly a culture of impunity. No wonder Noynoy has problems with accountability. There is this massive chasm between Ninoy’s dream and the reality that his own family has wrought on Ninoy’s beloved nation. And they all celebrate him with a straight face.  I am not so sure a son who becomes president on the back of his martyr  father who then shows no accountability to the country was worth dying for. The best way to have celebrated Ninoy’s life and death is by living out his values 365 days a year. Regardless of your position, regardless of who you are related to  and regardless of who is watching. I dare you watch the History Channel’s documentary on Ninoy Aquino and tell me Ninoy’s own family are appropriately celebrating Ninoy’s sacrifice with their own lives and their influence on the country. I understand the irrationality of the government in 1983. I don’t understand the irrationality of Ninoy’s family in 2013.




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bill wedeking
Gogs, thanks for the “Bizarro World”. I am a guest in this country and a few things do seem strange, and Bizarro is a GREAT tag. As you point out, celebrating the Birthday of a Hero seems appropriate, celebrating his assassination seems cynical. Further, having ones name on a school is appropriate recognition of having contributed to, or supported the school in some way. Seeing the Mayors name on Garbage Trucks, water delivery trucks, business licenses, even NO PARKING SIGNS, seems very odd. Did the Mayor really pay for all those things? or is he reminding us how much we… Read more »
Interesting and well written. I simply see unabashed and tasteless brand exploitation by the aquino family for continued personal gain, and shame on them for their continual prostitution, hypocricy, deceit, and complete failure to embody any of the values/ideals espoused by ninoy aquino. Plagiarism in a macabre way – especially by opportunist bam aquino. And no interest by either aquino president to pursue justice or the truth regarding the murder of ninoy aquino. The BBC put cojuangco-aquino’s name in the frame for ninoy aquinos assassination, and maybe that explains the inertia and underlines the depths of depravity in this dysfunctional… Read more »
Above and beyond the brand exploitation the real cost of the continual propaganda is to try to stay rooted in the past and manufacture/exaggerate any glory, however small. Pnoy even wants the history books in the schools to be re-written and the syllabus changed. Is this still a communist country! All nations should pay respects, but in perspective and moderation not try to use it as a political tool, just as politicians should never be treated as ‘celebrities’, but made to work, achieve, and account. Look to the future – don’t live in the past. The philippines should be about… Read more »
i want to make a confession here…… the year was 2010, i was a first time voter. i voted for noynoy. thats the first and biggest mistake that i made in my life as an adult. i was completely blinded by the media about how great his family, the values of his family, the visions of his family, the legacy of his family…..while i did not consider looking at noynoy’s own greatness, values, visions and legacy. i was one of those yellowtards who put noynoy in position. i dont want to blame anyone. evan myself, because the moment i stepped… Read more »
Rogelio Lim

Gogs, Wow!

Johnny Derp


You definitely hit another bullseye in your article although I’m very sure that our “town idiot” would show his face here, he can’t refute any of the facts that you have presented here but instead he’ll either attack you or just post yet another severly flawed propaganda.

Like you said, if the president was really doing his job,he wouldn’t need any of carandangs flying yellow monkeys to spread his propaganda on sites that criticize the administration.


another excellent piece man…hahaaaaay…if only people can see how how shallow we become to actually fall for their(aquino and other trapo) crap.


El primo piece, Gogs! 🙂


For me, Ninoy knew that anything bad that could happen to him will benefit his family and his descendants for as long as they live and would be the downfall of his enemies, too. True or false?


Ninoy is a selfish man and he never loved his country. Anybody who was fooled by Ninoy will never understand it, so, i will not argue. Nuff said, kahit awayin niyo pa akong lahat! #sacrificiallamb

Wasn’t he a communist sympathizer? I still can’t believe how many communist sympathizers there are. The truth is, it was the people who stopped Martial Law and we put too much credit on the Aquinos. What is this trying to suggest about what’s happening now? Are we going to credit the people who suggested the Million People March the same way we credited the Aquinos? I hope not. None of the Aquino family members were there marching in front of the Palace. The late Cory was hiding in her house, the husband is dead, the children are probably at home… Read more »

Every country needs a HERO. Looks like your stuck with this one till a better one comes along.
I hear ‘BOZO THE CLOWN’ is available.

The article’s title talks about Ninoy’s death anniversary and how the author was continuously baffled by it. However, it appears that the title doesn’t really echo what appears on the body of the article. I think the title was just an alibi to write something against Pres. Noynoy Aquino and that’s a shame. A never-ending comparison between Ninoy and Noynoy was mentioned for obvious reason: to show that Noynoy is nowhere near his father’s feat and accomplishment. But where is the issue of death anniversary there? I’m sorry to say this, but the article was just an excuse designed to… Read more »
Thomas Jefferson

The real truths about Ninoy and Cory before he died. Are they worthy as heroes? This is for the yellow trolls. Read the links below and feel the indigestion.



Hyden Toro

We celebrate that the father died….we will celebrate more, if the son dies…

Perry Rhinitis
I’m a bit leery at the History Channel nowadays, what with their spewing of crappy shows about white people doing boring stuff. But I’ll check this documentary out; it’s a shame I missed its airing just this weekend. I am quite curious about what really happened in that tarmac. I don’t want to jump into conclusions or veer into conspiracy theories, but I can’t get a straight answer from the mainstream media either. Oh my glob, during the Presidential election I was so pissed off by all the “Cory Magic” going on Aquino’s side. It’s like they really capitalized on… Read more »
Perry Rhinitis

Also, another History Channel show that pisses me off: ALIENS. Their Asian-themed shows seem better, though.


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