Three reasons why Filipinos are not as outraged by Jeane Lim Napoles’s lifestyle as they are by squatters

To be sure, alleged Anak ng Pork socialite Jeane Lim Napoles copped more fame (more like infamy, actually) than she had bargained for thanks to the ironic orgy of self-promotion she engaged in on social media over the last several years. Tough luck for the 23-year-old. Wrong place at the wrong time — kids do suffer from the sins of their parents. Ask Bongbong Marcos and he can very well relate. The self-styled fashionista now had to close or set to private most of her social media accounts although online content has a funny way of slipping through even the most draconian of privacy measures (as evident in the way her now private Vimeo video upload of her fab 21st birthday bash somehow ended up in YouTube for all to gawk at).

But while a sizeable shockwave from the exploding “scandal” rippled mightily across Pinoy social media (or so we are made to believe by ABS-CBN’s lazy reporting), some have observed that the “outrage” directed against the poor little rich girl partying in LALA Land was still dwarfed by the sizes of the digital knives unsheathed against the “plight” of the Philippines millions of illegal settlers (also known more popularly as squatters).

The curious case of Jeane Lim Napoles
The curious case of Jeane Lim Napoles
Granted, the Napoleses (if they did indeed scam pork as alleged) and Filipino squatters are really not that different. Both are mere parasitical products of Filipino-style “democracy” and the perverse notions of “humanism” taught by Philippine churches and schools. However, there are fundamental differences between the nature of expressions of “indignation” lobbed by the public against either one.

(1) Squatters stink, while the Napoleses probably smell nice.

For one thing, the Napoleses do not deposit their untreated human and household waste all over the Pasig River or toss them into passing public trains. Nor do the Napoleses account for the zillions of votes that keep the very politicians that fund their glam lifestyles in power.

(2) Fantasy versus nightmarish reality.

Second, the Napoleses’ are living Da Pinoy Dream — throwing big parties in key Pinoy migrants’ aspired-for destinations. Squatters, on the other hand, represent the cause of most things that make Philippine cities what Los Angeles and London are not. Jeane Lim Napoles throws most of her tralala parties and engages in her fashionable frolics in these great cities — half a planet away, while the by-products of squatters’ parasitical activities are on exhibit in ordinary middle class Filipinos’ faces, wafting up their noses, and devaluing the precious little left of the national equity every ordinary day. Every minute of rage the average Filipino motorist spends on Manila’s 2km-per-hour roads and every allergy and respiratory ailment suffered by big city residents has traces of squatters’ contribution to society in their underlying cause-and-effect chains.

(3) Sux to be you — NOT.

And third, the Napoleses’ (allegedly) pork-funded lifestyles are a bit easier on the eyes than squatters’ vote-farming-induced proliferation. To indulge in a bit of unscientific off-the-cuff statistical analysis, I’d say the cake of indignation Filipinos would like to be seen throwing at the Napoleses is baked with two cups of curiosity and one cup of envy for every three cups of genuine “outrage”. But as life in AckAck Manila becomes more Blade Runner-esque, the small pinch of sympathy in the cake of sentiment Filipinos feel for the “illegal settlers” they grudgingly share their metropolis with is increasingly rarefying.

Squatters. Charming.
Squatters. Charming.

Same beast — sinkholes for vast sums of taxpayers’ money — yet different animals. The Napoleses and squatters embody the bizarre framework of deep cultural damage that is Philippine society, where the most obvious solutions yield to the moronic “ideas” of the self-styled righteous.

[Photo of squatters courtesy The National.]


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If filipinos should be enraged about anything, it should be inferior electrical service. I live in Lapu Lapu. The local electric company, MECO, is incapable of providing reliable power. The power outages are frequent. Most of these outages are inexcusable.


I would’ve agreed to this if only that the author did not attempt to put words into “Filipino’s” mouth as to what should be his personal opinion regarding the issues.

The contrast extremes doesn’t make either of the “crimes” any better or easier to swallow than the other.

I’m just curious as to how many people were sampled to make these generalizations.

balato naman

Nakakahiya ka kay Katy Perry! Bwisit! Fireworks dapat isabog sa ulo mo Napoles!

Jim Arndt

benign0 you know that tralala kids grow up to be pork barrel politicians and yet are not different from from those who live at the other end (the anti fashionista), both live despite the governments bloviating of how they are working against such outrage but turn a blind eye to both. It is a desensitizing of the public to the outrageous which allows those in power to sway public opinion. Divide and conquer from Sal Alinski, bottom up, top down and crush the middle.

bida kapamilya

It is because our countrymen have not seen yet the other side of Napoles. Maybe wait some days to know. That is what differentiates them from the past admin because all the Filipinos were witnesses in their crimes.


I think what makes people flinch at the younger Napoles’ lifestyle is the same thing that would make them react the same way at Robbie Antonio of Century Properties (check out my article on it in Money Talks). But to me, it’s all a distraction, perhaps to place all attention on Napoles, and away from the others who are also benefiting from pork barrel, perhaps a lot more of it too. We need to watch out for that. The investigation on PDAF should cover everyone.


even puppy dog trillanes has called pnoy out and said that he should start doing something about corruption and stop issuing conflicting messages.
malacanan won’t like that.

pnoy back in noynoying mode

Contrary to the author’s apparent intention, I find myself siding with squatters on this one. Squatters are a misguided bunch. They do these things because they did not have the luxury of education and comfortable lifestyle the Napoleses had. If the allegations are true, then the Napoleses have no excuse. They fully understand what dire circumstances the nation is in yet CHOOSE to turn away. They have the power to change schemes with barely a lift of their fingers, instead they smother themselves with pleasures and do not mind flaunting it to the needy. Di ako nagmamalinis, but I find… Read more »

So do I….I find it very disturbing that squatters and plunderers are weighed in the bloggers mind on on the same scale.


[…] think BenignO hit it dead center by pointing out that it’s just “Tough luck for the 23-year-old. Wrong place at the […]


I agree with Zeph. Weak sauce, this article.

the BIG DIFFERENCE of the two in question IS: the amount of peso’s going into the hands of the few(Napoles) is 40 Billion times greater than the amount going into the hands of the Squatters. the sheer magnitude of the theft by this miscreant (she is not THAT hot either!) should be enough for the two to completely differentiated between. ONE as thief of treasury funds, the other as un-fortunate, and yet somehow ingratiated, small potato hand outs. this chick is surely not a ‘poor little rich girl’ a la Amy Van DerBilt, no. Not by a long shot, a… Read more »

stupid blog. speak for youself. don’t generaluze filipinos.

squatters are forced into their circumstances. plunderers on the other hand act on grave callousness and immorality.

don’t call me self righteous. you are, for being so judgmental of squatters.


It’s still the same demon — just different side of the same face that disguises better the putrid, foul stench of its nature. The claimed *preferred* stench (as suggested by the article’s title) is much worse, because it is more deceptive in nature. This privileged class has had the advantage and opportunities (through education, etc.) but have chosen to misuse their resources. The underprivileged class did not choose the conditions into which they were born, thus their repulsive behavior, though still unjustified.

Both groups are foul.

Carles Xabier

The Filipinos should excel in pure and applied sciences, and social sciences. Not on partying and squatting.


What I find so interesting is how the authors of this website seem to detach themselves with the use of pronouns and adjectives?

When they refer to Filipinos, as if it excludes them? This is most observed when the flaws are highlighted to the point of having some sort of delusion of grandeur that they are a better flock than everybody else.

Remember you can only choose your citizenship, but never change your nationality.

These writings are autoimmune.

all i can say is this article is discreetly biased. And that if we want to help each other in getting rid of the people like ms. jeane napoles then maybe we should stop voting for the wrong people, so they won’t start giving positions to the wrong people. if ms. napoles is not guilty then she shouldn’t have taken down her social networks, because she knows that the money used for it is honest money. i do not like ms. jeane napoles because i’m partly, a bit jealous (i admit it)and because i am tired of seeing us step… Read more »

BIG TIME scammers. Super thieves. If she is a Cum Laude from her school she knows her parents are thieves. Guess she has deep seated anger against her parents and herself for flaunting her conspicuous consumption. She wanted to be caught through social media for her self aggrandizement . Keep your parents company in jail bitch


The analogy is so weak. The Napoles have superpower through their center of influence. Involves the whole nation’s fund , defying laws, committing fraud, malversation, laundering; squatters need to live and survive but they have limited capabilities and resources. Everywhere in the world the government helps the poor. Even in China and other communist countries. The Napoles and those involves are likened to a syndicate like mafia.